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There are alternatives to Netflix now, though they vary in quality. If he screws with things so much that it is no longer worth my money, I will just switch to Amazon Prime. Surely losing customers to competitors will be a consideration in any action he takes...


The guy that brought blockbuster down, and was a pioneer in junk bonds and mortgage bonds; which helped bring down the US economy. This brings the stock price UP??


Don't forget Mike he tried forever to take over LGF, failed, decided to bail his stocks but did so right before the purchase of Summit Purchase and Hunger Games.... lost big time there too.

mr.know it all

prices will soar and people will cancel


"prices will soar and people will cancel" how did you come up with this conclusion oO?


Although Reed Hastings has done all he can in the past couple years to run Netflix into the ground -- Quikster, anyone? -- with the involvement of Carl Icahn, Netflix is doomed.

I'm not saying that Icahn won't make a profit from dismantling the company and selling the assets to competitors or to someone who has no business being in the business. Dish buying Blockbuster, anyone? Icahn will make a profit but we the customers will lose.

mr.know it all

that's what will happen just wait and see


Icahn is a total POS who will do everything possible to take control of Netflix. If he is able to do that then this is the end of the Netflix we know.

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