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firsties! oh, wait, nobody really comes to this place anymore...


Mad Men season 5 now streaming!


Don't forget series 18 of Top Gear is up!


'Behind the Scenes of "THE CROODS"' is hardly an interesting recent streaming release. It's just a long advertisement.


Pretty lean on new streaming again...

Harry NutZack

Glorified Hulu, I tell ya!


MTV's awkward was also added recently


Anything by David Cronenberg or George Carlin is worth a look. And Fat Kid got good reviews.


come back mike


Sad streaming choices again. I might have to cancel Netflix after over 10 years with them.


xfinity has free on demand this week I have been catching up on dexter season 7


John says he may have to cancel Netflix after ten years with them because of the "sad streaming choices." I've also had Netflix for more than ten years and still have a dvd plan, which is essential if you base your viewing on what you *want* to see rather than what's available to see (i.e. streaming). Streaming is a cost effective and convenient supplement. If you've had a dvd plan for ten years, I can't see any rationale for dumping Netflix completely just because the streaming side doesn't meet your needs.


It's going to come and go in ebbs and flows... streaming I mean. You might not like what's been added in the last 2-3 weeks, but look at the current box office. The Croods, Olympus has Fallen & Dead Man Down are all movies NF has exclusive pay-tv deals for.


The majority of streaming titles don't come out until the beginning of the month anyway. April 1st comes movies like Braveheart and Rain Man as well as lots of Bond films and the tv show Fringe. Hunger Games streams the 2nd. We still get The Avengers by the end of June. Still some quality coming out soon.


If you're waiting to see what comes to streaming each week and discouraged by the whole service just because of a few mentions, then maybe you need to stick with the little red kiosk in front of Walmart. They could add nothing but five or six choices a week; there would still be a lot of interesting content already on Netflix's servers. It amazes me how people interested in lots of movies frustrate themselves with just a Streaming Only plan; add a disc if that isn't enough. The Streaming Only plan is really just good for TV shows and documentaries.


Netflix just announced Sense8, from the creators of The Matrix and Babylon 5, for release on streaming late 2014



Hey, NF, your site looks very nice, and that's great news on a new show from the Wachowskis!

Also, a title I've been waiting for is just now available to stream - Tatsumi.


Thanks! Glad you like it!

I'll hopefully be adding more information about just added streaming releases in the near future

Patricia Smyth

When will you get currect Midsomer Murders -- there were only 3 DVD for 2011, however, the series is still on BCC through 2013. We really miss these DVDs. Pat


Midget Porn!


we need more porn


Netflix still has a LOUSY search tool. For example if you search for Matt Damon most of his movies do not show up even though Netflix has them. For example "We Bought a Zoo". Similar things happen for other actors

VERY annoying. I know two people who dropped Netflix because they couldn't find movies via the new search mechanism. That is something that used to work so nicely back before Reed had his midlife crisis.


Maybe because We Bought a Zoo is not
available for streaming?

Attack every problem as if your survival depended upon it.

Judy, when you search for Matt Damon (or any actor) on NF, simply click on the first movie that NF displays of Matt Damon in the "cast" area. That will bring up his movies that are on NF including "We Bought a Zoo".

I get Blu-ray disc & streaming for $18.00 a month. $8.00 bucks a month for streaming today is a steal.

That One Dude

Regular Show Season 1,Batman Beyond complete series,Justice League and Justice League Unlimted,Fringe there were a ton more things that didn't get listed. I started using a site called http://www.streamingsoon.com/ they seem to be pretty on the ball with things.

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