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Tony M.

Is it just me? Or is that new streaming category getting alittle more skimpy every week?


the new category is just what autofills whatever rssfeed or whatnot that Mike (site master) uses. Since Netflix locked their API down, it's not nearly as accurate. Every week you go in here and there's some comment from someone about how either a)this title has already been there for a week or two and it just wasn't got before OR b) 'hey here's something cool you missed'

it's just a sampling, not a complete list.


Has anyone been having with Instantwatcher website, after putting a title in my queue I can't go back to the previous page using the back button. Any help would be appreciated.




Apparently 'Undefeated' is out there now.


all my movies say ,we are having problems playing this right now please try again later or different title??? but all the movies i pick any movie i pick say this, i checked my account and its fine any suggstions? watching on my vudu player


Don't have Vudu and I have no problems streaming IW through my Blu-Ray player, but when I stream online through my laptop, I keep getting a message that says something like 'Thanks for installing Silverlight, your movie will start momentarily'. Every time for the last three or four days.

Peter Davenport

VUDU has their own player? I guess that's a good way to push people toward their streaming site, unless it's a different VUDU.

My surprise and shock came a few nights ago when I forgot my ROKU cables and had to stream through a browser. Little did I know that NF implemented this AUTOPLAY feature and was in shock when I saw the credits shrink on the Andy Griffith show at the end only to be leading me to the next episode.

On researching this, I found out the feature can't be turned off (Of course you guys were light yrs. ahead of me on this site.) and I will tell you that the day ROKU lets NF use this feature without an option to turn off, I will drop NF like a hot skillet because all it is - is a thinly veiled attempt to control copyrighted material if someone is recording it. I RAN from TV because of crap like this.

Next thing will come the NF logo on all films and shows. BTW, if you really want to watch the end credits fullsceen then just slide the episode back about 10 seconds before the credits start again and they will play through without human geek technology interference. If you fall asleep however, you're screwed.


You can also just click on the credits Peter, they blow right back up to fullscreen.


Maybe it's just me, but that seems like a stretch Peter. Similar things have been going on forever (as you noted) on TV, commercials weren't in the source material yet they are added. Heck, movies are chopped down too on TV. Speaking of movies, I'm not sure anyone misses trailers before them, as they are presented at the movie theater.

And honestly, does anybody read the credits? It would seem a waste of time when you have IMDB and other resources much easier to navigate.


*raises hand*
I do read the credits, both at home and at the theater. I'm one of those nerds who likes to see what goes into the production of a motion picture and who is working behind the scenes - and love it when I see the same names occurring on more than one film. And there's an awful lot of good music playing behind those credits. (I make note of particular titles or musicians and often purchase music I've heard on soundtracks.)

The post-play feature is an irritation to me, but I just click the credits back up to full-screen.

I'd hate it if NF started branding all streaming content - don't know if it would drive me away. However, if NF ever decides to run ads, or cuts out the credits altogether, I'll unsubscribe.

Peter Davenport

@ Ethan, I appreciate the info.


cool !!!


I like seeing the credits, not so much because I'm dying to know who the second assistant gaffer was on the Netherlands unit, but because they give a little bit of space between the end of the movie and real life. If the movie was good, it's nice to sit and relax while the credits roll and think about the movie.

What's not so nice is having to leap out of my seat the second the credits start, click to get them full screen, and then stand there because I know I'm going to have to close the movie window immediately after the credits roll lest autoplay jump in. Especially now that they've taken to autoplaying ads after some movies. Sigh.

Perkins Cobb

Can someone clarify this for me, since (mercifully) the "Post Play" has not yet manifested itself on my device: When exactly does it kick in -- at the beginning of the end credits, or some specific unit of time (say, 30 seconds) before the end of the program? And then one can, or cannot, press a button to restore the credits to the way they're supposed to be?


Perkins Cobb, it is usually as soon as the credits start rolling, though I have found that it delays with some films and, on a very few, the credits never minimize at all. Haven't actually timed it, though.

Paul, what ads are you seeing and on which device? I have not seen a single ad thus far (unless you consider the trio of movie suggestions at the end an advert). But as soon as I see bona fide ads (products/services etc.), I'll leave NF.


Anyone else getting error code ui-113 trying to use the service right now?


Everything was broken for about 30-45 minutes. After that I cleared my cache and it was all set.


I was watching the Australian show "Underbelly" through my laptop and the autoplay feature did not kick in at the end of the episode. My main complaint about it is that I often don't remember the number of the episode I last watched, so if I see Episode 8 of something shaded just because a few seconds played, I might unknowingly skip it to the next episode.


GeeEmm--I've only had ads auto-play after movies 2 or 3 times, so it's not too surprising some people might not have seen it. Maybe it's just something NFX is toying with? I think it was an ad for a tv show, I don't remember which & didn't watch it through.

(I don't mean the trio of movie selections that show at the end, this is a full-screen ad that autoplays.)

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