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Scream 4 (2011) is available for streaming.


They also added Robot Chicken

Kyle B

Bond fans should be aware
The films will only be available during April. They'll expire May 1, Same thing happened the last time they were on...a very short streaming window.


Does anyone know if Mike is still alive? Maybe we should send out a search party?


I think those are the same Bond films available to Amazon Prime members for the free streaming.

Peter Davenport

Yeah fellas those are the same titles available on Prime and I hate to say this but GO WITH PRIME! Live and Let Die and Octopussy looked HORRIBLE on NF! Prime has the same titles and they flow smoothly and LALD even sounds better. Doesn't surprise me about the one month length. Sony's a bitch to deal with. Don't be surprised if Amazon takes the same titles off Prime.

DVDs only

As stated before, THIS is the big problem with Netflix (and other streaming cos) as they are at the will of the content producers.

You the watcher can only stream WHAT they let you, in the QUALITY they let you, & for only AS LONG as they let you. This is not the same with DVDs. As long as it's on DVD, NF can rent it.

It's sad to see all the folks raving about streaming, then moan and groan later about lack of content, short windows & awful encoding.

Be careful what you wish for... You just might get it!


Any info on the possible price increase?


Boy do I wish there was a higher price tier with a improved selection. Unfortunately the NF streaming model does not support that though. As mentioned here the content companies hold all the cards and NF has no leverage. At least Amazon can say to Sony if we don't get a reasonable deal we will give you non preferred status in our other business dealings (like what Walmart does to their suppliers). What does NF have to say if Sony says "more money please"? They are completely at the content owner's mercy.


NF is no different than anyone else. You think the major networks produce all those shows that air on NBC, CBS, FOX & ABC? No they have studios behind them that bid them out. In some cases the network's have an in-house studio (Like NF with HOC, Hemlock Grove, etc.)... but mainly it is someone else's content. It's hard to believe but streaming is still in it's infancy and the deals content providers sign are long term, meaning NF has to wait for them to expire. See Disney, it wont kick in till 2015 (mostly). NF didn't start getting hot and heavy into streaming till around 2009.

Peter Davenport

@DVDs only - That's why when I find the best version I record it on to a DVD-R! ;)

El Don

Not sure if this is a glitch or permanent but the Netflix New to Streaming RSS Feed is dead as of 11PM Eastern tonight.


Netflix has discontinued the RSS Feed.

" We have moved away from using RSS feeds to notify our members about new releases and we are now exclusively using email notifications for new titles, as well as push notifications on mobile devices. You can also like our page on Facebook to see updates for newly added content. As always, you can also see all new releases here: nflx.it/i3SZW5."


DVDs only

Hmmmm, then maybe NF needs to remove the RSS Feeds link on their page then. Also, I am signed up for all emails and have never received any "new additions" emails.

El Don

They are getting REALLY territorial about information on their content. Really doesn't look too good form the outside looking in.


I get new addition emails from Netflix maybe once a month, which isn't often enough. I get Hulu emails 2 or 3 times a week. Even PSN notifies me of new video releases once a week.

If Netflix is going to rely on email, they really need to step it up, learn to communicate with their customers.


Netflix has become just another evil, obfuscating, greedy band of corporate devils who don't play well with anyone.


I agree Don. Their interface (atleast on my LG Smart TV which is my main device) does not provide enough info for me. I have something like 400 ratings so it's not that either. I used Feedfliks and Instantwatcher a lot, but they've cut them off at their knees. I don't like it, at all. Those services were used FOR A REASON NF, because people wanted the information.


You can get American Netflix outside the US now. Just visit www.AmericanNetflix.com instead


I only remember once getting a notification e-mail about a show's newest season appearing on streaming. I was surprised since the show wasn't in my queue anymore, but I had watched it through Netflix.
I'm also a DVD plan user and wish Netflix would keep emphasizing that, but do feel excited when something I want to see shows up for streaming. Still, if I want to see something bad enough, I can just add it to my queue, bump it to the top, and likely get it in just two days.
Someone mentioned the quality at Amazon Prime being better; for some reason when I start streaming from Amazon through my TV, the sound goes out and I have to reset it. What's the reason for this?

Jimbo Brass

When will Netflix get "Tad, the Lost Explorer"? I had to pirate (download) it to see it. Shame NF.

Peter Davenport

@Galagatron - My comment was that the same James Bond titles that they are offering on NF exists on Amazon Prime as well, and yes the quality is much better with no dropped frames, stereo sound emphasis on LALD. What I can't understand is that NF has had the Bond titles several times before and the same problem exists. It's almost like Sony saying F*ck you, that is what you get for $8 a month. Anyway I don't know why you are having trouble with AP streaming to your TV. I use Roku HD. Good luck. Currently watching Warner Archive's Streaming channel. Buggy but just starting out and CS is excellent. Only available on Roku and the web for now.

Dr. Mccoy

"It's dead, Jim." -Dr. Mccoy.

R.I.P Hacking NetFlix.

*Cue Scotti's Bagpipes*

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