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I am waiting for "The Paperboy".


Can anyone recommend a site like this one used to be?


I agree with SomeGuy. What happened to this place?


I'm mailing back "The Paperboy" tomorrow.


If you guys don't like this website start your own, I doubt the owner is making any money on this site and he has a family.


Typical response from Moviegeek. Don't like the message, attack the messenger. The very reason I posted the above comment is that I used to love this site, and visited it at least bi-daily. Now we get maybe one post a week, if that, and it's a just a list of new streaming releases.


It's my understanding the new streaming releases are automated. Maybe Mike is sick or a family emergency has sprung up. This is not typical, hopefully all is well.


Is there a master DVD list to check if Netflix DVD is worth adding for me?


Checking the archive I see that discussions have occurred regarding the difficulty of creating a master DVD list.
What I really want to know is whether the DVD catalog is that much better than the streaming catalog and is worth adding to a streaming subscription. Any thoughts?
Thanks, MM

Brandon Wade

Primer is so freakin brilliant.


Is there a master DVD list to check if Netflix DVD is worth adding for me?

@movieman it is WAY better. the numbers are ALWAYS changing, but last i looked was like 30k streaming titles (not sure if individual eps count)and more like 150k DVD. I have both, it is common to find one that's dvd but not streaming, quite rare to find one that's streaming but not dvd.

Michael Bottari

Please add more "Dark Shadows" (1966-67) episodes!


It's unfortunate that Netflix divided the streaming and disc services, or at made one service invisible to customers of one, because customers lured in by the oft-touted streaming quickly get disappointed by that selection. Add at least one-disc-out-at-a-time and see why customers use to choose Netflix. The selection is much greater than what was at the video store.

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