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Switched at Birth: Season 2 is available on streaming.


when is the third season of pretty little liars coming out

El Don

Has there been any info on when Law and Order Seasons 9-20 may be available on streaming?


Wowsers. There has not been any real news on this site in a long time now.


I haven't seen anything on those seasons of Law & Order, nor any information on season 13 of SVU, or seasons 4-5 of In Plain Sight. I believe all of those fall under the same contract.


Blue Like Jazz is streaming.

Like DUDE!

Like whoa my Bras.

All you get from this site now is gross sexual comments and death threats pointed at Reed Hastings man.

That's pretty much what this site has become dudes and people remembering when this site like had News and hoping it will come back like it use to be.

This website has become a dead Horse and people just keep coming here to kick it.

Sad to say. I use to enjoy coming here often.

Goodbye dudes!


for news, try

Or the netflix blog, it's actually pretty good.


Netflix rules. Where else could you stream all of the Wal-Mart bargain bin movies? Netflix has jumped the shark and HackingNetflix, with their one sponsor (Netflix), is dead in the water. Mike is MIA.
Proof: Your wife loves it when I donkey punch her right before I shoot my load all over her tits!

Dr. Mccoy

"It's dead, Jim." -Dr. Mccoy.

R.I.P Hacking NetFlix.

*Cue Scotti's Bagpipes*


What happened to this blog? I thought it had content? Fuck it.

Sheniqua 'KeepinItRealYo' Washington

Reed Hastings stinks worse than my VaJayJay!


When, if ever, are they goingto fix the home page so that one only sees a recommended film ONCE and not repeated all down the page. And, if a film has already been seen and rated, it ONLY shows up on the atch it again row???

Those things are simple to do. If none of Netflix's employees can think that well Hastings can always hire me to do it for them. :)

The most annoying user interface. Theold one worked so much better.


Safe was added.. that movie just came out on dvd I think. Also the original "48 hrs."

Chris L.

When will Netflix actually have movies that have not been played on tv a million times or released on dvd way to long ago available for streaming? Maybe then the subscription would be worth it.


I think I'll go to sites for Redbox and complain about their service, since I don't use it, and sites for Walmart, McDonald's and complain about them, since I either don't use them or don't like them. That would be a good use of my life. If you've watched movies on TV a million times, then maybe that was your problem to begin with. The aspect ratio butchering and commercials is enough to turn one against even a favorite movie.

Reed Hastings

Galagatron loves to tongue-punch dude's fart-boxes. He loves ballsack rubbed all over his face!

F**k this trashy place!


Whatever makes him happy ya jerk.

We live in a world where that's what some people like do to get off. Who cares?

Some chicks like that too. Don't be a prick Mr. Hastings....

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