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I hate to complain but...

1. Instantwatcher.com took down their upcoming titles tab and lately Feedflix has only a small listing of upcoming titles. Very disappointing. Netflix continues to hide titles. It's getting downright lame.

2. I know that keeping this kind of site up and running is intense, but if you don't want to then just stop doing it altogether.

3. There has to be someone out there who has the time and know-how to run this type of site.


I don't understand why you can't release better streaming movies/tv shows. We pay for it. Is the money for streaming not as important as for the DVD's. The selection is getting worse


Ditto Matt's comments.

Kyle B

[email protected], The founder of this blog does not own Netflix. He has no say in what material is acquired.

As for your issues with Instant Watch verses the dvd rental side, IW is a Pay tv service which must license content in exactly the same way that a regular, pay TV channel does. And the problem here is that many studios do not make streaming rights available to everything they release on disc.
A dvd rental service however, can buy whatever dvds and blu-rays they want to rent out. Those discs are the property of the rental company, and they do not have to ask permission to rent them or make any further payments to the studios to keep them...


If you don't like Mike's website, create one of your own or STFU. Mike got hit hard by Sandy... judging by that I'm assuming Mike also got hit hard by the three consecutive weekend winter storms the region had. If this website charges a sub fee, I could see the complaining.. it doesn't.

STOP complaining about NF streaming. If you don't like it, cancel. Jesus. It's 8-freaking bucks a month, what do you want? In the last month NF has added The Artist, Undefeated, The Raven & Safety Not Guaranteed. Those are all recent titles and from what I can tell all exclusive to NF.

The something for nothing crowd needs to take a hike it's getting old.


Nowhereman still has an extensive "Coming Soon" list for Netflix Streaming...



Netflix obviously wants users to browse the site looking for content rather than just scrolling through other sites. If you browse, you're more likely to add more stuff to your queues based on cover art or similarities with other movies than just scrolling through lists at sites like Feedflix.


Wait, why are people asking if there are other sites like this out there when there is a list right on the left side of the page?
"Netflix Blogs
Netflix Community Blog
Netflix Fan
Reed Hastings's Blog"

El Don

Netflix is about to go Apple-esque siloing content.



Thank you frank!!!!! I used to use thenowhereman.com, and then I accidentally deleted the link and I couldn't remember the name. I've been looking for the website for months. It's by far the BEST updated list of new Netflix instant on the web!!!! Thank you sooooo much for posting it!!!!


i also use streamingsoon.com


Galagatron, the links on the left of the page haven't been updated in years and most of them are dead links or abandoned sites. There's even still an "Ebert & Roeper" link. How many years has that show been off the air?


Frustrating news regarding the NF API - a lot of subscribers depend on third-party apps. Even though Jacobson assures that currently available apps will continue to work, I have my doubts about for how long.

On a positive note, I just got another extra DVD from my queue.

Uk Magento Ecommerce Consultant

Great list! I want to watch "In their skin" this weekend.


Netflix and Facebook has hooked up:


You know um er Netflix.... For Households it would be nice to um er have Profiles!!!!


Not really a fan of this....

However whatever. Still would be nice for people who want to use this feature to have there own NF account to share stuff they dig on FB.

Stephanie Reynolds

CordCutter --- What are you, a fucking Netflix shareholder? You're like the goddamn complaint watchdog around here. What's your stake? Protest, objections, complaints, and criticism might be unpleasant, but they're more useful at facilitating growth and evolution than blind back-patting and censorship.


Stephanie, I'm tired of whining fools. Are you a whining fool? People that pay hundreds of dollars for cable and a bunch of channels they never watch but come on here and complain about a $8 a month service. And I really can't stand people that complain about what Mike does, it's a free site, and they complain. I hate people that want their cake and ice cream too. No I don't work for NF, I don't own stock. I just have a severe allergy to entitled jackasses.


Thumbs up, CordCutter!


I've been coming here for a couple years, and I've definitely seen CordCutter complain on numerous occasions. However, those complaints all seemed to have a basis in logic and reason vs. "give me more for less or I'll blast you on the internet!!!!!"



I think just a week ago I was complaining about NF locking down their API Ethan. I bet if you go down a couple of threads on here you'll find it. If NF isn't going to offer a real-time up-to-date "Recently Added" on IW, one that is updated DAILY then they shouldn't kill 3rd party folks who are willing to offer it. Many people use it. Before that I think I complained about NF spending too much time and money lobbying for FB integration, when their efforts (and dollars) would be better spent lobbying against data caps. I've also stated that international expansion in a recession isn't a good idea and NF should slow down. If someone thinks I'm never critical of NF they obviously don't come here often. Now, I do not complain that Oz The Great and Powerful isn't on IW yet, nor do I complain when Mike would rather deal with something in his real life than deal with the open handed people on here.




Season 8 of Weeds is now streaming...finally get to see how that ends.


Season 2 of The Killing is now on instant watch. I liked season 1, but I'm not convinced the show needed a season 2. Guess I'll watch it and find out.

Netflix put up a ISP speed index, kind of interesting seeing ISPs ranked by speed. Link:http://ispspeedindex.netflix.com/

For those complaining about the lack of netflix news here, I've been reading VentureBeat lately. I don't know much about the site, but they seem to have up to date business news about Netflix. Link:http://venturebeat.com/company/netflix/
Or try google. Or make your own site. Do something besides complain.


I was poking around on the Europe Netflix site and noticed they are offering current movies like, The Hunger Games, 21 Jump Steet and The Woman in Black for streaming. Just an observation.

Like DUDE!!!!

Use a VPN or Proxy and access Europe Netflix if you're in the States or Canada.

Stephanie Reynolds

CordCutter, Netflix has done nothing for the past two years but strip its product of functionality, flexibility, and quality. And really, none of the major streamers caters to cinephiles. Those with specialized tastes are, well, shit out of luck for the most part. I'm tired of bloodless corporate goons sucking the life from everything they touch, and I'm almost as tired of loser apologists like you.


Stephanie: I don't know how they can suck the life out of you. If you don't like it, just quit. You don't have this service to begin with. Just assume that it never exists. Why waste your time by airing out dirty words. Nobody force you to be sucked by paying $8 a month.

Stephanie Reynolds

Annoyed, you filthy, cocksucking shill:

It is the moneyed corporation that is empowered, and generally, the mega-corporations control America and dictate the flow of American life and culture. The consumer is powerless, other than the voice his or her grievances in those few places where it may find a limited audience (e.g., the Internet). Why align with the moneyed, enabled corporations, you evil fascist motherfucker?


Stephanie: I don't see how you are powerless. First of all, entertainment is optional. You don't need to watch movies/TV. Even if you do, you have a lot of choices, and they are fighting for your wallet - Amazon Prime, Hulu, Comcast, Dish, Direct TV. I only heard that they are so much competition for Netflix that its business model is not sustainable. Gas price, health care are really controlling and dictating our life. My health insurance premium has increased more than 10 folds in the last 15 years. And I have no option and cannot quit, except to pay up. Please direct your concern to these mega corporations.

Stephanie Reynolds

Annoyed -- out-of-control corporate greed is rampant in every industry, doing whatever damage it can. Obviously, in the medical industry, health insurance industry, and food industry, greed has far greater capacity to do serious harm than in the entertainment industry. But film is important to me, and to many others. Film and similar art media have the capacity to broaden and expand us as human beings. Netflix is becoming like Blockbuster Video was when it was the brick-and-mortar rental king. It's doing, in its own way, harm to the culture. And as someone who at one time loved Netflix, its selection, and its interface, I feel cheated. I feel like I would like to jam a red hot poker into Reed Hastings' asshole, destroy his prostate, removed the tattered remnants, and with the same poker, ram the ravaged organ down his throat.


@ Stephanie Reynolds
If you don't like Netflix, don't pay for Netflix. By your lack of understanding of basic economics, tinfoil hat attitude and hilariously stupid choice of insults, its safe to assume that you're either a 10 year old or mentally challenged. Likely both. So go tell your mommy that you're unhappy with Netflix, the adults are busy talking here.

While I'm hesitant to waste any more time on you, I do feel sorry for you, so let me give you some advice: If you continue to go through life blaming all of your problems on corporations and pretending to be powerless, you will never get anywhere or do anything of significance. You will always be the same sad, bitter, angry person that you are right now. Is that what you want?

Peter Davenport

Hate to interrupt the Occupy Reed Hastings S.R. however I just wanted to remind everyone about the Instant Watch Browser on ROKU, that is, if you DO Roku. Every title that Netflix has is listed in rows for COMING SOON, NEW, EXPIRING, GENRE, TV SHOWS, etc. Great site for a one time payment of $3.99 and quick and easy. Allows you to throw a title in to your queue or remove it. Also has a jump button to go directly to Netflix. Google it.

Just out of curiosity CordCutter, when did you actually 'cut the cord'? Mine dates back to 2005. Haven't missed it but I will warn those who had watched TV for 40 years straight. The silence is deafening the first month as it is akin to an electronic or noise addiction. Like shutting that nagging spouse up, or leaving her, like I did and going through a short withdrawal. I wouldn't change back for the world.

Not knowing the news events, latest celeb junk, politics and pop culture in general that all your friends talk about will make you the laid back odd man out as I choose to program my TV, not have my TV program me. I went from about 20 friends to now about 3, when we open up the theater I worked at late at night once a week to watch movies with a nice video projector on the big screen. OK, I'll shut up now.


Well that escalated quickly....


Peter - We do have Roku's but our primary means of watching NF are via our LG Smart TV and our HTPC. I cut the cord about 2 years ago. There are times that we miss it, especially for sports, but the benefits of cable could not match the negatives. Mainly the ever growing bill. My cable company sends me stuff in the mail constantly and has even come to my house twice. They offer $15 a month cable with no contract/installation fees price locked for a year. I told them, I will come back when you drop the bundling and adopt a la carte. That's all I want, the freedom to choose.

For those mentioning VPN. I have a VPN but when I load it up and try to login to neftflix I am met with a message stating my account is locked to the U.S. and it's territories. It won't let me stream. I am obviously being seen as being in another country by NF because on the login screen it shows an international phone number. It also showed a FB login long before it was turned on here in America. Any body have any ideas? It's terribly frustrating.


Stephanie said, "I feel like I would like to jam a red hot poker into Reed Hastings' asshole, destroy his prostate, removed the tattered remnants, and with the same poker, ram the ravaged organ down his throat."

You are a complete and utter psychopath. WTF happens when a *real* life crisis hits? Does FEMA have to get involved? FFS, grow up and get over yourself.

It's the entertainment industry who limits what Netflix can stream. Your anger, other than being batshit insane and on the same intellectual level as a colicky baby, is totally misplaced. Not surprising as you come across as a complete mental case and a flickering, low wattage bulb.

If you want more selection, get the streaming plus 1 or 2 DVDs like all the adults have. The fight over intellectual property is still raging, so optical discs/rentals will be with us for a while to come. Or pay through the nose for PPV streaming at iTunes or Amazon.

Or don't. No one will really care.

Brandon Wade

Dan, you're not sure The Killingneedd a season 2?!? So you were okay never finding out who killed Rose Larsen? That's crazy.

WTF Peeps!

@Stephanie Reynolds

Seek help! Before you end up on the News.... Seriously.... Can't believe the crap you spewed over Netflix?!? Insane....


Guess it works on the PC version of Netflix only? *Shrugs*


@CordCutter Accounts that have DVD by mail are locked to the US, as you can only get DVDs in the US, it's strictly a US account. Weird legal thing apparently. If you DON'T have DVDs, Netflix considers it a Global account that can be used anywhere there is Netflix. I drop my DVDs when I leave the country but haven't played around with a VPN. If you want to take advantage of that VPN, just have a streaming only account and a separate DVD account to unlock to Global streaming.

Party on Garth


If you are into shows make sure to give the following a chance before 96 bucks a year upsets you: house of cards, breaking bad, mad men, damages, the killing, the walking dead, Luther, Sherlock, always sunny in Philadelphia, the office and for the ladies gossip girl. For another 96 bucks a year you can rent any TV show and movie on DVD. I pay 80 dollars a month for cable and would love to drop it but watch sports.

To find stuff good for you just pick the genre you like and filter by rating.

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