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Brian W.

Weak week for releases. Pun not intended.


Arrested development???


A little off topic but is Netflix going to get Dead Man's Gun and more importantly China Beach on DVDs? These came out early this month. Also, it seems that a lot of tv shows are missing dvds like Simon & Simon. Does anyone know why?


Sweet End of Watch! I've been wanting to see this!


According to multiple news reports, "The Fall" (starring Gillian Anderson) will be streaming on Netflix tomorrow (May 28th). However, I can't find it ANYWHERE on their website. Does someone here know the direct URL of the miniseries so I can put it in my Instant Queue?

BTW, has NF completely done away with literacy? Is everything represented by photos of the movie boxes now? I can't see a way to quickly just LIST the names (in text) of new releases, etc. Grrrr.


Have a Los Angeles police versus gangsters double feature streaming "End of Watch" and "Colors" from 1988, and see how nothing has changed in 25 years.
@Matt...It has become increasingly rare for Netflix to add older shows released on DVD. They never added "Hey Dude" and "Dennis the Menace" but the year before they got newly-released Shout Factory DVDs of the old shows "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" and "GI Joe".


I would imagine The Fall will be there on the 28th

Peter Davenport

I recorded "Dennis the Menace" off another streaming service. The streaming version of this show only has one season up for viewing on NF. I swear, if you're not going to go all the way in streaming a whole series then at least buy a low amount of sets of DVDs to supply your customer base with. I see where NF is headed. The (M)asses have spoken and I think they should just branch off with NetTube and leave NetFLIX alone. Everyone wants new TV shows. I can't figure it out when they are running in syndication in just about every market.


@Cyndy The Fall is now available for streaming. Just do a search and you'll find it.

Peter Davenport

Netflix Adultery. Is this a joke?


> I can't figure it out when they are running in syndication in just about every market.

Note, I don't actually use Netflix streaming (though I do have Amazon Prime, and have VERY briefly so far played with the streaming).. However, syndicated shows are *HEAVILY EDITED* (for time), and *presumably* at least the vast majority of legit streamed versions are the entire episode as originally aired. (I say vast majority in case of goofs, like one season of Roseanne on DVD was the syndicated cuts.)


Here's the direct link for "The Fall" miniseries, which did show up today: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/The_Fall/70272726?trkid=7850939

I wish NF had a "Coming Soon" list for streaming. Of course, then subscribers would clamor for the terrific "Saved" or waiting list they used to include with the Instant Queue. Can't have that! Too many helpful features just confuse us. ;-)

Peter Davenport

I can very well understand that situation bigqueue. Just like the disasterous cuts to the TWILIGHT ZONE, which is even worse because they ran 25 min. in a half hour time slot. I'm talking about these people who want the new TV shows that wouldn't be hacked to death during syndication and they are even running on TV in the re-run dept. on regular television simultaneously like "Raymond".


End of Watch was the best movie of 2012. Makes Argo look like a Disney movie.


I can't get to my queues this morning, anyone else have this problem?

Rebecca H.

I can't get to the streaming section or my streaming queue. It keeps asking me to agree to their terms of service and I click I agree and the queue will show up then disappear again.


Same here. I can access the IW home page, but can't play or add instant movies, and my streaming queue is MIA. I can get to my disc queue, but there's no tab for Instant. Also, until now, any titles in my disc queue that were also available to stream would feature the blue 'Play' button next to it. No longer.

When I try to access my streaming history from my account page, I get this message:

We're currently experiencing a technical issue.

While we get things back to normal, some features aren't available - but you can play select titles on this page.

(I can't actually play any of the titles.)

I wonder if this is actually a technical glitch, or if it's is in preparation to completely separate the two media delivery options? Guess we'll have to wait and see.


The Numbers Station is streaming as well!


"Generation Um" is also streaming.

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