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Some of the Adult Swim and Cartoon Network shows are now on streaming, including: Venture Brothers, Metalacolypse, Boondocks, Robot Chicken, Batman Beyond, Brave and the Bold, two Justice League shows, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Invader Zim and Powerpuff Girls.

Great week for animation fans and kids!


My problem now with Netflix is finding particular movies in my large queue.
Up until last week if i wanted a movie that i didn't know where in my queue it was, i would search it, the link says "in instant queue. Clicking on that link a pop-up comes up with "the movie is already in your instant queue". Right below that used to be a link to move movie to top of queue. That link is no longer there. So how are we to find a particular movie thats buried in a large queue? Is there another way that i'm missing?


Go into your queue and do CTRL+F and type the name of the movie in?


Any word on when the fitness will be back on streaming?


Thanks Ryan, I'm on a Mac so that didn't work but Command+F did work.

Captain Coldyron

Wow, I love this site it's so great!

April Fools, this place blows lmao

Kyle B

The Hunger Games scheduled for tomorrow, April 2.



April fools from Netflix. Instant watcher is showing over 1200 titles leaving by May first!
10% of my queue is going away and i still have 10 more pages to go through.


Aj - I'd add a small caveat to that. Netflix's information about which titles will expire is not always correct. Sometimes they claim a title will expire but it actually does not. Recent examples for me are Oldboy, TEDTalks: Space Trek, House on Haunted Hill, Trailer Park Boys. It won't make a big difference to the 1200 titles, but it also isn't uncommon. I'd say maybe 5% of titles don't actually expire..?


Not all of Instant Watcher's information is correct. It lists the 1981 "Southern Comfort" and 1988's "Crystalstone" as being available for instant and expiring in April, but they aren't available. I don't really care if stuff expires soon; I get discs too. I watch a lot anyway, so if something is in my queue unwatched, it has likely been there at least several weeks.


What are you guys queuing just anything? My que has like 10or so in it because most of the stuff available is garbage and when I'm done watching most movies unless I want to watch it again I remove from que. Dude remove stuff you don't watch and you won't have problems.

Shaft fan

Shaft was also added! "Shut yo mouf".


Helpful tips for Jon!
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Mr Mister

The Dude abides.


One of my favorite movies. It's just time to give "Dude" a rest.

And Jon, if i only could figure out 10 titles to put in my queue, i would cancel my service!
All they have is Garbage? I think not.

I have many noir classics, horror, comedy, dramas and too many others to mention, many that i've never seen. So i am a big fan of Netflix and think it's the best deal out there.

Peter Davenport

Before I start, the selected James Bond films that were added today are good and bad. Some are encoded so bad that they look like a Youtube uploader had their fun with it. Just watch the opening of LIVE AND LET DIE to see what I'm talking about.

OK. As much grief as Netflix gets from the people who want everything for 8 bucks a month, Amazon is running a scam on their Instant Videos. For instance, if you go to a certain IMDB title, Amazon will have a 'buy' only option which opens up another browser window with a price around $9.99 and then I will look for the same title by either surfing their site on the computer or searching with Roku and suddenly I have more options like a $1.99 rental and more purchase options.

They want to make money off the people who don't 'shop around' and just jump on the buy option. Not only that, when I search my favorite genre HORROR at Amazon 'Prime', they list roughly 170 movies. However if I do a manual search for say an obscure film like 'Massacre at Central High', it will pop up as Prime as well. A ton of titles are there for Prime. They just don't want to make it easy for you. BAD way of doing business IMO.

Last but not least, NO SUBTITLES on Roku for any of the titles I've watched so far. I had to go to VANGUARD PLUS to watch a spanish film that the big A has but Vanguard HAS subtitles whereas Amazon does not. There's a huge discussion board with people complaining nothing is subtitled optionable.

I see what you're saying Galagatron. Same as NF saying a film is there when it is not. DEATH WISH and DEATH WISH 2 expired 3AM April 1st. East Coast and all day yesterday they still had the titles up and when you clicked on them they said they were not available, please pick another title.

Peter Davenport

BTW BAYTOWN OUTLAWS is pretty good for those that like a Tarantnio-esque type film and have the DVD plan.


Knuckleball appears to have some problems. Instead of sending it to me, they popped it to Very Long Wait, and now it's "release date not known." Anyone experience a similar problem?

Peter Davenport

I was jerked around on a title like that. First in queue. Returned my disc thinking said title would be shipped out only to sign back in the next morning and see 'short wait' and the next disc was shipped and eventually notified they didn't know if or when the title (Name escapes me) would be back in stock and knocked down to 'very long wait'. This was also combined with talking on the phone fishing for info.


Netflix fanbois love sucking black cock!


Season 5 of Eureka is up (yay), as is Season 2 of Breakout Kings.

I keep hoping they'll update In Plain Sight anytime this year, but... small hopes indeed.


Fringe was added, why no one mentioned it! Only up to season 4 though. Season 5 (final season ended a few months ago) is not up though which is expected.

Peter Davenport

Interesting change of events. Amazon Prime is definitely eyeing Netflix's moves. My Prime Instant videos now include the very James Bond titles that Netflix carries. The major difference being that Amazon's quality blows NF's Bond out of the water.

No jittery movement on the bad encodes and it seems the surrounds are even more powerful. I somehow see NF raising their streaming rates this year and Amazon bringing back the monthly option after NF settles in with the new price. BTW if anyone is interested in Warner Archive titles not available on either of the big streaming sites then this is some news for ya.

Warner Archive has started their 'beta' version of their streaming channel. It's only available through Warner's site as a hidden channel right now. Just Google Warner Archive streaming and it will direct you from there. Only 123 titles are available for $9.99 per month and the quality of the streams are questionable.

But they are just getting started and will appeal to a 'niche' market. The catch is they only stream to ROKU and your P.C. right now. Nothing else. Free 2 week trial but I can tell you that you won't be impressed. I'm hanging in there for a few months to see what's added and to see what quality they will bump it up to.


Put some dragon ball z


Lately I've been getting discs that were "very long wait" at the top of my queue for many months. I've also been getting an extra (3rd) disc. I often mail stuff back the very next day so I noticed the series of extra discs tends to happen after I've altered from that tendency and mailed discs back after two or three days. A couple of weeks ago I forgot to check the mail and noticed discs had been delivered the day before. It's like they automatically ship them out on a schedule based on my habits.

Kyle B

@ Fifth313ment , Re Fringe
Season 5 has not been released on dvd/blu ray. It will be on May 7th in the US-the 13th in Europe (region 2)...
After the disc sales period ends, then Warner Bros it add it to the streaming package.


This list is missing all the Cartoon Network and Adult Swim stuff (Venture Bros, Courage, PPG, Adv Time, etc) and the DC cartoons (Brave Bold, JL, JLU)

Classic flix rule

So most people use Netflix to stream cartoons & anime it seems. Maybe that's the problem with our word today!


The Hunger Games is now on Netflix


Jeez, oh no, someone mentioned how he likes to watch some cartoons and a pseudo-intellectual feels the need to label himself "Classic Flix Rule" as if that's all he watches and draws a conclusion assuming that's all they watch.

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