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no instant?


So if there's no longer a good way to get a list of new titles for streaming, maybe we can do a sort of crowdsourced list in the comments. If you notice something new available to stream, post the title here, and maybe later in the week the site admin can do a post compiling it all?


The Miley Cyrus/Demi Moore "LOL" high school chick flick hit a couple of days ago.


Try this link for newest streaming titles on Netflix:



I loaded an iphone app called IWguide that has a good list of streaming movies that are coming soon. I don't think it is owned by Netflix but seems affiliated with them.


instant will soon be history i hear


wait.. why is there no streaming information?


Why is instant going to be history soon?


I noticed S2 of The Killing was up.


I seriously doubt mrknowitall knows sh** It'd be just plain stupid for the media companies to kill streaming. Myself and plenty others would go right back to pirating our entertainment. I'll gladly pay a fair price for legal entertainment. Hell, don't tell Reed Hastings, but I'd pay even more than what's being charged for Netflix instant. $8 a month feels like stealing lol

El Don

New to Instant RSS Feed



Netflix lists several of their RSS feeds at http://dvd.netflix.com/RSSFeeds

I am using

New discs:

New Watch Instantly:

I have set up Thunderbird to collect these feeds, and indeed new titles have been arriving. Sorry, I can't report on them because usually after looking up additional information, I delete the items from Thunderbird.

Unfortunately, the RSS feeds for these titles have very little information: the title (in the Subject line), a thumbnail of the box cover, a description, and a link I can paste into a browser address bar. But that's enough for checking if any of the titles look really interesting.

Netflix also has a New to Streaming page, but that page seems to have stuff going back to months, or at least it did the last time I checked it out, without any way of looking at just new to streaming the past week.

WTF Peeps!

Streaming isn't going anywhere. Do a simple Google News search for Netflix.

Don't feed the trolls!

You want Streaming listings? www.instantwatcher.com or http://feedfliks.com/streaming/coming-soon Others too. Google Search Netflix Instant listing

This site has become a waste dump. No more News and sub-par New Release postings.

Just a place for Trolls to spread misinformation and say the most horrible things they can think of to shock others.

Mr Mister

"Just a place for Trolls to spread misinformation and say the most horrible things they can think of to shock others."

You mean, LIKE YOU?!

Your words, "This site has become a waste dump. No more News and sub-par New Release postings."

Why don't you leave this waste dump then since it's so sub-par!


This is the best site to use.



I have started using dvd.netflix.com to keep track of new titles. I just click the "Released in the last:" drop down box and select "1 week" and the new releases are right there, both rental and IW.

I prefer this method to using InstantWatcher because it isn't as cluttered with 'renewals', and because I only look for new movies once or twice per month, and usually end up selecting "1 month" rather than "1 week".

You can also select "3 months", then "sortable list", then "year" to view all the 2012 movies that are available for rent or Instant Watch. I counted 20 2012 movies available for Instant Watch using this method.


I got "Argo" in the mail today.


I like tacos!


time to shut this site down

Peter Davenport

Why would you think this site or streaming is going anywhere? Are you 15 yrs. old mrmcknowitall? If so then surf the torrents or hit the gaming units. You've been told of the setback that the creator has had weather wise so cut slack or grow up. IMDB is Troll land so you may feel at home there as well. We adults will wait patiently for the return of more news.


Hey guys just wanted to mention if you notice on the side of the page it says the site's owned by Briki Media. If you searched for Briki Media you would find out another reason Mike's so busy.

Mike is also a co-founder of the Danbury Innovation Center, a small business resource, home of the Danbury hackerspace and a co-working space that will open in mid-2013.

Now maybe everyone can quit complaining for a while and let's all hope the trolls disappear. I know I know too much to ask for but I can dream can't I?

Peter Davenport

I went into a Dollar Store today and they had titles that were selling fast on DVD. Newer and older titles that Netflix had streamed before. There were 3 women huddled around with a small stack in each arm because it was a good deal. I just said, "These are mostly all Netflix titles".

They looked at me and one asked me what I meant. I explained that I had seen most of the titles on NF streaming. One woman said she had internet but it was dial-Up!! I thought my brother was the last person to have that. It should be outlawed. He pays more for Dial-Up than Broadband Lite in his area. Anyway the other two women wanted to know how much it cost. I told them but they took their discs with them anyway. They were good buys regardless. Felt like I was in a commercial for NF.

Yes, it does feel like you're stealing for $8 a month when you consider a theatre trip at $12 a ticket plus conce$$ion and gas for one movie. What happened to discount days, REAL matinee prices before 6PM and Double Features? Well now that the Chinese bought American Multi Cinema, we'll see how much further it will dip in quality. I'll stick with NF. BTW is it an oxymoron when the Chinese now own 'American' Multi Cinema?


I liked The Factory and Price Check.

Mr Mister

I love to lick the tomato skin, peanuts and corn off of my boyfriend Da'Quan's black-snake after he reams my hairy mangina!

Peter Davenport

Free mustache rides for dudes! I love hairy ball-sack rubbed all over my face. Getting tea-bagged by a few brothers while streaming B-Movies is awesome!


I've been saying for a while that mike needs to add another contributor to this site. I used to come to this site for great news regarding Netflix. Now I only check in every once in a while to see if anything has improved. I just feel that a lot of the problems could be fixed if someone else was allowed to pos when Mike isn't able. Now think about what could be accomplished when mike plus new contributor were both posting material? We could have a great site better than its peak.


I just started a tumblr the other day to post Netflix News because I'm disappointed this site isn't updated much anymore.

It has a contribute button on it for people to submit posts and Disqus commenting.

Would it be a questionable move to post a link in the comments here?

Here's what I said in the first post on the blog

"For the past few years, my go-to blog for Netflix news and discussion has been Hacking Netflix. I love the site and it's creator has done a terrific job keeping people abreast of upcoming streaming and DVD releases, financial reports, outage reports, news articles, Hastings and Sarandos interviews, and other various tidbits of note. Unfortunately, the pace of updates has slowed in recent months due to various other commitments the site's owner has. As a result, I've been doing more searching for Netflix news and rumor on my own, and figure I may as well aggregate it in case there are others as obsessed with Netflix as I am. Please help to make the site more useful by contributing or letting me and others know your opinions."

Peter Davenport

Well it looks like one person of a lower IQ has a new past time and that is use my name and post mentally challenged derogatory words to entice people to post against me. I will be back soon. The post btw with the "Free mustache rides" isn't mine, however I can tell some on here already know that.

Andy Cater

NF - Yes, please post your link I would love to also contribute.



The new Netflix series Hemlock Grove will be on streaming next month. There are a few trailers up on instant watch for anyone interested. Also, new season of Arrested Development in May!

@ (The real) Peter Davenport
Probably that psycho who posted all that crazy stuff in last weeks update. He/She/It? seems determined to annoy. Its just a desperate cry for attention. Don't let it get to you, anyone who has posted here before knows its not you.



It's very in flux as of now with regards to design so let me know any suggestions

choosing a name was the hardest part...criticism about that is most assuredly welcomed but it's probably too late to change at this point.

Hopefully the site will be useful at some point


Well. Hate to say it but this is my last post here.

I am un-bookmarking this site.

The lack of News and these pointless New Release updates. Just no point in checking in here anymore.

Plus some of the comments just turn my stomach.

Sad as this use to be the place to get the latest updates with all things Netflix.

Hell even people who worked at Netflix checked the comments on some News stories for feedback.

Sad to see this site in a coma and on life support.

If others still enjoy this place and those release updates then good for them.

See ya!




Anyone else notice amazon prime just received a bunch of shows netflix got rid of American pickers pawn stars and storage wars

Kyle B

@rjstang -Netflix didn't so much as ''get rid of'' those particular titles, as it was more of Discovery Channel not coming to terms on a new contract. When Disc held out for more money, Netflix chose not to re-up.

Zona Bob

As well as a ROKU user, an instant-viewing customer on NFLX/other channels, I'm also a NFLX stock-holder (COX Cable is my provider in Tucson). I'd like to see more input from other viewers on the financial side of both NFLX and ROKU - who, btw, is apparently coming out with an IPO soon. Anyone know more on this?

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