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Peter Davenport

I've put the Paperboy in my queue. Looks interesting.


I am more interested on when they're going to put out chuck.


Glad to see their adding so little titles before so very very much disappears tomorrow.


Walrus1 remember this is a small sampling of what's been added over the past week. You have to go search/browse Netflix's website to find the rest.

Jimbo Brass

yeah, like underwater basket weaving! Oh yeah, & more palates!


I REALLY HATE the watch instantly interface. Why do they keep showing me choices I have absolutely no interest in. I would rather see nothing is available that a bunch of options I have indicated I have absolutely no interest in. And they keep showing me things they think I won't like or that I will hate. Why???? It just wastes my time and reminds me that Netflix does not respect my preferences or is too dumb to program the interface properly. :<

If they have nothing that they think I will like just show me a null set - I would prefer it. It saves me time and my time is just as valuable as that of Reed Hastings.


If the NF IW interface is any indication, there must be an awful lot of members who are 'impulse viewers'. Personally, I don't rely on NF suggestions - or on browsing, for that matter. The selections that are readily visible in each category/genre don't even begin to cover the actual available titles. And searching on NF only works if you know exactly what you want and look specifically for it. For that reason, I keep a list of interesting films or series that I've discovered elsewhere and periodically add them to my queue.

NF doesn't make it easy, but there's plenty to watch if you know how to find it.


Big News: Tomorrow May 1,2013 Nearly 2,000 Classic Movies to Disappear From Netflix. Plus Viacom Studio are going to be expire No Spongebob Square Pants, Mtv, Bet, Comedy Central are also leaving on its way....................


Noor when is comedy central pulling out? At this point I think it would be easier to say who is staying than who is leaving.


Yes, a boatload of classics in my streaming queue are expiring. I also have a disc subscription, so I will just add them to that queue. But for folks that use IW exclusively, it could be very frustrating.


As a Warner Instant subscriber, this particularly pisses me off, since it's Warner Instant that's pulling these titles, and their streaming quality is inferior to that of NF. So, it'll be less for more, yet again. I'm growing so tired of corporate America's greed. Greed always wins, it seems. It's about time for a violent revolution.


In the Slate article, Netflix spokesperson Joris Evers states, regarding the new "Your List" feature:

“[M]embers who see their queue changed into a list as part of the test and don’t like it can contact customer support and request to leave the test and get their old experience back."

This is total fucking bullshit. I called Customer Support to make this request, and no one, not even the manager, had any clue how to accomplish this; told me it couldn't be done.

Don T. Bother

This is complete BS! Seriously? Losing over 2000 titles but adding 500. Big deal! You're about to lose something else important to you, Netflix. ME! I'm a customer and I'm sick of not being able to locate movies easily and then I'm going to lose a bunch of great titles? How about bringing out more new movies instead of one every month. How about that? It may only be $8 to the rest of you, but to me, that's still money that can and will be spent elsewhere. So long, Netflix and all you other suckers!


"suckers" ? WTF do you want NF to do? Let's see Warner Instant at $10 a month or NF IW for $8 a month that INCLUDES all Warner Instant titles along with thousands of other titles. Of course WB had to pull their titles from NF, they are trying to create a competing service, what could NF do?


CordCutter yeah I wish Warner good luck with streaming because they will be back on Netflix like Disney did when they failed with their streaming.


I agree. I dont think it will work. Who wants to pay $10 a month for catalog titles to 1 studio? It's nothing current, it appears to be just movies, nothing from WB TV production arm. I would think they would make much more money from contracting out the catalog. You also have to get it on as many platforms as possible as quickly as possible. I don't get it. Unless they decided to go all in and put TV series along with recent films it doesn't make sense. But there's no way they pull their films from HBO.


He said, she said, they said, everybody said. It's a fail on somebody's part but the usual song and dance:

A spokesperson for Warner Bros. insists that the launch of Warner Archive Instant is not responsible for the removal of films from Netflix’s streaming service. Joris Evers of Netflix writes in to say that Netflix often licenses movies on an exclusive basis and sometimes chooses not to renew less watched titles. He also notes that many of the movies expiring at midnight were part of a deal Netflix had with Epix.



Is instantwatch.com up? Can't access it.


I'm a little discouraged with the exodus from non-exclusive content. I fully understand the need for exclusivity, if everybody had the same stuff why would they pick NF. With that said, I like a mixture of both. Just because the Viacom stuff might be on Prime, doesn't make it less valuable. I prefer NF UI greatly to Prime's, but if I can't find the movie becuase NF doesnt want to share what does it matter? Homemediamagazine has a story today about Prime valuing exclusives more now too. When Exclusivity becomes the primary goal you are no different than a cable network minus the middle man. I prefer NF stay a buffet with a section of in-house chef created food.


I can't get into Instantwatcher.com either; probably it's just not able to keep up with the 36 million streaming customers who are trying to log in all at once.

Really, I think this event underscores the case for having a 'hybrid' account -- dvd rentals and streaming -- and using dvd rentals for movies and streaming for TV series. Nearly all the MGM, Universal, and Warner Bros movies that have expired from streaming are still available for disk rental, along with a great many other titles that were never available for streaming.


I find Netflix's new stance on exclusivity interesting. I love the fact that I can find titles on both services, and frankly I would pick Netflix over Amazon any day - it plays better on my PS3 and the picture quality is generally much smoother and cleaner. That said, unless Netflix really gets some great contracts, their movie and TV selection may begin to suffer. The other concern I have is what they would deem "valuable" to the service - there are series I may never have watched had Netflix not gotten them in a bundle deal through a network. That's my two cents, anyway.


Don't you all have anything else better to do with your lives than watch and/or complain about Netflix? Fuck Netflix and all you whiny ass losers.


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Jimbo Brass

Per Cheech & Chong (to the Macarena)...

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Netflix should just bring back the old price where you can get DVD/Blu Ray+Streaming for $12 but without Blu Ray just Single DVD at a time was $10, this would bring more customers and the old customers back since Netflix no longer wants to buy licensing from studios wouldn't these be the right thing to do? I do not get Netflix I thought streaming Movies and TV Shows was suppose to be something of its time but it does not look like that if there is less stuff to watch. Half the movies I see now on Netflix I can watch it for on Youtube only difference is no ads.

Kyle B

Netflix has more subscribers now, than they did 2 years ago when they separated the dvd service and initiated the $7.99 charge for the streaming service which was a free add-on for all dvd plan users.


Kyle B, since I am not a Netflix shareholder, nor on the Netflix payroll, I don't give a fuck about how many subscribers they have. My only concern is my own user experience, and how it's deteriorated in the last two years, rather than improved (which is what I expected, when the price effectively increased). The streaming catalog has traveled a steady downturn, while useful features and functionality continue to be stripped away.


And the DVD and Blu Ray catalogs have suffered too. Severely.


Jeez, guys. Add to your queue, watch what's in your queue, delete from the queue. Know by now that if you didn't watch it, it will show up again...or you can add it to a disc queue, bump it to the top, and get it in two days. It's still better than how it use to be to wait for stuff to show up on HBO/Cinemax/Showtime or getting up to go browse around a Blockbuster only to find that one copy of something was checked out, or stand in line behind someone who still couldn't realize a driver's license was needed to register for an account.

That said, Amazon Prime has been loading up with a lot of stuff I want to see. I've probably done more Amazon Prime watching over the weekend than Netflixing.


Biggest thing i want added to netflix streaming? A simple no button. Ive seen the same titles on "new release" for almost a year now, along with a slew of titles i will never watch. A simple no i dont want to see it and show me a different title button would make using netflix 100 times better. In the very least i would be able to cycle what they show on the list of 60 or so titles to something different. Not sure why this option hasnt been added its a very handy and simple tool. Also, update xbox interface to the ps3 type browser its slow, clunky, having to play a title before i select the episode i want is supremely annoying.


Bigdaddy, that feature is available on the NF website - but you have to actually visit the page for each title you are not interested in. Used to be an option underneath every box art pic with the old interface, but that functionality went away with the 'improvements' that were made. No such option is available through my blu-ray player app, so I'm guessing it's the same for other apps/players as well?


Thank you for the info!


No problem Bigdaddy.

Correction: On the NF website, if you mouse over any box art on the main IW or genre/category pages, there is an option to select 'not interested' in the pop-up info box without having to click through to the video info page - but it is very easy to miss.


This use to be an awesome site for everything Netflix. Now its just shit. Shut this bitch down


This is the second weekend I've not been able to find anything interesting to watch. So I went to Amazon prime - I have that for shipping purchases on orders - and they have exactly the same junk movies on Prime. I prefer the NF interface but it is degrading too. One used to be able to search and actually find movies one is interested in. But the searches are now unreliable. If you type in the name of an actor you only get a few of his or her movies returned. If you go to a movie description and click on the link for that person's name you get a much more complete list. EXCEPT for Johnny Depp -- his list is one of those useless photo arrays that is just a time waster. And very little of his work is on instant view even if one wishes to waste the time looking.

So, completely frustrated, finally I thought I would just go to a feel good movie that is always on streaming - P.K. Dick's Paycheck with Uma Thurman - sigh - even that was not available for instant view. I've already seen it a zillion times so I won't put it on my DVD queue. But it would have been nice to see it today.

Since I already belong to Amazon Prime and NF doesn't have anything better or even different and is getting the same crummy kind of search mechanism, why should I pay for Netflix??? I've been a NF customer for many years so if I'm dissatisfied what must other customers be? It is just getting worse and worse and dumber and dumber.

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