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C. Weibler

How current are the Netflix streaming videos how big is their library compared to the dvd's?


Check http://www.instantwatcher.com , http://www.thenowhereman.com/netflix/ &


Netflix streaming isn't really that current. They'll release a few new movies every now and then, but for the most part they're smaller titles. There's good movies on there, but they definitely take some searching to find. Really, the main benefit of Netflix is their selection of TV shows except for the HBO ones.


I don't see NF as being any different than HBO or Showtime in regards to movies Victor. When I had them (and this was a while ago), HBO/Showtime only released 1 new movie a week (Saturday nights). So you would get 4-5 a month. NF comes close to matching that. There are a slew of more mainstream titles coming soon: End of Watch, Silent Hill Revelation, Safety Not Guaranteed, House at the End of the street to just name a few.


People need to stop comparing the dvd library to the streaming library, and start comparing the streaming library to another "instant" catalog of movies and TV shows.

When they do...there is no comparison to netflix. It blows them out of the water for $7.99


Actually, other than the Disney library that was just added, Amazon Prime's selection is just as good, if not better. And, it's less expensive overall, with the bonus of free two day shipping on anything you purchase on Amazon. You just have to pay yearly, rather than monthly.


There is absolutely no way Amazon's library is better than netflix.

It has gotten better yes, but google some comparisons of top movies/tv shows, and then each service's full number of titles

It's not even close


I am disappointed the took veronica mars off instante streaming. Please come back :)

Kyle B

Could someone with Amazon Prime offer up some titles that they have that Netflix doesn't. I'd like to compare how much better it actually is.

To me, comparing Netflix to the whole of an Amazon subscription, would be like comparing a video store to say Sam's Club. One only rents/sells dvds, while the other sells everything. What about the people that don't buy products from Amazon?
How does the free monthly no pay per view recent DVD releases, AP service truly hold up against another, monthly pay tv service-Netflix, Starz, Showtime, The Movie Channel, HBO, Cinemax, Encore?


Off Topic: I recently purchased a Samsung HD tv, with wifi and netflix built-in. I've notice that the audio is out of sync for most HD programs, and it is pretty irritating. Has anyone else experienced this issue, and if so, how were you able to resolve it?


i got amazon prime when they were offering it on a monthly basis, mainly for a few tv shows like NYPD Blue & The Closer...they also had the BBC shows but those have come back to NF now...

Peter Davenport

NOT FOR THOSE WITH ADD To this day I have never understood why people need the newest movies or TV shows to be entertained. When I worked at a video store back in the 80's, we noticed about 80% of people were new release renters and the remaining were the video tapes out in 'the field'. Years later after DVD came out, I talked to some video store friends who told me it was more like 90%-10%.

More people needed new releases to wet their appetites. I would ask my wife why she only wanted to primarily rent new releases and not look at the movies in the older sections which held titles that were not even past a year old some times. She really couldn't come up with a good answer and I would remind her that if she hadn't seen something then it was new to her.

That's like these people who complain that a film is returning to streaming for a second or third time but fail to realize others haven't seen the returning films or there are new subscribers to NF. I personally stopped watching TV shows (and the news) in 2005 because once you're over 40 then it all becomes regurgitated crap at that point. So Netflix became my best friend.

I joined HULU Plus for a free trial because I wanted to watch an old favorite film titled "A Shock to the System" with Michael Caine and they were the only streaming service carrying it. I got about 10 minutes into the movie and noticed something was wrong. They were running a censored print and on top of that it had two places for short ads. I immediately canceled the trial and noticed that someone had uploaded the film to Youtube. LTBX'd and uncensored.

Of course HULU Plus explained the reason why they have ads but just made me wonder again, do people HAVE to see the latest TV shows? Not to mention before streaming the film, I looked at a TV show that was older and aside from the ads they had a logo on the screen. People actually pay for that crappy service. To you people who like HULU Plus and don't mind the ads, logos, etc. then I'm assuming you grew up within the last 20 years when it started becoming the norm. with a constant logo on screen. You lot are excused.

When I was in my late teens and 20's I would watch new films at the cinema and watch the late show with Humphrey Bogart and enjoy the old Hammer film rentals on tape or TV. For some reason this all changed in the late 90's. Older TV shows and movies disappeared broadly from cable except for a few stations.

It's almost like people are trying to keep up with the Joneses and technology is the culprit that is giving people the boost.
BTW, out of Netflix EPIX and Amazon, nothing beats NF for the $7.99 value of entertainment. I would say Amazon is a close second. I use Roku and for some reason Amazon only lists 300 titles for mostly each genre for Prime Members. What people don't know is there are a lot more titles for Prime if you look on the computer or look for a rare title or stumble up on a title by selecting 'other titles like this one'. Amazon compliments NF nicely by giving you a choice to rent a new film if need be or an old fave not on NF and EPIX doesn't have a bad selection. Then there's Creepster....ha! I've made this long enough.


Safety not guaranteed is up for streaming-no sites I've seen mentioned it at all.


Related topic--feedflicks & instantwatcher havent changed or updated their "upcoming releases" in over a week. Are they being blocked by netflix?


Thanks Donnie! Freaking annoying NF is cock blockin IW and Feedfliks now. Until they get a real up-to-date (by the day) "recently released" section those sites serve a need.

Peter Davenport

Does any one here have the INSTANT STREAMING BROWSER app on their Roku? At a one time $3.99 cost, it's the ultimate search engine dedicated to NF titles. IW was my guide but this blows everything off the web related to upcoming, new, add immediate items to queue, what's expiring, instant jump to NF channel option, genres. Can't brag enough about it. Plus it blends in with all my other streaming channels right on my TV screen. No more going back and forth to comp. and Roku. I Highly recommend it.


I have not experienced any problems streaming HD to my new Panasonic TV. Be sure to test with your TV's audio as the problem could be with your external audio system.



Prime is good --- and there are definitely titles they have that NF doesn't. One of them is the tv show Fringe, for instance.

I tried to watch Miller's Crossing on NF a week or two ago, and it was pillar-boxed! I switched over to AP and they had it in the correct aspect-ratio in HD.

Sometimes it's nice to have options.


Amazon is more expensive. It is a yearly subscription. For Netflix, I can hold/cancel any time. This makes my subscription cheaper on a yearly basis, because I can just cancel or hold when I am busy or over summer. For shipping, nowadays, most stores offer free shipping and free returns when you buy above a certain threshold. Even many of those stores don't promise the 2-days shipping, they actually use 2-days shipping. ( Check Macy's, Nordstrom or some Ebay merchants) Now, I don't understand why I need to pay $79 per year for shipping on Amazon. Also, I don't think the price on Amazon is as competitive as other stores, even my neighborhood stores. Recently, I did my purchase on other stores and have excellent price and free shipping/returns. Even I am on Amazon Prime, I haven't been using it for the last several months. I have set my Amazon Prime account to cancel when it is due in March.


I just learned that China Beach will be finally be released on DVD in April, will Netflix have it?

Peter Davenport

I am a retired projectionist of 20 years and one thing that bugged me were home video transfers done wrong! But, MILLER'S CROSSING was a film I ran in 1990 at General Cinema Corporation and even though every one and their brother try to say it was true widescreen then they are not familiar with the 'open matte' process which is best explained at Wikipedia.

Even though the version you saw on NF was pillar boxed, you saw the whole picture, and then some. Widescreening MC would just require cropping the top and bottom of the film. While I prefer the movie cropped as well, you were not cheated out of anything except a smaller picture being square rather than rectangle. The 'wide' screen version IS the way it looked in the theatre as the projector's aperture plate cut the top and bottom off to make it appear this way.

Many VHS, like you said, were transferred this way if the director chose to film soft matte and worked better with crt TVs and even when DVD was cutting it's teeth in the market, they would include a full screen and 'wide'screen of the open matte films.

If the director chose 'hard matte' then there was no room for error and black bars appeared on the actual film print resulting in panning and scanning when transferred to tape/TV. The other format was 'Scope' which was even wider and transferred to TV very badly with a ratio of 2:35:1 roughly, leaving people at home with 50% of the picture missing unless they LTBX'd it. There are only a few TV manufacturer's that have a very widescreen model to accommodate true scope films like INDIANA JONES and most of the older James Bond films and more.

Interestingly enough, my friend has a 16X9 TV with multiple zoom features. I chose one of those and filled up the screen with "Miller's Crossing" within a hair of what the 'widescreen' presentation looked like. If you already knew this then my apologies but I hope someone here read this for better understanding and know they are not getting cheated but just have to work a little harder to see if films like this one was open matte and play with their tv's settings if so.

If Amazon can get an updated cropped widescreen 'Director's vision' version then I don't know why NF can't. On the flip side, there is a great film called TREE'S LOUNGE with Steve Buscemi that both services run. The Amazon boasts HD but is too dark in some scenes. The NF version is better or more accurate in picture detail.

Sorry for the long posts. On top of trying to get my point across, my father passed away Monday and this tech talk helps.



FYI, Fringe is going to be on Netflix in the next month or so. In fact, supposedly, it will then become exclusive to Netflix.


Kyle B

Re: Fringe-
I don't believe that Fringe will be exclusive to Netflix, as Amazon continues to promote it in their recent acquisitions press releases. I think it just got lumped in with the actual currently airing tv shows that Warner will be licensing to Netflix.


On the whole Netflix vs Amazon debate, and what they have available... The last count of episodes and movies on Amazon that I saw was around 30000. On Netflix, they have nearly 50000.

Netflix has more, but there are titles on both Netflix and Amazon that only one service has.

Personally though, I don't view them as competitors though, as using both services goes together very well. My view is that they are both competitors against cable companies.

Shooby Moonbeam

This site has one sponsor. Guess who that is? Nothing but a bunch of fanboys here, who bite the pillow!


I'd add creepy hater stalkers too Shooby.


@Peter: Thanks for sharing so much useful and helpful information, and I'm so sorry for your loss.

Peter Davenport

@AnnieOK - You're very welcome and thank you for the kind words.


Remember when the average Netflix user understood that new releases don't pop up on streaming?

Riverside Guy

NYPD Blue, The Closer & Babylon 5 are all available for streaming from Amazon, but not NF. Babylon 5 had been, but was dropped a few years ago.

Peter Davenport

Yes Galagatron, I remember. I don't know why any level headed individual would think $7.99 a month would get them this enormous and in some cases, quite rare catalogue of entertainment with new releases to boot.

That's why NF and Amazon compliment one another in the sense you can rent a new release on Amazon if you have Prime. Prime only lets you have a catalogue version of their own. NF wins hands down in that dept.

But if anyone thinks ANY service would offer $7.99 streaming which would include a free for all on all video including new hits like SKYFALL then I want the name of their meth dealer.


Does anyone here use vudu?

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