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I can put a return in the mail on Thursday and have a movie waiting for me on Saturday. Or I can watch on Friday, mail Saturday and get a new release (sans long wait) on Tuesday.
Under this proposal, mailing on Thurdsay gets you a movie back on Monday (instead of Sat). Mailing on Saturday, now gets you a return movie on Wednesday (now having missed the window for new releases).


Even though those of us still getting DVDs (I get streaming plus 2 DVDs/week) are getting used to not getting movies on the release dates, is NF going to do anything come August to figure out how mailing back discs on the Friday before the Tuesday release date can somehow result in getting Tuesday releases anyhow? Can NF maybe program its software to wait an extra day?


Argh, NF must've changed something The Raven never showed up on upcoming titles on Feedfliks. What a load. I use it to plan my entertainment for the weekend. Now the only way I'll know whats on is after the fact when it's trending on IW or if I happen to stumble into it via NF recommendations. Not cool.


I got rid of DVDs back at the end of Oct primarily because Homeland showed "very long wait" as well as something else I wanted. Turns out I found stuff on streaming to watch but I did rent a few from rebox with free codes. DVDONME and BREAKROOM work once per card per year.

But even with them being free, it causes me an extra trip out most of the time and thats 4 miles round trip. Ends up being much more expensive than netflix would be.

(It'd be different if I was driving by one on the way home everyday but Im not and even then, theres "waiting" when someone else is at the machine)

So when you add wear & tear, extra gas & aggrivation, redbox is not a long term solution for me.

What I will probably do going forward is get 1 dvd every other month and then re-evaluate if & when the saturdays stop.

And keep streaming unless they jack the price up. And really, thats my fear.

They might just jack up streaming to $12.99 and see how many stick. It might end up being worth it for them.


My grown son had a NF subscription long before I ever did, waaaaay back before streaming, when it was $14.99. (Don't recall for certain, but I think that was for the 'unlimited' 2-disc-at-a-time plan.)

When I joined, it was $8.99 for streaming and 1-disc. Then there was a price hike, the Qwikster fiasco, another price hike and the separation of DVD and streaming plans, and finally, the imposition of taxes on all subscriptions. Even so, I considered it a bargain, when compared to the price of cable/satellite and cinema tickets. Now, I have a large family enjoying the same membership (streaming + 2 discs) and it is definitely a great deal.

But . . . I would imagine that there are many members who use NF only moderately who would balk at another price increase. DVD renters would need to see wait times decrease and older and more obscure titles added. Streamers would need to see more variety, since the streaming catalog - while still more comprehensive than other streaming sources - is still quite limited compared to discs.

I would probably stay after another small price increase, unless NF continues to erode handy user features. But if NF abandons the DVD biz, I'll absolutely go elsewhere.

Gary Sutton

I agree with the previous poster. As soon as Netflix (when, if ever) abandons the DVD through mail service I'll explore other options. Ny queue is always stocked to the 500 limit max and only a handful of those are available to stream.


'Compliance' another one that never showed up on upcoming titles on Feedfliks or IW. WTF, not cool NF. Until you have a real up-to-date recently released section I don't want you cockblocking 3rd party sites.


I don't really like getting discs on Saturday because I would have to wait until Monday to mail it back, or getting a disc on Saturday would throw my day off as I would rush to watch and mail it before the last mailbox pick-up time. Still, I would rather get something Saturday than wait until Monday.

Perkins Cobb

Worthwhile reading on the Saturday delivery situation:


Again, there's still time for Congress to intervene.



Anyone with a PO Box will continue to get 1st Class Mail delivered on Saturdays!


The USPS must prepay the health benefits of retirees who have not yet been hired ??

No wonder they are going belly up !

If we have to do without a day, Id say thursday might be the best day verus saturday for home delivery.

Many businesses already have po boxes and pick up in person anyway.

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