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I'm happy with the deal as long as the price doesn't go up.


only 4 years to wait!!! really??? I would now make a bad joke about what my kids will be interested in watching in 2016 instead...

John Carter

Some of the content is available already with more in the coming months. In 2016 however, it will be exclusive to Netflix.


It has to be in 2016 because Disney has a deal with Starz, ironically the same ones who pulled their content from Netflix.

John Carter

The worm has turned or is starting to. But still, some of content is already available. I know because I've been watching it.


I wonder if this deal also includes Gibi animated anime movies like Kiki's delivery service or Princess Mononoke and also tv series such as all of Boy meets World?


Catalog titles are available now, that is a separate deal from the new release one. Starting January 1st they will get all direct-to-dvd films shortly after the DVD streets. GSG, maybe your kids can watch some of the Nickelodeon titles that are out there now, or they can wait less than 3 weeks to get the Dreamworks Animation Deal going.

Alfred Pennyworth

anyone doing the math on the Dark Knight Rises wait window coming up.....


Edward R Murrow

As others have pointed out, 2016? Really? As others haven't pointed out - Disney content will be available to Netflix customers 8 months after theatrical release.

Also, did Netflix just pay the same amount to Disney for half the content they were negotiating with Starz for? Stupid is as stupid does.


As others have pointed out, 2016 for part of the contract. They get a lot more than just the 2016 part, like the disney stuff they have already added, and the 2013 straight to DVD titles to come directly to Netflix.

They paid the same that they were willing to pay Starz, but they also get more than what they would have through Starz (or at least more than they were previously getting through Starz). Such as all the content they added last week, they would have never gotten through Starz, or the direct to DVD titles that they are getting in 2013, they wouldn't have gotten through Starz. Starz only had the "2016" part of the contract.

Edward R Murrow

It's actually worse than I thought; come 2016 Netflix can stream the cool Disney content 8 months after *FINISHING* the theatrical release. That 30 day window starts looking better and better. I just hope I can make it to 2017 (2016 + 8 months theater exit) when I can start streaming the cool stuff.

I believe the stuff Netflix gets in 2013 is the tripe that went from direct to video without initially going into the theater. Direct to video typically means virtually zero consumer appeal.

Walter Cronkite

You pretty clearly don't have a daughter and/or haven't been to a store that sells toys if you think stuff like the Tinkerbell direct to video films have no consumer appeal.

I. P. Freely

Interesting thought : base a business model on people too young to financially support said biz model.


When Netflix was negotiating with Starz, they were willing to pay them 300 million for a NONEXCLUSIVE deal, but Starr said no. Also the Disney content on Starz was more popular than the Sony content, considering the Sony content was dropped and there wasn't an uproar. And Netflix was trying to make a deal with Starz, before they knew Disney would buy Lucasfilm. An exclusive Star Wars film is a big get. Also studios release direct to DVD movies because they want to make it cheap, and want a quick buck. So they typically don't have the huge stars that weren't in the theatrical movie, considering kids can't tell the difference.

Dont work4NF

@pfreely - Obviously you are a complete moron because anyone with half an ounce of brains can name at least ten companies that make billions of dollars doing just that. Namely, that little company mentioned in this article.


"An exclusive Star Wars film is a big get."

That's a great point, since Disney now owns Pixar and Lucasfilms we will get new releases and back catalog in 2016. If you have young kids then this is a big deal. Those complaining about waiting four years clearly don't understand contracts.


I love that someone now has an issue with the Pay-TV window (looking at you Edward), but don't have an issue with companies like Showtime/Starz/HBO complying with the same window now (and have been for years). You're getting in a tizzy that they're getting the titles 6-9 months after the theater... THAT IS THE NORM for the Pay-TV window. The same window that all premium channels abide by. The same premium channels that are more than NF IW (in some cases twice as much).

Also to downplay the Direct-tv-DVD stuff starting in a month shows you don't have kids man. That is a big deal. Most of Disney's mainstream titles that get sequels are presented direct-to-dvd. Aladdin was this way, the sequels were direct-to-dvd with the same characters/voices of the originals... just new stories and not in theaters.

I think kids will enjoy these sorts of films: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Disney_direct-to-video_films


I hope to see some live action classics on netflix, those are my favorites, natty Gann, love bug, etc..



Look around, do you not see that the majority of marketing in this country is targeted at kids? Parents may be paying the bills, but it's the kids that are making the choices. If you can't understand that then there's not much anyone can do to help you.


Man! Can we get some ducktales and darkwing up in here?!? All the Disney shows were awesome, hope we see those too! As well as all Disney Xd stuff and the pirates movies!!!! This deal is looking better and better!!!


This deal will be worthless without Song of The South...


While I would love to see Song of the South again... It's never going to happen. Disney won't even release that on DVD.

John Carter

Pixar, Lucasfilms, and also Marvel, along with all the other content to come. This is a great deal. But like someone else said, can we get Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, Tailspin, Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers as well?



re: "Interesting thought : base a business model on people too young to financially support said biz model"

First of all: Is this all Netflix will offer?

Secondly: You're not too familiar with our planet, are you? When did you get here? You should head to Disneyland.


Yeah, the news makes a certain albeit risky business sense, but I also despair that my subscription fee is now being spent on what I don't want. When I first got Netflix I was particularly impressed at how many niche and hard-to-find titles were buried in its vast library. There have been less and less additions to bulk up its classic and world cinema selection in recent months - just about enough to make it worthwhile, but TBH I've probably watched around two films on Neflix in the last month.

I'd like to see them balancing their crazy Disney deals with supplementing their selection of, say, silent classics or Asian cinema. It's more and more shifting towards the 'big' releases, but its increasingly restrictive for cinephile audiences.


All HBO has that Netflix doesn't have is HBO original content. For the same amount of money you pay your cable station for HBO you can have Netflix streaming, AND 2 DVD's at a time. Whatever NEW title HBO might have this month, Netflix had it available on DVD 6 months earlier.

The only way you get everything that Netflix has available through cable is by subscribing to ALL of the premium channels. HBO, Showtime, Encore, Starz, Epix, TMC, MGM,..etc.

How much would that cost you?

What does this Disney deal mean? It means Starz will be gone very soon. It means when Showtime or HBO's deals run out Netflix will be there to outbid them for it. It means that in 10 years there will be ONE premium channel where everything you could ever want to watch will be available in one place, and you will be able to watch it when you want to. It might cost a bit more than 7.99 per month, but whatever it cost it will be better than paying well over 100 bucks month for all of it now.

The future is happening now.

Kyle B

That's a really wonderful dream. Alas, it is destined to continue to be a dream. The studios are never gonna allow a single outlet to dominate the entire pay tv market. Especially since the biggest pay tv operators are studio owners. We will continue to have multiple services, each having exclusive content that can't be found on the others. More outlets, means the studios can keep playing one service against the other, in a never ending game to keep those license fees increasing with each deal..

Edward R Murrow

Not a dream; rather a nightmare. Without HBO there would be no Newsroom, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, John Adams, Luck, Entourage, Deadwood, The Wire, The Sopranos and the list goes on and on.

Without Showtime there would be no Homeland, Dexter, Californication, Nurse Jackie, The Borgias, The Tudors, Weeds, etc.

Is anyone seriously comparing Lillyhammer and The House of Cards with anything from HBO and Showtime? Really?

Kyle B

@Edward Murrow--Can you give Netflix the same time frame that HBO and Showtime had to create and or finance the kind of quality shows that you're holding up as an example? Netflix has only been at this for all of12-13 months, as opposed to the decades the older two have been in business...Sheesh.


@KYLE 5 years ago we would have never imagined Netflix streaming would be what it is today, and that Blockbuster would be all but out of business.

Edward R Murrow

Read the financials for all companies concerned in this thread and make a back of the envelope estimate of your own as to whether it'll be decades, centuries or never.

John Carter

I would wager decades Mr. Murrow. I remember people thinking that HBO and Showtime couldn't do it either. But as you demonstrated, they have long since proven that they can and have. Does that mean Netflix will follow in their footsteps? No. But I wouldn't simply dismiss it either.

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@ Edward murrow - can you give Netflix the same time frame, HBO and Showtime had to create or financial such quality show that you raise as an example? But in all these Netflix of12-13 months, not for decades her two sisters have been in the business... Dear.

I. P. Freely

so we have to give netflix 20 years to produce the final season of dexter? or just wait until showtime delivers the content in 2013? not getting the point


Are people so against discs that they can't even consider getting them to supplement their streaming desires anymore, or even wait a little while? I stream stuff on Netflix everyday and manage to receive, watch, and mail my 2-discs-at-a-time about two or three times a week, but jeez, I don't fret about the newest latest (typically overrated) TV series becoming available a month or a few months sooner.


I forgot to add... Fortunately my local libraries get a lot of stuff and if I want to see a new release show or even movie faster than from Netflix, I'll get it from there.

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