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And the streaming releases are...


Coming tomorrow...


DVD turn-around times for me have suddenly increased, or even doubled. Usually takes 3-4 days, but half are taking about 7 days - and one took 12! Hope this is just a temporary service glitch and not the new norm . . .


Has the return address on your mailers changed? I'm thinking the problem may lie with your local distribution center. Where I live (Portland, OR), turnaround time is consistently 48 hrs.


2000 Netflix titles went away and they 500 unpopular movies what a disappointed list


Remember back when this site had more stuff about Netflix and wasn't just a weekly post reminding us of all the DVD and streaming titles we can learn about by going to Netflix?

I remember...


Methinks the golden days of all-you-can-eat streaming are past.


I think Reed is going to do what he wants to do at this point and if it fails then NF will pick up the pieces again and say we're sorry and start all over again. I"m sure I'm not the only one that thinks someone new needs put at the wheel, but until the BOD agrees to it, nothing will happen unless he takes NF to the bottom of the ocean. I still have plenty in my streaming queue to watch, but having to dig and search for new titles is becoming a pain. Sometimes I just happen to stumble across them and get all excited and throw it in the queue before it expires. Oh well, guess we'll just have to wait and see what Reed has to offer when the time comes and decide then if it's worth keeping around. For now it is and I'm still happy with the content for $8.00 a month.


Everybody's talking about losing movies on streaming all the time, let's not ignore the fact that discs are dropping out like flies as well. Most aren't being replaced, whether they can be or not. Right now I have 25 movies and TV series that have dropped into my "saved" section. I have several more on "very long wait" that you might as well figure are just biding time until they drop into the saved section. (I have well over 50 discs on some kind of wait). Want to watch a TV series on disc but not streaming? Good luck with that. Complete seasons are mission on many, others have discs in the middle of seasons missing. I don't know what the Netflix plan is but it's just not looking good no matter what kind of customer you are.


One problem is that Reed Hastings is not a lover of movies. He's a businessman. So, he doesn't really sympathize with us lot, and he certainly can't be bothered to empathize.


I just noticed that the new releases that were supposed to be available today, Jack Reacher, Safe Haven to name a few were posted as "unknown" Has that happened before or is this something new?


That happened to me for the first time just two weeks ago. The three-disk set of Pierre Etaix movies from Criterion were supposed to be available for rental on April 23, but instead they appeared in the Saved queue. Someone has evidently decided to cut the acquisition budget even further, despite the fact that most of the profits come from disk rental.


NF stock price is soaring, somebody thinks it's a good investment. I don't.


Oh, &*^$*&, now 'If I were you', which was due for release today, May 7, is showing Unknown. Now I'm really getting sore.


'unknown' issue is a glitch, its not effecting hsipments. ignore it.


@ MikeT: My queue says If I Were You shipped yesterday and is due to arrive for me today.


Thanks, Stonew508 and thatboy, I feel better now!


No fucking streaming movies?


I left Netflix back when they split Streaming and DVD. At the time I didn't like the way it all went down. I tried Blockbuster for over a year. I've been back with Netflix (DVD Only) for a month. I really appreciate Netflix now. The turnaround time of their DVDs is so much better. I'm getting most of the movies higher up in my queue. So far so good...we'll see.


Netflix just added season 7 of American Dad. In my opinion this is the season that the show began to go down hill. But hey at least Netflix added something. Also Day of the Falcon just got added as well.

I hope Hacking Netflix puts a watch instantly list up soon or next week. Other wise I have no reason to come here, friendly banter excluded of course.


So nothing new streaming and nothing new for Horror and Sci-Fi movies streaming. All this subscribers they claim for streaming and they can not get license to stream most of the movies and TV Series I wonder what they are wasting their money on.

Roku Ranger

I talked to Customer Service last night about what is getting released on WI this week. The guy gave me a couple titles. This is after I was transferred in the middle of talking to another Netflix employee. The poor kid I talked to had no idea why they did it. Brandon was at least helpful and pleasant.


Again Mike: You the Man. My girlfriend and I are very appreciative for your work on this site. You aren't getting $$$$ for doing this and it's very irksome that you have some haters.
We're thinking of dropping Netflix and getting Hulu +. What do you think? Should we keep netflix? We don't do the DVD thing cause we have cable and don't see the point.
Do you have any pros and cons for these particular sites. If you're not busy, we'd like to hear your thoughts.
Again: Thank you and Cheers!
Kenny & Tina.


As for Safe Haven, while it was released for sale yesterday, it does not arrive in Redbox until June 7th. That means it's one of their four week wait movies. As of yet, I can't think of any new release that Netflix has gotten before Redbox unless Redbox just wasn't going to carry it anyway.

This is a Fox release, and Fox releases are on a 28 day delay with Netflix. Or at least that's what Mr. Googly tells me.


Who owns rights to what are sometimes hard to figure out when it comes to the movie deals. Safe Haven is actually a Relativity Media produced film but 20th Century Fox handles the DVD distribution in the US. I believe since it was produced and distributed theatrically under Relativity it means NF will get it in the pay-tv window for IW also. Same for their recent release 21 & Over.


Mike T, I checked the address on the DVD mailers and they are still showing my local distribution center. I'm in a major city, so most discs don't have far to travel. Occasionally I get discs that have to ship from distant locations, but even then there has rarely been more than an additional day, two at most, for delivery. But all of a sudden, the turn-around has been outrageously long. Hope it ends up being a temporary thing and not the new norm.

ClydesMP, I have a Saved DVD queue of more than 100 titles. It's rare that any migrate up into the available list, but it has happened. And on more than one occasion I've also been frustrated to find that some of those become very quickly 'Unavailable' once I move them to the top of my queue. If I leave them there, hoping they will magically become available again, they end up dropping like stones into my Saved section once again. Oh well. I try to supplement by using my local library systems, but I also end up purchasing a lot of films that I can't find for rental anywhere (mainly foreign titles).

I really hope NF doesn't decide to phase out discs - I think it would be a huge, and costly, mistake. Since studios are determined to charge exorbitant streaming rights fees, and are sometimes stingy with releases, it will be a long while before streaming can compete with DVD variety.

Peter Davenport

On another note, EPIX just dropped even more streaming titles. Just a few examples. Horror lost 35 down to around 200. Drama lost about 245 titles down to 694. Drama was over a 1,000 titles just back in Sept.

NF still has 716 Horror titles but steadily dropping. Drama has a whopping 2,407 titles.

Amazon is a strange bird. They max out at 300 on Prime but there are tons more available for Prime however you must search for a title and just happen to be lucky and see that it's a Prime movie not advertised.

On-Demand and Steaming is now!

Netflix Instant Titles will always have ups and downs on content selection.

This is nothing new....

Deals expire and they make news ones....

Plus you have other places like Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus too.

Netflix Instant content will pick up again. It's Summer when people are out more anyways....



Peter Davenport

I just took a look at what was added and a bunch of them was what was deleted.

Peter Davenport

That is, the titles that NF dropped were actually renewed in many cases hence they were mixed in with the 'added' or new titles.


None of the HD titles that were dropped, however, were added back. Only standard-def stuff. Netflix is getting stingy.

However, almost all of those HD titles that were dropped by Netflix can still be streamed at Amazon, at no cost to Prime members.


None of the Classic or Foreign titles that expired from my streaming queue have returned. So glad I have DVDs to fall back on.


One of my four missing foreign titles came back -- Pasolini's Canterbury Tales. Interesting that they knew i had had it in my queue.


MikeT, as I understand it, the Saved section of the streaming queue is still there, but hidden from view and inaccessible to members. Thus, titles that have expired while in your IW list will reappear if they become available again, as they always have.

Helen Colt

I've always appreciated having something to watch on Netflix during late hours instead of watching infomercials. I don't get to use it as much as I would like to and feel like I waste money on this service. Fortunately, since I sold some gold that were laying around I was able to pay this and for many years service. I went to Cash for Gold Exchange.


You guys are complaining about a service that costs EIGHT DOLLAR A MONTH. You all paid more than that for lunch today.

Stephalisa Feingold

Lee, what are you, a fucking shareholder? Are you on the Netflix payroll? Go fuck your mother's dehydrated flap jerky, you fetid bag of sewer scum.


Stephalisa...your name is retarded.

Stephalisa Feingold

Lee, your mother is retarded, so... it will be easy to take advantage of her, while being met with little to no resistance. Go for it!

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