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Ringside Spectator

I'm going to grab some popcorn and sit back and watch the fighting on here. This is just as good as watching a movie on NF streaming. Live action with barbs and jabs flying back and forth. I'm claiming the comfy chair if you don't mind since I called it first. So at the sound of the bell, everyone come out swinging so I can get my moneys worth. :)


any word when lilyhammer season 2 starts

That Guy

Looks good.


Thanks again Mike


how come hackingnetflix does not do any informative articles anymore?

also, these titles(as far as i can tell) have all been available since last tuesday.


More bad news from Netflix:


As of today, InstantWatcher will no longer have access to expiration dates on streaming movies.

Kyle B

instantwatcher hasn't had exact expire dates for all titles for over a year now. They've only had expire dates for titles coming to an end for the last 3 or 4 weeks, when they get listed in the Expiring Soon section. Whether they'll still get that info when it reaches the 4 week mark, we'll have to wait and see.


If you haven't seen it, "John Dies at the End" is a great movie.

Otherwise I still don't see anything that would make me re-up with NF.


I noticed on May 10ish that the expiring titles from June 2-10 all disapeared when i refreshed and have not returned. On top of that, about 90% of the June 1 expiring titles that looked interesting to me were not available for streaming now. It kinda pissed me off waisting my time looking for titles that were not even available.


@Kyle B, specific dates actually came back for a few weeks or months pretty recently, but now have gone away again.


weren't these the ones released at first of may?


Why do people waste their time complaining here? This is an independant website. If you want to complain, complain to netflix. As for me, I love this site, it is alot better than trying to sort through the "recently added" and "new arrival" sections on netflix itself. Grow up people, save your energy and insults for something that really matters, not a TV/Movie provider.


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Kyle B

@Kevin--well it's official. Checking back in at instantwather, and they've added a blurb in the Expiring Soon section saying that the section's being retired due to NF's changing it's API. Thumbnail pictures have been removed, but the existing list that was featured there is now in list mode, with the already stored expire dates on each title's summary page there.
Sad to see this, and Streaming Soon demise as well.

Ringside Spectator

Yay....not too bad. The children showed up early this week to fight. I wonder if Mike could implement an IQ test prior to a post being released to help keep the riff raff away. Kind of like an advanced method of a posting captcha. Just a thought. :)


"Cabin in the Woods" - yes!!!


Stevo, when I saw they had The Cabin, that was the first thing I grabbed and watched that night. I've learned to ignore the reviews on NF that people post since I've realized a majority of them refuse to enjoy a movie unless it's a $500M budget Hollywood spectacular anymore. I've found some really good Indie movies that were just as good. I'm hoping NF rolls out some more movies like The Cabin that are fairly new as it tends to spice up their database a little more. Or at least gives us hope they are trying.


I fear a good chunk of newer titles will be gone in a couple of years when the EPIX deal is up. NF has made it abundantly clear it is going the exlusive route, but unforutnately they just flat out don't have enough exclusive deals to compensate the loss of non-exclusives... mainly the EPIX content. Cabin in the Woods is from the EPIX deal, that would be one title right there that NF would not have received. The Disney deal is a great deal. It will provide a large source of content. The other exlusive partners just do not produce enough films. I love the Open Road, Relativity, FilmDistrict and Dreamworks Animation deals. But how many films does Dreamworks Animation put out a year? 3? Maybe if we're lucky 4? I'm not even sure NF aggresively pursued them but Sony recently extended their deal with Starz. That is one big studio locked down. WB will never leave HBO. There aren't a lot out there. EPIX is co-owned by Lionsgate/MGM/Paramount. That is a very good source of content, regardless if it's a on 90-day delay and nonexclusive.


When is season 6 of burn notice coming to netflix


Has anyone had the House of Cards suddenly appear the queue? All of a sudden a Netflix original showed up....Strange....


Burn Notice, Season 6 will be available on disc 6/11... streaming probably later... anyone know when?


Great points, CordCutter. I don't think exclusivity will benefit them in the long run. It will cost much more for much less content. More isn't always better, but in the case of video entertainment, better variety and more content are key.

The way these contract deals are panning out, it may eventually end up costing viewers the equivalent of a premium cable bill to subscribe to all the services necessary to get a good mix of (constantly expiring but never current) content. Not going to make anyone happy. As others have pointed out on this site long ago, if the variety goes south, members will leave NF - and other providers, as well - and find what they really want to watch through whatever other means they can.

silent eyes

im a every day avid watcher of digital/streaming entertainment but NF will never be able to satisfy me nor will any other streaming program. dls/trrnts are my main sorce n i still pay my 8 a month you cant rely on jus one form of entertainment


silent eyes, I'm sure you aren't alone. Personally, I don't rely on streaming. It's convenient, but I would drop it in a heartbeat if it gets to the point where I have to struggle to find something I'm interested in watching (I won't watch something just because it's on offer, I have to genuinely be interested). Even having multiple streaming services won't give the variety that DVDs currently provide. I can be patient and wait for discs to come in the mail.

Kyle B

@burnnoticefan @beverly
Season 5 of Burn Notice was added to Instant Watch back in Aug, around the first week. So it would be safe to assume s6 will get added at about the same time.

Peter Davenport

Well I guess I'm in the minority. I have Netflix, Amazon, Creepster, Epix, Bigstar, Vanguard, Cinematio, Warner Archive Streaming, Fandor, Something Weird, Synapse and Blockbuster and VUDU options all on Roku. That's just the paid channels. Yes I like old TV shows and finding them (i.e. DENNIS THE MENACE) in an uncut format is like heaven. The shows in the 60's were 25 min. long so they take out 5 min. today when broadcasting the syndication prints to cram in more commercials.

Cordcutters right when he says different channels or companies will retain the rights to their material and stream through their service like Warner Archive started doing 2 months ago. I pay right at $50 a month for all these but for me it's well worth it because unlike Pay TV, it's on demand. With all the options you're most likely able to have it. There isn't any crappy shows I have to put up with who have an agenda like Bill Maher on HBlow. No logos.

I don't stream the news, politics, sports or TV for the most part, unless it is something older like THE MUNSTERS, GILLIGAN'S ISLAND. So it fits my bill nicely. I do however miss the days (about 3 years ago) when everything was streaming content wise perfectly on Netflix. But alas all good things come to an end.

I always tell myself that if I were to go out to a movie these days it would cost $12 for the ticket plus more for concession and gas so all this entertainment on demand is WELL worth it. Being disabled, it becomes like a friend. Well sorry so long but once again my condensing powers failed.

Peter Davenport

I forgot to say that no Bernard, I've never had a title appear in my queue without me putting it there. Also forgot to mention I have 7,500 DVDs and 1,500 rare VHS so yes, I want access to everything at any given time.


With movies like "John Dies at the End", "Hit and Run", and "Safety Not Guaranteed" hitting streaming a few months after being released on video, I've started knocking newer not-such-hit titles down my disc queue with the assumption those are more likely to show up in streaming anyway.


I don't know when it started streaming, but I just found "Tron: Uprising" on Netflix.


I think most of us are in a minority of one sort or another. I'm in the minority that enjoys European movies, particularly French ones, which is why I rely primarily on my DVD queue and my DISH subscription (TV5, TCM, and Eurochannel).

Streaming is my favorite form of content delivery, but it can never replace all my other sources of material. As a medium, it's the best! but as a business model, it's badly flawed.


I have just found a list feature under titles and subtitles that gives a sortable list of what is available on streaming. It also is sortable by ratings as well as year and maturity. One can also go back to gallery view but I can not imagine why anyone would want to do that. Anyway, having the list option has made a HUGE difference in my decision to cancel NF. Since the list option is there I have found at least 10 movies rated 4 or better that have never shown up in my recommendations gallery. Since the search option has been broken a long time this seems the only reasonable way to find a watchable movie quickly. I believe the option is new - I haven't seen it before and I have been looking for some way to find new things to watch without painfully going through gallery views. As long as that list option is available and has some decent movies on it I will continue with NF.

BTW, one of the movies I found was the Danish film "A Royal Affair". How totally relevant to the current political climate in the US! I enjoyed it.


Viacom shows are leaving Wed(May 22), shows like "Reno 911", "Hot in Cleveland", "Celeb Roasts", & other Comedy Central, Nick, BET, MTV, TV Land shows....


"Since the search option has been broken a long time..."
That must just be for "Streaming Only" customers.


Could someone give an example of how the search option is broken for streaming only customers? I'm just curious and can't test it myself. Seems like a big/important thing to be broken for so long.


Rather than being truly 'broken', searching on NF is not necessarily comprehensive or intuitive, for Disc or Streaming. Browsing genres in Gallery (box art) mode gives only partial results. Browsing via List mode yields slightly better, and somewhat sortable, results, but still leaves hundreds of titles hidden. Even searching by keyword (genre, actor, director, etc.) yields incomplete results.

For me, the best solution has been to research the types of film I am interested in, and then do a specific title search on NF. NF doesn't have everything, by any means, but if you know exactly what you want, rather than relying on 'suggestions' or browsing (not much turnover there - the same titles show up over and over, in multiple genres/categories), you are more likely to find good material to add to your queues.


Thanks, GeeEmm. I guess I never am browsing genres (I have disc and streaming) so I'm almost always searching for specific titles. I often click through to see all the titles for a director or actor though, and I've never seen a case where the results didn't accurately show everything Netflix actually has for a person. (sometimes variations of a foreign director's name might split the results)

I've always considered Netflix's "custom genres" to be a 'bonus' way to quickly find something if you don't have anything in your queue or don't know what you want to watch. I'd never rely on them to be comprehensive, and I'm sure they're not intended to be. My routine is to scan Rottentomatoes on fridays for highly rated films that look interesting, and add them to my queue. NYTimes is also a source for me. Netflix's recommendations are fine and can be ok for impulse viewing, but after you've had Netflix for a couple months, seems like you'd probably have plenty of stuff added to your queue - things you added earlier so you don't have to remember them later, so that later you just choose from among them and don't have to exert mental energy finding something to watch.


Regarding search, I do most of my movie scanning on IMDB, and then search Netflix for a title.

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