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The Expendables 2 just gets released tomorrow November 20th and I'm getting it tomorrow. I guess there's no 30- or 60-day delay. It seems like it was so recently that I kept putting off going to see it in theaters before deciding to wait for video.

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I am crazy to watch Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

Alfred Pennyworth

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It's amazing, I didn't think they could pull off the 2 part thing. Part 1 is very self contained yet leaves you very much looking forward to the finish. Without leaving you mad at the end having only seen 1/2 a movie.

David Daniels

I would like to know if the SG-1 tv show has ever been on streaming releases on netflix.


I believe all the Stargate TV series (SG-1, Atlantis and SGU) were available on streaming. I own all 10 seasons of SG-1 and all 5 seasons of Atlantis on DVD so I never watched them on Netflix but I do remember several friends saying they were watching it on Netflix though. This was a few years ago however.


Yes, stargate was available until about two or three months ago. If you have amazon prime, stargate is still available there.

mike Alexander

Netflix needs to start improving streaming selection, the only new additions seam to be all TV shows. I can't hardly find a movie, anymore. About to cancel soon

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