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I have kids so having Netflix streaming has been great as far as being able to watch whole seasons of shows i missed. My youngest child was a newborn & toddler while Lost was on the air. Thats just 1 example. I missed whole seasons of favorite shows, Law & Order SVU, My Name is Earl.... Now, i can catch up on my terms, in my own time. I knocked out Walking Dead seasons 1 & 2 during the month of Oct. Its worth the $7.99 a month.


Doh, I just got "Take This Waltz" on disc a couple of weeks ago.


The King's Speech is streaming now too...

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John G.

Loving American Horror Story! This is what 666 Park Avenue should have been.


Disney classics like Alice in Wonderland, The Aristocrats, The Rescuers Down Under, Dumbo and Pocahontas are all available now for streaming too. Not sure if that's new, but I definitely don't remember seeing those before.

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