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Not until consumer demand/frustration over rising cable/sat bills forces A La Carte. I'm not sold on that ever happening but if it does I still think it's 5-10 years away.

No way HBO threatens the gravy train from cable/sat companies. As I've said previously the over-whelming majority of folks that get the free trial of HBO don't get rid of it after the trial period expires. It's free advertising/exposure.. not sure how to phrase it that HBO can't replicate. To go over the top they run the very real risk of P-Off cable/sat companies who can very easily end those free trial periods.

I've never looked into it, does anybody know if EPIXHD.com is stand-alone or do you need cable/sat?

ron felder

You need to sub to Epix on cable/sat to be able to stream in the pc or streaming device.

Stroker Ace

If there was an HBO GO service I could buy that didn't need me to keep my cable, I'd buy it today. I'd leave my house right now to go buy a Roku.

I'd cut cable, keep Netflix, get Hulu, get HBO Go. I'd upgrade my internet service.

I'd still save a ton of money!


Bewkes was answering a question about a Warner Brothers branded service, not an HBO branded service, with these comments


"When do you think HBO will offer a separate HBO streaming service? 2014 or later?"

When they start losing money or customers. Better late then never? Change is good as well as a good shakeup to match.


They could delay what they offer on HBO Streaming so the cable companies don't revolt.


Cord cutting would need to increase at least 1000% before that would ever happen. I think it's safe to say that it won't happen in the near term, and certainly not by 2014.

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