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netflix is down... again...


Yes, it is down in NY. Why can't they find a reliable website source? Also, I heard Hastings is getting a raise?!! There's something wrong with this picture.


Netflix has been down for hours now here in New Hampshire.


I just went to Netflix.com and got a message the site was down. I am in Alabama.


They have Internet in Alabama , I learn something new everyday .. Jk


Cannot view my queue using the website either. It's been this way for quite some time now.


Last night (after midnight, PST) the ratings were unavailable.

Now it appears that if you try to access the main page or a DVD title, you get the message that the Netflix web site is unavailable. However, if you access an IW page or the IW queue, you get right in.

Direct link to your Instant Watch queue: http://movies.netflix.com/Queue?qtype=ED

I suspect more than the web interface for the discs is broken; I hadn't received the email that a disc that they should have received by today had been scanned in, and usually such emails would have gone out by now.


i love you netflix


No problems with either IW (smart TV) or disk queue (PC) last night (10 pm - 1 am PST) or this morning.


Been having problems with interrupted streaming for several days. It's now 5:00 pm in Denver and cannot access Netflix website, same as it was at 10:00 this morning. :{


"Endless Love" from 1982 just went from unavailable to streaming. Todd Solondz's "Dark Horse" is new to streaming as well.

SM in SF

Netflix streaming added many, many titles today.
Check out feedflix for the list.
Many are British titles

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