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Also out there now is V/H/S, The Devil Inside & One for the Money.


A decent list. The Lorax got added today.


A lot of my favorite British TV shows have returned, including Fawlty Towers, Campion, Mrs Bradley Mysteries, Red Dwarf, the list goes on!


And Blue Valentine!

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Michael M

Just an observation, I added Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol to my queue last night and hit play. The picture quality was great on my Roku 2 XS in 1080p, but the sound was only in stereo.

Darren Bratton

so when will those Warner Bros. shows start streaming?

Erin Kelly

Psyched that Red Dwarf is back!


not much to watch anymore


waiting for season five breaking bad


BUTTER!!! Score!!

Mr Mister

Butter. Give me a break. Thanks NF!

Mr Mister

All this makes me want even more to get my "Arrrggggggg" on. I can just grab these from usenet weeks ago.

Meanwhile Hollywood makes a record 10+ Billion in revenue this year.



World Without End (8 episodes) is now streaming.

It is a sequel to Pillars of the Earth.

Dave Burrescia

Noticed they took out Farscape! Total bummer!


Anyone else notice the 3D streaming titles that are now available?


neckflacksdude - there is a lot of stuff going on. Assuming Mike has been busy but he's missed some stories.

3D story:


Liberty CEO stating NF wiser to go through Starz than directly with Disney:


And of course the FB legislation being passed:


If you need any help Mike let me know.

john smoth

which 3d titles are streaming?


Each time they add "Terminator 2" they only add the extended version.


Just wanted to let everyone know Boxpn(www.boxpn.com), has amazing speeds and you can access Netflix's Super HD through several of their servers. US servers: Washington, DC; New York - New Jersey; and Phoenix. UK: Manchester and Hampshire. Canada: Montreal, possibly Toronto as well.
It only costs $5.99/mo or $45 for a year.

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