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Can't access my queue from San Diego, CA.


Works fine for me right now.


I can't access my queue or search for titles.

John McLachlan

I'm waiting for discs - I don't think they've been processing physical discs all week....


I can get to their site, but get an error if I try to access my queue or try to do a search.


Just checked again. The website looks normal now. But a new DVD has yet to be moved up to the top to be shipped.

John, I did receive the Total Recall remake this morning though that was shipped Saturday.


Website is back to looking weird again. Sigh.


I can access main page, but anything else is down (no queue, no streaming). In San Francisco.


Can't access queue from where I am in Mass.


I'm watching The Lying Game right now, and it plays fine. But I can not search for titles or access my que.


No queue available in DC Metro.


Just got off the phone. As I was on, the website still looks funky but the next DVD to be shipped has moved up to the appropriate slot. It's now 3:30pm here on Long Island NY.


12:51 pm PST The whole website just vanished.


On the east coast, streaming is working fine at 4:23 pm my time.

Retro Hound

Working fine in Kansas 3:25 PM central.

John McLachlan

hmmm. DVDs are usually logged after 1 day. DVDs I mailed 3 and 4 days ago just showed up at the exact same time late Monday afternoon....


4:48pm in the east coast
"The Netflix site is temporarily unavailable. Our engineers are working hard to bring the site back up as quickly as possible."


Queue is up, but ratings (stars) aren't available in Portland, OR.

Sam Hutchison

In Illinois ... no queue (instant or DVD) or search or DVD part of the site. We can stream.


no access to queue or other parts of website at all... not a streaming customer. LA CA


Steaming fine. Nothing funny like last week. East Coast


Mine is finally back up (living in New England). Signed into my parents' account to add something for them... Theirs worked fine, then signed into our account, and it was down. Ended up being down for several hours.


Working fine in California on AT&T, it worked fine last week also.


I was just able to at least see my DVD queue for the first time today (5:15 pm Central time).


OMG OMG OMG 2013 is going to be hell!! Post times of every last intricate detail of what's happening on the Netflix website!!! Quick we don't have much time until it's resolved!!

John Carter

Same here Moviegeek65.


The website says a movie was shipped very late this afternoon (after 4pm) and will arrive on the 2nd. No emails stating as such however. Website still looks weird (stars aren't yellow) but I was able to add some DVDs to my queue, delete a few and move others around. It's just after 7pm east coast.

jess brit

ok in north central mass

Netflux in St. Paul

All good in St.Paul. Minn.

Peter Davenport

What slider said as far as the website's concerned. Which I rarely go to these days. I cancelled my DVD plan on this return since I like older movies on Blu-ray and they are not investing in the ones I want but the streaming has and is working fine. I access my queue through Roku, Sony Bravia 3D Blu-ray, Nintendo Wii or WD Live. The Blu-ray seems to connect when streaming DOES go down every time. Highly recommended.

Peter Davenport

Might I add that this was the 12th year I had Netflix DVDs. I miss the old 8 out at a time plan with rare movies and TV shows but streaming has become the norm. Amazon compliments it very nicely when you can watch a movie on demand 3 months before it comes to DVD or sometimes even the theatre. Would never cancel Netflix though.

Jack McF

Can't search for titles or access my cue but I am able to play from the home page.


Stupid Netflix; Your record in 2012:
* you upped your rates - twice.
* Told me I would have to subscribe to two different services but couldn't tell me whether you would keep my queue.
* Then you said oops, we aren't going to do that...
* Sent me more broken discs in one year than in the past several
* 'Hid' what was available to stream (don't you want my business?)
* Made it impossible to log into other profiles for like 2 months
* Were down on X-Mas Eve when I went to watch
* And now you post an apology for X-mas eve on your tech blog today, meanwhile, you've been down all day today (and still are)

...oh, and your streaming selection still blows since the Starz deal went South - when are you going to fix this... or don't you remember what happened to the once mighty Blockbuster?

Justin Blake

all good in oregon

Perkins Cobb

Peter Davenport: You can still rent 8 discs at a time. It's just a well-hidden option on the NF site now.


All good in Baltimore, Maryland

Michael Norton

All good in Pekin, Illinois.


Fine in Phoenix, Arizona.


Streaming works in NYC midnight 1/1/2013 but DVD queue still can't come up -- message remains the same all these hours later: working on it.

Peter Nellhaus

Watched "The Dam Busters" from about 8:10 pm Mountain Time with no problem.

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