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Thank you for the weekly updates.


Dallas was added too... I think it is just the first season of the newer version though

Peter Davenport

Has anyone noticed that Amazon Prime doesn't have any 20th Century Fox, Disney, Universal, etc. titles to offer for streaming at $79.95?!?! I've had it for over a year and noticed there was something pretty anemic about the offerings but couldn't put my finger on it.

I see Lionsgate, Paramount, Warner Bros. and MGM for Prime but the others, after taking a glance at their genres this morning, seem to be non-existent. This is why Netflix will always be king in my book. ALL studios that are American recognized are streaming here.

I've said it before but all streaming services have been cutting titles in each genre. NF had over 800 horror titles but now down to the 700's. Amazon Prime had 200 horror titles but now down to 157. Something VERY TRICKY that AP does is when you're viewing thumbnails of what to watch, they repeat a title again and again alot of times and count each repeated thumbnail as an offering.

They also hide their full catalog on ROKU, unlike NF, which gives the full catalogue in my INSTANT STREAMING BROWSER I paid $3.99 for. NF should offer that browser free of charge! It is heavily detailed and kicks ass!


Is there ever going to be an announcement as to whether or not this site is going to update again (other than listing new releases)? There has been so much Netflix news that I've came here to read about and discuss, not to mention the post office losing Saturday sales.

It's been 2 months since anything was written here. If Mike's through, that's disappointing, but fine. I just wish he'd let us know.


Sidenote: Does anyone know when Netflix is getting The Hunger Games? They made a big deal out of getting it last year and a January streaming date was implied, but it's still no where to be found.


It does kind of suck that this site doesn't update much anymore, I miss reading Netflix and streaming news. And an announcement on what's going on with this site would be nice.

But Mike provided us all with good information for a long time, so whatever his reason for not updating much, he deserves a break. I'm just going to assume its none of my business, and hope he returns to regular updates someday.


The Hunger Games is coming to streaming on April 2nd according to the Instant Watch Browser on Roku.


Hello, does anyone know when the TV show Fringe is going to be streaming on Netflix?


@jon No date on Fringe and other WB shows yet, but the contract has been made.


Yay Google!




I appreciate this free site. It's a bummer that some people take things for granted and complain when their host wasn't as good as when...For some who have issues with this site, make your own. Free is free and if it's free it's for me. Again: Cheers Mike!

a superior being

we'll since we're asking questions dose anyone know if they will ever update anicent aliens? Its season 5 and they only have season 1 info please.


I second the sentiments above - it's just one guy behind this site and he's mentioned before that it was getting to be too much - really, folks, it's pretty easy to deal with this. I just come here at the beginning of the week to check out new streaming releases, and if there's other updates, great. Give him a break - if he hasn't updated about when there might be more updates, it's because he doesn't know. Not hard to understand. And thanks for keeping the site online!


I read in the news last night that Netflix will no longer share its API with the development community. That move probably has huge ramifications but I'm not sure what they are.


Anyone notice the large number of discounted netflix subscriptions being sold on ebay ?

Streaming only of course.

My guess is they gave away a lot with TVs sold and some people found a way to get the subscriptions without actually buying a TV.

Maybe if the owner of this site would sell it to someone who would run it we might know more ?


I started on this site because of the behind-the-scenes look at Netflix, but all the news about Netflix can actually be found on other sites whenever something happens, so it's almost not worth complaining about it. In addition to that, the majority of the comments posted here are repetitive posts about people upset with Netflix's catalog, blah blah. We're visiting out of habit.

CTO Chief

Thanks to share an updated list.



The thing is, we didnt used to have to search a bunch of other sites, this site had everything.

Now it has very little.

Which means its time to sell it or turn it over to someone who will spend a little more time on it.

Not me, Im not looking for a job or extra income or anything. Someone might be and it might be a win-win-win all the way around.

Thats my point.


Come to think of it, I'm usually not that interested in the news when it gets posted here. The information about the stocks and shareholders doesn't really interest me.


Galagatron, the links on the left of the page haven't been updated in years and most of them are dead links or abandoned sites. There's even still an "Ebert & Roeper" link and that show's been off the air for years.

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