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You guys better tone down the rhetoric before Mike shuts down the comments section again. Can't you argue your points without being vulgar. Can't we all get along?


Ethan, thanks for the info!


Bruce Timm animated DC content coming in a couple of weeks... Batman Beyond and JL woo hoo!

Stephanie Reynolds

When I see Reed Hastings' face, all I want to do is jam a stick of dynamite into his rectum, light the fuse, and watch his body blow apart, gut first. Evil, greedy motherfucker. I hope he dies, in an explosive way.

Anonymous Former Netflix Employee

@Stephanie, that's really disgusting!

I was violently sexually assaulted by Reed Hastings in his Netflix HQ office, after hours, and was both bullied by his legal team and subsequently derailed in my attempts to lodge a legal complaint, but even in spite of that I find your comments horrifying.


WOW JUST WOW! This is the first time I've been here in a few days and all I can really say about Stephanie Reynolds is WOW! Ok Stephanie seriously, you need to go take your meds now, please for the sake of the civilized world.

An Internet Therapist

@Stephanie Reynolds

Maybe your problem is sexual....

I notice a theme with you wanting to put phallic like objects in his ass and mouth a lot.

So while you desire Reed. if you can't have him you describe destructive ways to destroy him so no one else can have him....

You need to realize he is married and out of your league.

Don't give up hope. You'll find someone. ;)

Reed Hastings

I love black-cock up my rectum! Gerbils are cool too, but I'm gonna have to pass on the dynamite. Tyrone's black snake is all the sphincter tickler I need.


@ Brandon Wade
IMO, they should have found the killer in season one, and possibly had a new mystery in season two. I don't think dragging it through two seasons was a good idea.

I'm re-watching season one now, when I watch two hopefully I'll find that I'm wrong.

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