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Captain Coldyron

Time to just take this site offline.


Then stop coming...?


Here, chew on this: Arrested Development only getting one season http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/arrested-development-netflix-second-season-424376


It was always only going to be one season, to catch people up on what the characters were doing leading up to the movie. This isn't news....

Joe Clarke

Wow, Netflix is starting to fail hard on the Streaming end as far as quality new content. Crap I can watch on TV, Indie films and SYFY is all we seem to get anymore.


And this new your list thing sucks!


Walrus1, I'm curious, because I believe that's something they're just testing and I don't have it on my account..... How is the "your list thing" different than the Instant Queue?

Netflix Fan Boi

Reed Hastings likes black-cock rammed straight up his poop-shute. He doesn't even need to bite the pillow. When Tyronne is done pumping, Reed cleans the corn, peanuts and tomato skin from Mr. Brown Snake!

R Wheeler

Wow. This list is sad.


Nice to see Louis C.K.'s independently produced and self-web-released recent show in streaming. Didn't expect that.


> Crap I can watch on TV

Umm, that's basically always what the streaming stuff has been? I presume you mean essentially "TV reruns".. (But BTW, reruns are chopped up and you're missing tons of each episode.)

I say this as someone who DOESN'T use Netflix streaming (or DVDs either at the moment), though I will subscribe for Arrested Development.


Also, I definitely recommend instantwatcher and nowhereman for looking at what's good/new to watch, as much as this site has been nice for news, since netflix messed with their API, the new release stuff on this site is garbage. Almost every week you find someone posting new stuff the site didn't put in, or saying how what this site is putting in is from weeks ago..... Not the best source really.


New NF envelope today....redish but with about 100 very small little pictures in the red. I presume they are netflix customers.


I love it. NF adds crap, yet they added the 2012 Best Documentary in the last week. What do you guys want, movies that are still in the theaters? Give me a break.

Mr Mister

I see Amazon is now the exclusive home for FX's Justified.


NF is adding film fest and foreign films for couples weeks.

March 1,2013 hope they add some disney titles like 2-6
hope better titles to adding plus new shows

March 30,2013 cartoon wb and more


My instant queue is full of stuff I don't have time to watch. Expand your preferences, complainers, or just drop it. But you won't, will you?

Mr Mister

I think NF needs to add better quality programs. I should not have to "change my preferences" to watch stupid, dribble programs because that's all they carry. But thanks for your useless suggestion. Go back to watching cats in sweaters now Galagatron!


No offense, but there are now more members of netflix who think that their streaming service is worth $7.99 than members who think their DVD service is worth $7.99.

Netflix knows exactly what it needs and is having success with it's formula. Anyone complaining either doesn't know how much a dollar is worth, or is being an ass because they lack some sort of attention in their everyday life.

so are you dumb or just an ass?

oh yea...i guess i didn't mean "no offense"


The majority of content on NF I will never watch, nor would I ever want to - but having said that, there are still more titles that do interest me than I will ever be able to view. And while the new lineups might seem disappointing, that is not an automatic indicator of everything that is available. Sometimes it requires a bit of digging to find the gems in the catalog. (There is a very limited representation of titles when browsing genres - you really have to know what you are looking for and search very specifically.)

Not always a fan of a lot of the changes (minimized credits and post-play, for example), and I'll complain if it's important enough to me. Overall, I'm happy with the service. As a subscriber to both DVD and streaming, I find both are worth the monthly fees. Streaming quality and reliability has improved (finally), downtime (for me at least) is rare, and I still get DVDs every third day.

Now if the ads that Paul posted about in last week's new release thread ever pop up for me - and can't be attributed to a surreptitiously installed add-on or a virus/malware - that would be a deal-breaker for me.


I just don't understand crazy expectations. When I had Showtime & HBO years ago we only got 1 new(er) movie a week (usually Saturday night). That's 4-5 titles a month depending on how the calendar shakes out. We get that much on average, maybe more from Netflix. Just in the last couple of weeks we've gotten Undefeated, The Raven & Safety not Guaranteed. I just peeked at last week's box office and NF will have 2 of the top 10 coming to them via exclusive pay-tv window deals (Safe Haven & Side Effects). This coming weekend 21 and Over hits, that should be another NF Pay TV exclusive via the Relativity Deal. The following weekend Dead Man Down hits theaters, another NF Pay TV exclusive. Couple weeks after that Olympus has Fallen.

The difference being, HBO and Showtime were $15 a month for me. That didn't include the cable I had to have... also I couldn't get HBO or Showtime without paying an equipment rental fee for one of their boxes because my TV doesn't support cable card. My TV does have built-in apps though (NF).

Netflix is changing the TV landscape folks and FOR THE BETTER. People love no commercials, I have no doubt NF's popularity (partly due to the no commercials) wasn't a driving factor in Dish's hopper. It's also helping people cut the cord and thus drive down costs for cable/sat. Cablevision just sued Viacom claiming they are forced to carry poorly viewed networks in return for networks like MTV, Comedy Central, etc. Who knows, maybe down the road this lawsuit will be the catalyst that got us a la carte. And all because people are ditching cable for cheaper alternatives like NF and the cable industry has to respond or fade away into irrelevancy.


For people looking for more things to watch... although this is geared more towards advanced users and people who use multiple services for streaming, but this site is great:


People who "need suggestions" on what to watch are just programmed followers. Do you have any tastes or interests at all or just looking for something to discuss for desperate socializing. "Cats in sweaters", ha. I have everything from documentaries to new and old TV shows to movies foreign and domestic, live action and animated. If you're just on Netflix hoping it will instantly stream the newest Kristen Stewart or Adam Sandler movie, then there's a red kiosk in a Walmart entrance waiting for you.


Little help here, anybody know why I can't stream internationally when using my VPN? I get a message stating I can only stream in the 50 U.S. states or territories after I log in. My VPN is running, I've even tried clearing cookies/history/etc. before launching my browser. I've tried multiple browsers, even IE in private browsing. Here's the kicker, when I go to netflix.com it obviously thinks I'm in a foreign county because I get the option to log in with Facebook and the phone # in the upper right hand corner is foreign. Any ideas? I know some of you guys stream internationally with no issues.


I know where you're coming from, Galagatron. I rarely even look at the suggested titles on the IW homepage, and I don't usually bother to check what is newly added. When I come across an interesting film in my internet wanderings (foreign, documentary, experimental, independent) I do a specific search. There are also several directors whose work I enjoy.

Really, so many ways to ferret out some excellent content without ever once glancing through categories or suggestions. (By the way, there is nothing wrong with using those tools if that is how one is most likely to find something he/she likes.)

Obviously, NF doesn't have everything. My 'Saved' DVD queue contains over 100 titles. But NF is still a treasure trove - especially for folks like me who aren't necessarily into popular or mainstream cinema.


Mike! Where have you gone?


The nowhereman site seems to have access to upcoming Netflix Streaming titles as the list is extensive and is several months in advance.

Link: http://www.thenowhereman.com/netflix/index.php?ss=comingSoon

Stephanie Reynolds

Theory: Mike has been paid hush money by Netflix to cease all further updates, as Netflix knows that any future changes to its site and service will be inexplicable and unfavorable backward steps.


Everybody Hates Chris & The Shield on Amazon Prime now...i pay $7.99/month...they also have NYPD Blue & Gilligan's Island....& a few others not on NF....


Hey, Mike - you OK man?

Peter Davenport

We could go back and forth on which service offers what tv show exclusively is included with their membership 'facebook'. For example, NF offers "South Park", "The Munsters", "Leave it to Beaver", etc. I've noticed one thing on EVERY major streaming service. They are dropping classic movies in each genre, sometimes in great numbers and adding smaller amounts back.

I will repeat something I said before which puzzles the heck out of me. Any subscriber that expects a world of new TV shows, classic movies and new movies all for $7.99 a month or $79.99 a year can keep on complaining because you're just the kind of customer that's just not rational.

BTW I've mentioned it once before however the INSTANT WATCH BROWSER on ROKU gives you the COMPLETE catalogue of films, tv shows, documentaries that Netflix carries. It cost me $3.99 for a one time fee and it is worth it! Why NF doesn't offer it to their customers is beyond me.

It's just like AMAZON Prime. They list their genre on ROKU and usually top off at 300 titles on any one but looking at their site you can dig hundreds more out that they don't tell you about. Also helps to know a specific title to search and sometimes comes up Prime but is not advertised in their list.

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