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yippy just what i need to watch .

Tony M.

Those are CLASSICS though! #BravoNetflix!


Collision Earth sounds so bad. I cannot wait for it to be on Streaming.


Hi Mike,

Is the tech glitch still there, or can we get back the hover behavior back on the titles -- I really miss it!



more cartoons!!! I am thinking to cancel netflix


It is great they are finally getting some classic Disney movies. I was however disappointed by the so called HD stream of The Muppet Movie. It looked like up an converted DVD with all the associated color banding. Yes HD icon said it was playng in HD. On top of that the sound was poorly encoded with the balance set to the right.


I am happy with the new classic cartoon additions - in my opinion they are often (not always) much better than a lot of modern children's cinema. Recently set up a home theater, so my wee grandchild can instantly watch some of the films I, and later my children, grew up with.

As an aside, I mainly use the NF DVD service and I've gotten three bonus discs from my queue in the last month/6 weeks. What a nice surprise!


Loving the people who are upset about the cartoons. Selfish, entitled nerds who get something other than what they want are always worth a laugh.


I've been getting an extra (3rd) disc as well. I wonder if this is to somehow make-up for most of the stuff in my queue having a long/very long wait, or if they are just automatically set to be mailed at a certain time given that I tend to mail mine back the very next day after receiving them. One day last week I totally didn't check to see if I was receiving discs and they sat in my mailbox for a day. (Most of the time I don't even bother checking the mail on days I'm not expecting Netflix discs.)

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