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I just tried and I can watch Nikita just fine from my desktop.

Not sure if it will work on my roku or not.


I'm still out on my ps3, 12.52a Christmas Day. Gonna be a fiasco for a lot of people


Cant get Roku to work. Stuck in a "cannot connect" loop.

Viva la Stream

Been out since this afternoon for me. Amazon streaming is down too. In the past when a AWS outage hit Netlfix Amazon streaming still worked for me but not today. This is a serious bummer. I finally have some time to sit down and stream and nothing is working. Someone at Charter cable is laughing at me right now for having cut the chord.


I am one of the MANY people who sat tdown to watch a streaming movie on Netflix(through my Wii) and got a "try again later "message. Between movies constantantly stoping several times and "reloading", I'm seriously wondering why the service is going "downhill" and am considering dropping it totally, as I did when the uber-smart CEO decided it was a good idea to charge so much more for those of us who also used the DVD rentals.DUMB!!!! When I get the time to watch a movie, I DON'T want to get messages like "sorry...try back later!" Netflix, get your act together or you'll lose me as a customer completely!


Could not connect via the Blu Ray player interface, or the website. I was forced to actually have a conversation with my wife. It was degrading and traumatic!

Jeremy Stern

Ahh this sucks!! I have been waiting for 8 hours too watch my shows! ! Do something net flix..fAMILY IS in town and we want to watch ....


Getting a "not connected to internet" message here in Chicago when accessing Netflix. Interested to hear the facts of this collapse.


On my laptop, at 10 pm PST, I tried a movie, and it popped right up, no prolemo!


Also not working on Roku and iPhone at 10:35 PST. Major suck


About 5 hour outage here. Currently 10:30 Pacific.


10:46pm PST can't connect on Roku.


Out since 1pm in No. VA. The only people less happy than Netflix customers are the Netflix and Amazon employees who have to work through Xmas to fix it.


"M" - your problem isn't Netflix... your device is telling you exactly what the issue is. "Not connected to the internet" means something within your home wireless network or internet connection has gone wrong. Check all your cables, try restarting your router, and if that doesn't work go to speakeasy.net on your computer and check your speeds. You need at least 1.5 mbps for streaming. If you're getting that on your computer than the issue is the signal to your NRD. Try moving the router closer, or plugging in directly.

Trust me, I used to work for these guys

Also, not sure if this is connected, but I went to the site and there was a new TOU I needed to agree to on the main page. After I agreed I restarted my PS3 and it gave me the same agreement message there. After I agreed on my PS3 it started working again!


Yeah, had just bought a Roku for the living room TV, bragging about Netflix for the holidays... that'll teach me!



In tonights case, its NOTHING to do with our internet connection.




Certain devices do and other devices don't. Like computer do work and devices like Roku don't work. Netflix has Twitted that they know there is a problem. It isn't a internet connection problem. It is a NETFLIX problem. I say Netflix should refund customers for this problem. Especially since it's happening at this time. Merry Christmas to all.


It's probably no comfort to those experiencing problems, but in 2008 when I purchased my Roku, come late December 2008 and even into early January 2009, the Netflix servers were so loaded in the evenings that many posts were made on the Roku forum of Netflix not working. Eventually that was fixed. But still it seems that most Christmases there is a sudden influx of new customers that overwhelms whatever service is supplying the streams.

One news story I saw said this is the third Netflix outage this year caused by the Amazon AWS, and these well-publicized outages aren't helping Amazon sell their Cloud Services. (Besides, just how prudent is it to rely on your competitor?)

Eventually this outage will be fixed, but it strikes me that Amazon or their customers (I don't know which) haven't learned how to gracefully "fail over" to a working server farm when there is a problem with one of the server farms.


PS: I haven't tried streaming on my old Roku--I have DVDs at home and I haven't quite finished working through a bunch of Doomsday and Christmas movies and specials on the HD DVR, so I haven't had time to test my Roku 1 today.


How can I watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation at 2:00 am?


Been down for me via my Blu-Ray player since Monday afternoon (that's when I first tried anyway)and it's still down as of 4:52am Tues. Gotta say, the timing of this outage is pretty damn awful (there are so many subscribers home for the holidays who want to relax and watch a movie) Netflix needs to get their shit together.

John 'Genryu'

"your problem isn't Netflix... your device is telling you exactly what the issue is. "Not connected to the internet" means something within your home wireless network or internet connection has gone wrong...Trust me, I used to work for these guys"

If the techies at AWS and Netflix have your level of competence, no wonder the service is down. It's not people's home networks. The load balancing is screwed at AWS.

Alfred Pennyworth

I was able to watch movies......that I rented via mail.


I was having issues streaming yesterday, but then realized my power was out. Damn Reed Hastings.


Same here - and still not working this morning.

@Former_Netflix_CSR - as others pointed out, you're wrong. The Netflix Roku app tells you "not connected to the internet" even if the problem is just that it can't connect to Netflix. But I wouldn't doubt that they trained you to always tell people that the problem is on their end.


same thing in michigan.
working this morning again .


Couldnt stream in Florida.

Jack Daniel Devine

I go to my netflix account. (couldn't even do that Christmas eve) shows I no longer have activated devices. Click on activate device get page unavailable. 7am 12/25/12

Chris K

zilch in NJ (oh, and Former_Netflix_CSR - I think we know when it's a network connection issue - stop).

Still in free trial period - not sure I'll sign up for paid membership when goes down 2 weeks into free period.......

Jer E

Netflix down, Amazon streaming is ok for me.

Mi Naem

Yeay! Netflix now working on our PC's and our TV via the wireless router.

Good job. Thanks to the techs at Netflix (and Amazon?) for staying up on Christmas eve to fix this. (I'm sure you're not quite done yet, but thanks anyhow.)


Now working in Tulsa via ROKU.


Out since Mon 3:00ish....called flix & thay said a hour..still down this am. They said wii & pc is up and running...Not Roku...working on it...sigh....


Up and running in Morro Bay California via ROKU

Aka Darrell

At 1900 PST we could get one movie to stream normal but not before or after. Most curious, after reading above.

J Malone

Christmas morning and still can't connect


still not working on my roku but streaming a ok on my new kindle fire.


In MN we noticed it was down around 11:10pm, and after trying to get a number of titles to stream (all stalled at 99%), things started working at 11:30pm.

When we saw the issues the first thing I did was check the @NetFlix and @NetFlixHelps Twitter feeds -- they had some info but no ETA. Thanks for the link to @adrianco, might have to add him to my follow list.


they owe me 3 cents

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