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more watchless crap


So unsubscribe already...

I'm personally looking forward to the WB/TNT content coming in March, woo hoo!

None of Your Business

This site sucks lately.


"None of your business"

Then go start your own netflix themed website and run it yourself? This appears to be a guy with a life who is not paid to update this website... maybe he has ... you know... life demands to worry about?

Just saying...


Today they also announced a Warner Brothers Television and Turner Broadcasting deals for exclusivity for Dallas and shows from Warner Brothers Animation, The Cartoon Network and Adult Swim.

Shows include
Johnny Bravo
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Adventure Time
Ben 10
Children's Hospital
Robot Chicken
and The Boondocks (from Sony)


Alright Mike, seriously, you alive? Everything okay?


The guy behind Hacking NetFlix has posted before that keeping it updated so frequently was getting to be too much. I appreciate updates when they happen, and the New Releases are especially helpful, in particular the streaming section. I have both disc and streaming and have since forever. Which means that basically any movie I'd ever care to see, I do see, after a day or two. But knowing what's new in streaming is nice, to be aware of spontaneous opportunities. And hey, Mike, if that's your name running the site - Thanks! I'd much rather have limited updates than risk burnout.


March 30,2013 WB/TNT will bring more tv shows packs

Finally some old school cartoon from 90s times

i cant wait to see netflix be pack up with new kids stuff

Johnny Bravo is 90s shows not kids of today



I do not understand the people complaining about Netflix. It is flipping 8 dollars a month. I have watched complete runs of shows that I would never got the chance to see without buying DVD sets. I feel some of the shows are crap, but if you read the news Netflix is starting to acquire more modern shows from several networks. The trick is to look often because they will only run some for a short while leading up to that shows season premier, like Dexter. They are also picking up projects that the major networks have abandoned and continuing them, like Arrested Development. Another exciting thing is the new original series they are putting out. I like being able to watch things anytime I want wherever I want. I have a DVR and use it, but some of the shows I caught up on and enjoyed came out pre-DVR. Personally I can not wait until the whole reality tv craze is over and the networks get back to good story's from good writers, but until then Netflix.


I know this is off topic but just to show how much in the dark Comcast is. This is an e-mail I just received concerning my request that Comcast become an Open Connect partner with Netflix. You'd think they'd keep up to date on these things.

Dear Donald Sykes,

Thank you for contacting the Office of Rick Germano, my name is
Pattriel and I will be more than happy to assist you today. I apologize
for any inconvenience for the Netflix service not being compatible with
your cable service . I can certainly understand your frustration
regarding these concerns, and I really appreciate the opportunity to
assist you today. I'm committed to providing accurate information and I
will do everything possible to provide a prompt resolution for this

From your e-mail I understand that you are requesting to have Netflix
Connect to be compatible with your service. I would like to inform you
that with Netflix you can?t watch live TV with Netflix. No current
episodes of your favorite TV shows and no live sports. Streaming Netflix
TV shows and movies requires an internet connection. XFINITY On Demand
is included with Digital Starter TV service and above does not require
internet to access. With XFINITY, you get it all ? live TV and On Demand
available on your TV, streaming online and now on your AppleĀ® or
AndroidTM tablet or smartphone. You can?t get that with Netflix: XFINITY
On Demand gets you access to over 95,000 On Demand shows and movies, on
TV and streaming online. With XFINITY On Demand, catch up and keep up on
the latest episodes of your favorite shows from ALL the major networks
including NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX. We value you as a Comcast customer and
certainly don?t want to lose your business. Remember, our Comcast
Customer Guarantee promises that we will continually offer the best and
most video choices.

Donald Sykes, I know your time is important, so I want to thank you
again for contacting us here at Comcast and allowing me to assist you
with Netflix compatibility. We are grateful to have you as a Comcast
customer, because your satisfaction is our primary goal. We appreciate
your business and thank you for choosing Comcast as your provider.


Office of Rick Germano

Hugo Ramirez

This site does suck lately. Sorry but I use to always come here for the latest Netflix news but lately there is nothing new at all. The Disney deal was not posted here nearly a week later.

Also this site never once mentioned that Netflix lowered the stream quality or even mentioned the new Super HD.

Now it does not even mention the new Warner deal. Sorry but now I just go to Google type Netflix and go to the news over there.

Also I don't like this site much because the people here in the comments are very raunchy and rude. Can't post here without being raunchy.

Hugo Ramirez

Also I can find the new releases much quicker going to InstantWatcher so I don't need this site for that either as most of the only update of new streaming content that is posted does not interest me.

Kyle B

As a regular visitor to this site, you should know that this blog's founder Mike, does this on his own time, and this site does not originate from a news organization. Also he posted back in Nov that Hurricane Sandy hit his home area hard. He has a real job, a life and other things that take priority over keeping us informed about the various goings on at Netflix.
If you weren't aware of all that, please take it into consideration.
And it's not like Netflix news is hard to come by. Every little sneeze they make, gets plastered everywhere. So Mike gets a much needed reprieve! :D


Maybe NF has changed something or I'm just now noticing it, but when I search for streaming content I'm now also getting selections that are DVD only and not available to stream. Is anyone else seeing this now? Previously wasn't it only set up if you had the streaming only that was all you could view?


Yes they've been showing DVD only selections for streaming customers for about 2 months for me. They finally listened to the customers on that one I guess. Although I would still like to be able to search the DVD's on Netflix's site instead of going to a third party.


People complaining about the new content added each week should just realize Netflix with its extensive library isn't for them, ditch it, and go find a Redbox. I'm glad my tastes exceed just what new overhyped movies and TV shows pop up in the New Releases fresh out of the multiplexes.

IT development

Previous list is much better than this.

Shooby Moonbeam

Netflix sucks cock and all you guys like to tongue-punch black dudes in their hairy fart-boxes. Die fan boys!!!!


@hugo said that Netflix has lowered the stream quality. That hasn't been my experience with my Viera TV. Does anyone know of a way to measure the actual bitrate, or is that feature no longer available?


I take it from Shooby Moonbeam's anatomical-laced post that his dissatisfaction with Netflix is simply due to a lack of porn.
Anyway, my streaming quality got better either because I upgraded from DSL to Uverse or started using wi-fi again (with the Uverse). I have my quality set at "Best quality (up to 1 GB per hour, or up to 2.3 GB per hour for HD)"


I haven't noticed any difference in Netflix's streaming quality when using my own connection through Comcast. When I use boxpn to access Super HD the quality is better. I think where people are getting confused is they think Super HD has taken the place of 1080p streams, which it has not. Perhaps this link will help everyone understand better:



Oops sorry about that, here's the link.


People who complain about Netflix streaming are people who don't like movies. It's as simple as that. Oh, they SAY they like movies but what they really mean is they only like NEW mainstream movies and nothing that is older than 5 months. These people don't know good movies. The rest of you know there IS good stuff on Netflix streaming. I have seen numerous films and my queue is always full.

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