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Wait...is this a post that is like actually written by a human being and not the bot that spits out everything else?


228.74 - last closing stock price by the way

Brian W.

Eight years of anticipation since the last season may have been too much. I didn't hate it, but I binge-watched the new season and was let down. I thought they focused too much on connecting all the plot points across the episodes and too little on the humor. I used to laugh constantly during the first two seasons (less so the third but still solid), but this season it felt like the laughs were fewer and farther between. The exceptions being episodes 12-14 which really had me cracking up and felt like the old seasons. Disagreements? Reception seemed to be pretty good in reviews I read.

N Bleuth

It is good so far. I think people will have a problem and watch all the episode at once. You cannot really do that and expect to like it all.


I'm only on episode 5 but the pacing really feels off sometimes. This centering each episode on one character seems to slow things down and weaken the narrative. Why oh why did they do this? Also is there a pretty serious disconnect between season 3 and 4? I thought episode 3 was really good though. And I've heard the episodes get better as the season goes on.


Episodes were centered on individual characters because they couldn't get all the actors' schedules to coordinate for 15 episodes of filming them all together.

I notice that, in my instant queue, there are five bananas instead of stars specifically for Arrested Development.

Jimbo Brass

Now if only NF will recycle more old shows like "I Love Lucy, Matlock, All In The Family & Magnum PI"!

Geez, NF should stick to what got them where they are and NOT push old re-hashed dribble.

Instead of being the best DVD rental company, they choose to push streaming video that they have no control over, revive years old tv shows.


I watched the first 2 episodes last night. They seemed really rushed, like there was a lot they were trying to squeeze into much too little time, didn't really work. Also didn't there used to be a sister?


Maybe just a temporary blip, but NF stock is down almost $13 today (just over 5.5%) after Arrested Development debuted. Not likely to send subscribers packing, but may get them questioning whether it's wise for NF to sink money into series development when both streaming and disc selection might end up suffering.

I'm guessing the typical NF member goes there looking for something they already know they like, or something they've been meaning to find time to watch - not for a handful of NF 'original' pet projects.


GeeEmm, Deadline reporting the dip in NF stock is due to the news late Friday about Hulu suitors. Mainly Time Warner. Worried it means Hulu will be expanded/improved thus affecting NF's market share.


One day I'll start watching this show with the intention of checking it out. I've only seen the first episode and a Charlize Theron guest starring episode. The use of the annoying phrase "wait for it" by the narrator bugged me.


So you skipped DOZENS of episodes in a show that you need to watch them all.

you must be, MRG


Amazon announced they will launch 5 all new series to Prime streaming later this year and early 2014. This would be included free if you have Prime shipping, along with the other videos they offer. One will be a political comedy starring John Goodman.


Gary, they posted the pilots for those a couple of weeks ago. Like a dozen total, then used the comments/ratings to determine which ones they would pick up. I watched the Zombieland pilot and struggled to make it through it. Didn't watch the Goodman one.

Nothing is "free" with Prime, you pay for it... $79 a year. The 2-day shipping, the streaming, the lenders library are all part of the package deal you pay for. Amazon does that stuff all the time, "and free 2-day shipping included with your prime membership!" - um no, I'm paying for that, 79 bucks a year, without the streaming and/or the 2-day shipping I wouldn't continue the service.


CordCutter, I hadn't seen the Deadline article, but that makes sense. A whole slew of other publications were attributing the dip to the poorly-reviewed Arrested Development: Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Entertainment Weekly, thewrap.com, etc.

Peter Davenport

Never heard of the show. I will tell you this. If these streaming sites start creating their own 'original' programming then they might open up a can of ugliness.

Take for example HBO and Showtime were all pure entertainment when they started up and then years later when all this political turmoil really hit the fan then they start looking like biased channels and get labels slapped on them. Not to mention they'll probably justify their fees going up in the future to these unnecessary ventures.

NF is skating on thin ice now with me. I used to defend them but lately they are taking the wrong direction, at least in my case. Lack of older titles on DVD that they could easily afford to buy.

Cancelling a contract or two is one thing but I see more being yanked and CC was right in the sense that other companies will lay claim to their intellectual property after the contracts end and have a streaming startup app of their own. What a mess. Oh, Arrested Development? Never heard of it.


"NF is skating on thin ice now with me. I used to defend them but lately they are taking the wrong direction, at least in my case. Lack of older titles on DVD that they could easily afford to buy."

Peter, this has been going on for months and months. I completely agree with that gripe, and will expand it to include ALL discs that they have bought permission to rent out, not just the older titles. I've had dozens of selections in my DVD queue that got red-lettered with 'Very long wait' that have never changed status - unless it was to become 'Unavailable' and drop down into my Saved section.

I've had to return cracked or scratched discs occasionally in the past, but right now I am trying to get one decent, playable copy of a DVD - and I'm on my fourth attempt! The first two replacements were the exact same copy that I returned as damaged - same scratch and spot pattern on the surface of the disc. (That had never happened to me before.) So I am hanging on to it until I get one that actually plays.

Direct evidence that NF is continuing to skimp on discs.


@CordCutter, so what?????

I order from Amazon about 20 times a year. The $79 (which IS for the 2-day shipping) equals what I'd pay for shipping anyway. I have 2 Kindles as well, so the rest is free to me. Just because it sucks for you doesn't matter a hell to me!

I offered the info for those that care. If you don't, I don't give a F###!

Besides $79 is cheaper by the year than Nutfuxs $95.88 a year for streaming - AND I get 2-day shipping, AND I get free Kindle downloads, AND I get free book checkouts, AND I get streaming videos as well, AND I get Amazon's no-hassle/no question returns.

So again, info for you to use - if not F off!!! Nothing for you to see here!

Peter Davenport

Yeah GeeEmm, they're forgetting the very people who helped get them moving.
Why would these services cut many, many streaming titles to create 'original programming'? They're all doing it. Just NF takes down a whopping amount at a time that catches the eye of the media.

I've seen EPIX do it. They've went down from 3,000 tiles in streaming to close to 2,300. Amazon's genre choices are dropping.
They all offer less than what they used too.
They're becoming like the think tanks at a start-up TV channel that loses their priorities.

I guess they think we're getting too much for our money. I wonder how many people will be blind by 40 watching a film on a Kindle? I did it once and it's collecting dust.

@Gary. Amazon Prime does NOT cover all shipping. I'm a member and have been left hanging many times with shipping charges.


After watching The Fall (the one with Gillian Anderson), which was a 'Netflix Exclusive' also opening Memorial Day Weekend, and having tried unsuccessfully to sit through even one episode of Arrested Development, I am left wondering why NF didn't just ramp up their publicity machine and promote The Fall. It's far better television, exclusive to NF, and NF would have saved millions.

Instead, they bought it, then buried it, and they didn't even finish setting it up correctly (Episodes 1,3,4, and 5 are Closed Caption'd; episode 2 is not).


@Peter. Then you are not buying directly Amazon and generally buying from one of some of ther outside sellers.

I've never paid for shipping on any product sold directly by Amazon in four years. Never. Not for anything regardless of size, item, or weight.

And, on the two occasions I had to return items, I didn't have to do so much as pay return postage. I've never met any brick and mortar retailer that easy to do business with.

And this:

"I guess they think we're getting too much for our money. I wonder how many people will be blind by 40 watching a film on a Kindle? I did it once and it's collecting dust."

That's just idiotic. You might as well throw all Ipods, Ipads, Iphones, or Smart Phones and all pads in general into the trash. Many people use this when their on the go and away from home. The Kindle has kept me entertained many times when sitting in waiting rooms or in lines or even waiting for my girlfriend while she's getting her hair done.

Right, you love Netflix. But coming up with silly ways to crap on every other surface just makes you appear like a...could it be...a fanboy.

Peter Davenport

Yes Clyde, my eyes are bad enough and I'm sure every optometrist in the world that sees people watching these tiny envelopes are $miling. I use a Roku and a video projector. The pic. is usually 9 feet diagonal and drops with ratio changes.

I just told you NF is skating on thin ice. Does that rank me as a fanboy? How old are you? Who uses that terminology anyway. If you need electronic stimulation wherever you go then who is the 'fanboy'?

I don't use any device you listed that starts with an 'I'. If it wasn't for my mother who is elderly I wouldn't even have this cell phone that cost $39. It's a nuisance. A landline is sufficient.

My brothers and their wife use smartphones and the poor guys can't get anywhere without it on trips now. I use a Walmart atlas. Yes, we humans have basic survival instincts even in 2013. I'm not going to pay a company's monthly bill while I can still rely on common sense.

I WILL go as far as Google if my mother needs directions somewhere but that is it in this house.

So yes, technology is advancing but humans are not. That's my opinion. I'm in the minority.


"So yes, technology is advancing but humans are not."

You're certainly proof of that. I guess we should congratulate you for being so stubborn and sticking to the old school ways. But if I recall, there were those who congratulated Harry Randall Truman for being stubborn and adhering to the old ways. Didn't work out too well for him though.


Still chuckling about paying $79 to get something for "free"

Peter Davenport

Yup, that's what I do CC when people tell me the prime movies are the 'free' ones on Amazon. I guess it works on some people psychologically.


I gotta give it up to Amazon, their Marketing/PR machine is amazing. I'm a Prime customer and have spent thousands there even though their business practices likely would turn off the overwhelming majority of Americans. Form their dodging taxes to the absolutely terrible conditions their warehouse folks have to suffer. Still, I keep going back. Amazon is actually facing a class action lawsuit right now from their warehouse folks because they search them at the end of every shift to make sure they're not stealing. The kicker is, it takes 20-30 minutes to get through the security check point (usually only 1-2 security folks but hundreds of employees trying to leave for the day at the end of their shift) and Amazon makes them do it off the clock.


...and back to Arrested Development. Season 4 is definitely the weakest, but that doesn't surprise me. Trying to recapture past magic is tough to do. It's still pretty funny, and I appreciated the effort. ANUSTART!


no watched it, but it stands to reason, with all the actors doing other things as well and scheduling conflicts that arise because of it, that the each character centric episodes were to be expected..
If it gets another season, they may be able to better align schedules....
but it's been a long time and they all have other projects going on


Peter Davenport: If you mean $39/MONTH, you're paying WAY too much for a cellphone. If you mean $39/YEAR, then that's pretty reasonable.. That is, it sounds like you really just want a cell phone for an *emergency*. (and a cell phone can be MUCH cheaper than a landline, which you say is sufficient.) check out http://www.cellguru.net/prepaid_compare.htm

CordCutter: They were not "dodging" taxes. They followed the law, and if they had no nexus in the state, they didn't have to pay taxes. The CONSUMER did. If the CONSUMER didn't pay the taxes, equivalent to sales tax but called "use tax", THEY are the one dodging taxes. BTW, it is the CONSUMER who is legally required to pay sales tax too, it just happens to be the store that collects it.


I would say spending millions on lobbyists for years to avoid an online sales tax is in a way, dodging taxes. Then we could get into where the Kindle is made and why but you get my point. Again, I'm a Prime member, chalk it up to their awesome PR/Marketing and customer service.

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