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Hey NF, Futurama needs a new home!


Dude, Netflix, wake up! Your movie selection needs some serious work! I've got the new redbox service; much better movie selection. Not as good of a tv selection, but much better movies.


What did you find on Redbox? I tried the trial a while ago, and it was bad. All the movies worth watching were on Netflix.


nice !

F**k this trashy place!

This place is sad and disgusting!

Some of the comments I have read. Gross!

I miss when this place had like NEWS!

People would comment on it. Times were good.

Now all I hear about is sex acts. I mean if the site was called Wacking Sexpix or some shit then okay.

This has become a dumping zone for trolls sadly.

I hope this site gets a re-birth or closed down for the better. Honestly.

So sad. :(

I heard people working in Netflix would come here to read customer comments for feedback.

I think those days are long gone. :\

Either shit or get off the pot HackingNetflix.com


I don't understand people like Trashy who seem so personally offended that this site isn't currently being updated with news. Simple solution - don't visit. I hope the site stays up, and maybe one day has more info again. In the meantime, it's pretty easy to scan for new streaming titles here, so I visit once a week.


Why can't we see what's going to be released in time for us to queue the titles? All you had here yesterday was 'The Impossible.' It's bad business -- in searching for possible Tuesday releases, I might just buy the DVD elsewhere...


Keep coming back here for information and insight about the news of Netflix and about the new pricing changes.

Wish there were more content.


Finally, I can watch "Continuum".


I think by now people should be use to not getting more Netflix news here. What's the purpose of complaining about it with each "new releases" post? So if you must return and need a conversation, start one with the first comment after the New Releases post and go from there.


If he doesn't have time these days to keep running the site as he did in the past, just be thankful for what was provided and don't come back.

That's really the only sensible take on this.

The site owner owes you absolutely nothing.


Check your InstantWatch queues! 4 of my 44 entries expire in 2 weeks.

Ty Webb

Your Uncle molests Collies!


I have about 450 movies in my queue, and of them, over 100 are expiring on May 1. This is something like 20% of the Netflix catalogue. I'm hoping they'll acquiring a bunch of new content to replace what's disappearing, but the fact that they recently turned off their RSS feeds (thus disabling sites like Feedfliks and InstantWatcher) doesn't look promising.

Too bad this site's gone dormant, as I am not aware of any other kind of Netflix watchdog to publicize these disturbing downward trends.


I checked a couple and they were all distributed by United Artists.

I agree; without a popular and well-visited forum to publicize things like this, Netflix can operate in darkness, without the customers knowing what they're up to. Ultimately though the lack of any incentive to please the customers will hurt Netflix more than it hurts us.

Or maybe all those titles will just re-appear in a few weeks. I am covering that possibility by moving all the affected titles over to my DVD rental queue.


I don't get why NF wants to keep its members guessing about content - what's new, what's expiring, what's available on Disc (for Streamers only), what's available via Streaming (for Disc renter's only). One would think that making it easier for users would make more sense. And, as has long been said since the separation of DVD and IW, keeping members from seeing what's in the complete catalog cuts off a source of built-in free advertising for upgraded service.

That said, I don't expect Streaming to ever be able to match the quantity and quality of Disc, so I'm no longer surprised or disappointed when new content is announced. My family uses streaming to catch up on a few series they like, but I get my fix on DVD - lots of terrific international films and some great older titles (if you take the time to search - browsing kinda bites).

A couple of comments about content:

Don't know what induced me to click that play button (possibly the empty hope for a smart supernatural serial thriller), but just a few moments of 'Hemlock Grove' made me wonder who at NF was responsible for giving it the go-ahead. It was mind-bogglingly horrible: lousy, predictable storyline; inane, inept scriptwriting; embarrassingly atrocious acting - I could go on, but I'd be using more care critiquing than NF apparently spent putting it together. Ugh.

On the much brighter side: I got three more free discs.

That One Dude

Yeah Hemlock Grove might of just cost Netflix a million more users. That show is just utter trash. It's like a Goodwill version of True Blood which sucks too.


Not sure what you guys expected, do you go into Happy Madison Productions expecting Monty Python? It's from Eli Roth and he made it clear Twin Peaks was the inspiration. I watched the first episode and will probably finish it, but I'm a horror/scifi junkie.


What did I expect? Not much, actually. But I found 'Hemlock Grove' beyond excruciating to watch. It didn't entertain me on any level and was just plain awful, didn't even rise to the level of mediocrity. There are already many other horror/sci-fi/supernatural series, some good, some bad, some cheesy, some groan-inducing. In my opinion, this adds nothing to the genre.

Twin Peaks was quirky, stylish and disturbingly off-kilter - but was well-executed, especially for its time. Too bad Roth couldn't harness any of that when making 'Hemlock Grove'. But then, maybe none of that interests him as a filmmaker. I'm sure I'm a far cry from his target audience, anyway. Plenty of NF reviewers are happy to toss the series five glowing stars.


Can't say I agree with your predicted exodus though, Dude. I won't watch 'Hemlock Grove' and I may wonder why NF decided to bankroll its production, but there are plenty of other viewing choices. I'm not going anywhere - and can't see why others would feel compelled to leave over it.

Peter Davenport

Quote PandaMTF:"I have about 450 movies in my queue, and of them, over 100 are expiring on May 1. This is something like 20% of the Netflix catalogue." End Quote

I like you have a ton of films from MGM/UA expiring or just expired. However if you think this is anywhere close to 20% of NF's catalogue then you're WAY off. If you have an app like I have called INSTANT STREAMING FOR NETFLIX on my Roku then you will see it's a very minor speed bump.

I can see where they are adding hundreds in two weeks and on this app if you pick a genre, say like Horror then you will see they have nearly 800 titles in that area alone. Over 2700 TV shows as well and that doesn't count the other major genres like drama so think again what you make up.

Reed Hastings

Peter loves the black-cock!

Peter Davenport

Truth hurts doesn't it? Bring some numbers and debate intelligently. Until then post a fake name in your safe anonymous world 'Reed Hastings'. Of course you could be more creative like the last chap and use my own name to post vile racist remarks.

Peter Davenport

Sorry, My bad!
I love it when the soul brothers run a train on my gaping Chocolate Starfish! I'm a NF fanboi and I love effeminate man-sex. I don't even bite the pillow when I'm geting double-penetrated by LeShawnn and Quandrello. ATM is a big turn-on for me. ...And I'm also conscientious, I make sure and clean the tomato skin, peanuts chunks and lima beans off of my sweet Tyrone's massive love snake.


This place is fucked.

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