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Anyone else having problems with the 'display' button on the PS3? There's a thread over at AVS about it...


(more people chime in towards the bottom of the page.)


Did I miss an announcement somewhere? My streaming history has all but disappeared. While my DVD history is still complete, my streaming history is limited to the past 6 weeks - used to be able to see everything I've viewed since joining.

This is very disappointing. I referred to both history pages quite often.

Duder Mcfury

Dude, I'm hooked on house of cards! i'm suprised there wasn't a post on it here. K-Spacey plays THE BEST mastermind!


GeeEmm, same with me, I only see last 3 months of streaming history.


Tim, I just re-checked and now mine only goes back to Jan 18 - that's just 2 1/2 weeks! Sure would have been nice to have had a heads-up on this, to give subscribers a chance to copy their histories.

I don't 'tweet', but are there any users here who have a Twitter account who would be willing to ask NF about the disappearance of the streaming history?


Time to get Netflix back again... :P


ps3 user, im ahead on mine for the most parts but i check this site weekely and clear out the new stuff that i dont like


Just noticed that NF has "chat" customer service. I used it. A little slow but the rep confirmed that "Homeland" is indeed coming to streaming. Wasnt sure when but its coming.

I was considering buying the first season as its available on ebay for about $12.75 with free shipping. Which is a good deal.

Glad I didnt buy it. Hopefully it will be here soon.


@gee-em and Tim

Netflix switched to only showing the last hundred titles in streaming history. So GeeEmm, you use Netflix a TON. That's awesome.

The reason Netflix gives for this is so that people can access that data without having to have the page load up so slowly... Personally, I don't think that's a problem people were having, and they would've been better served by having it load up the last 20 titles, then have a 'see complete history' button after that... but them's the breaks, for now at least.

Hit the Netflix twitter/facebook/blog with posts to let them know you don't like it. The people doing those things have a wayyyyyy bigger voice than their phone customer service.


Oooops, Ethan, you caught me!

Actually, although I do watch 'a ton', I have a large, multi-generational household who have recently also begun using the account. (We ditched cable/satellite for good, so we are all relying on NF for entertainment.) But, in addition to the frequent usage, there are a few factors that can (and for us often do) artificially inflate the viewing numbers:

1) the Post Play feature (sorry, I am not a fan), when not caught quickly enough, will load (and count) the next episode in a series, even if you don't intend to watch it

2) accidentally hitting 'Play' will add it to your streaming history - even if you stop or back out before it finishes loading (I still forget that, online, clicking a title's image will play it)

3) if you stop watching a title, then exit NF and come back to it later, it counts as separate titles in the history; likewise, if NF is experiencing difficulties, or your internet connection gives you trouble, interrupting your viewing, it could end up listing the same title many times

4) having a toddler who is savvy with the remote can lead to a lot of 'false plays'

Hmmmm, makes me wonder if this sort of unintentional 'viewing' helps sweeten the overall NF streaming numbers . . .


A valid point. That family sized helping definitely would make that 100 titles go quick. Like I said, I don't think it's the best system.

As to inflating, in all the press release stuff I've seen, it tends to be measured in bandwidth or hours streamed... Certainly post play could inflate a bit with how many of us probably fall asleep to a show (guilty) but I don't think it's doing so a whole heck of a lot.

And while I don't like waking up 2 episodes later, it is still better than when I wake up to Hulu, still playing after 8 hours after auto-playing 8 different shows I've never heard of.


Good points, Ethan.

Re Hulu - yikes! I have only used the free version of Hulu on occasion, mostly prior to subscribing to NF. But that would be really irritating to have it play on and on and on. And for those with usage caps, it would be a nightmare!


Hey guys, your history is still there! They just removed the View All button! Try this url:


If you want to save your history, play it safe and right-click on Print, then click on Save to PDF.


Many thanks, Mike T! Worked like a charm!

Have saved my history and bookmarked the link.


I would be very surprised to see Homeland show up on Netflix streaming any time in the foreseeable future. I don't think any Showtime shows that are currently airing are available for streaming. Once they go off-air (Tudors, etc) they show up.

Showtime used to make previous seasons of shows available for streaming (even if the show was still on the air), but they stopped doing that about 2 years ago.


Mark, the rep I chatted with checked and said it was coming but they hadnt formally finalized the deal.

I guess she could have been making it up but if that were the case, I would have expected her to just say she didnt know. Dont you think ?

If its going to be 6-12 months I will go ahead & buy it. But, I presumed it would be sooner.

Heck, I think a number of those free tv wesbites already have it. They are just a pain and I like to watch on my TV.

Kyle B

UGH...arrrgh! That url isn't working for me. I only get viewing history for the last 4 weeks. Why did they have to change something that DIDN'T need changing?


Well, I called in this time to see if a 2nd clerk would confirm that homeland is coming to streaming. He said there is no way to check.

But I did get him to give me a free month of DVDs and theres no longer a long wait so Im getting the DVDs now.

So I have no idea if its indeed coming to streaming or not.

But, since there is no longer a long wait, its cheaper to get the DVDs than buy them. Even if I was paying full price.

Id actually like to stay on with DVDs but I was having very long waits on everything when I quit months ago.


Did NF change their API? I've noticed more and more movies on Instantwatcher that are trending up, but never showed up in their Upcoming releases. I don't remember seeing 'Amber Alert' as upcoming or recently added on Feedfliks either.


Kyle B, not working for me today either. The url now just routs me to the truncated page. I tried arriving there via bookmark, typed url, and by altering the existing url. No go.

And I completely agree - not only did that NOT need changing, but it was actually a truly useful component of the user account.


Should be 'routes', not 'routs'.


My history goes back six months, what browser are you people using?


Moviegeek65, I use the current version of FF. But this is definitely not a browser issue. Last week, I had my complete viewing history, dating back to the day I signed up with NF. A couple of days ago, I noticed my history was only going back to mid-January. Ethan posted that NF had decided to cut the streaming history off at 100 titles. Then Mike T suggested a URL workaround for getting to the entire history - which worked fine for me yesterday, but is not working now. Looks like NF might be cutting off those once-valid addresses, and/or pointing them to only the pages that they want subscribers to be able to access.


My netflix app on BlueRay player just disappear and i´ve got 4 russian channels instead..!! Russian Bear is coming....


no more DVD's on Saturdays...


Big deal about no more Saturday mail. That coupled with first class mail increasing by 2 cents is going to hit the DVD side HARD.


Discontinuation of Saturday delivery is slated to take effect in August, so that is still some months off. And delivery to postal boxes will be unaffected. But when it hits, it will indeed hit very, very hard.

Too bad there isn't a private sector equivalent for letter-class mail.


Just noticed that the expiration date on streaming titles appears to be relevant again. Not all titles, but many.

Saw this on InstantWatcher.com


I would like to know why the anime shows seem to be dwindling online


I don't have a DVD subscription so i don't care about Saturday service, Wall ST like the news however because the stock jumped 55 today(one less day of labor for Netflix).


That should read "5% today".


They say they keep account data for two years after you quit but you can only see the last 100 movies (or tv episodes) you watched. It's your data! They can sell it to advertisers! But you can't see it! This is why I stopped rating movies. Until the company provides me with an easy way to get a digital data copy of the movies I watched, i.e., [name, date, viewing time, movie length, start time, rating ... etc], I'm not giving them my rating data. Invallidating their predictive data for me is a small price to pay for depreciating the worth of my data to advertisers.


The no saturday mail should help NF because they will have much lower postage costs.

But DVDs would be a much worse "deal" for customers too. So I would expect a chunk to cancel.


According to Deadline NF might be doing on original series on the life and death of Pablo Escobar.



apparently the thinking is that the people who would cancel due to not being able to get saturday delivery are the ones who take most advantage of it. The customers who make sure and get every DVD they possibly can. Therefore, netflix would be losing the customers it makes least profit on.

I'm not really sure how it's a positive, because it's still a profit probably, but I'd venture to say it's neither a positive or negative.

Although, another way to look at it is: those who aren't so obsessed with getting as many DVD's as they can, will need something to watch on Saturday/Sunday. Perhaps they'll be more likely to look to streaming for the times they don't have a DVD.

Gary Sutton

Along with instant streaming, my wife and I are on a 4 disc plan at the moment. Im not worried about the no mail Saturday thats coming. I figure I'll always have something here.

Perkins Cobb

The USPS is presenting the end of Saturday delivery as a done deal, but it's subject to Congressional oversight, so it's entirely possible there will be legislation between now and then that changes things. Lobby your representative.


The elimination of Saturday delivery effectively doubles the cost of each dvd I get from Netflix. At that price point, it will be more cost effective to get from Redbox. Netflix will need to address this by changing its plans and/or pricing or it will be losing me as a subscriber. I may not be the most profitable customer of the company, but it will be a mistake for NF to simply pretend that this change will not impact most of its customers. It also impacts mailing a dvd back on Saturday to get a new release on Tuesday.


yea it really is more cost effective to pay per dvd at redbox...

you don't think you can get 7 movies from netflix a month without Saturday delivery?


People might not like it, but NF sees disc as a dwindling business.


I have zero doubt they would've sold off Qwikster after a year or two, they just didn't expect the backlash they got across the board (even streaming subs bailed in large numbers). They couldn't spin off discs and therefore couldn't sell it off. It's not just Saturdays, first class goes up... it seems to every year. As Reed infamously said, he didn't name it DVDsbymail, he named it Netflix and that's all the way back in the 90's.

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