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Netfix just keeps getting worse. Not one addition of any redeeming quality. Who is programming this trash?


Is anyone having trouble with "Your List" As of late? Mine keeps keeps randomly adding movies and not letting me change the sorting option.

Yes the last additions suck too! Have they added anything not on the list that is any good?


Do the people who don't like the selections advertised as new to streaming just wait for the weekly announcement of a handful of movies/TV shows from which to choose, or do they actually search out and choose stuff to watch on a regular basis?


I have close to 500 titles in both my queues and haven't gotten to them yet. Don't you complainers have jobs or other errands you can do? Get out and enjoy the sun!!

Snack 4 A Werewolf

Matt it was cloudy and rainy here all day.


It comes and goes. Also depends on what you're looking for. On the TV side they've added several series in the last month or two. The movie side has been a little weak for about a month now but that isn't permanent it's at the whim of the box office release schedule. If you don't feel your getting your monies worth cancel it. That's the only way NF will listen. If they decide to drop


@Doug: According to instantwatcher.com there are 14124 streaming titles to choose from. There is really no need to wait every week for new exciting titles to come out. Browse around a little and you will be amazed. ;-)

Nona Wallert

I routinely surf the available selections for both of my lists!

Peter Davenport

I've been watching these 'Popular Horror/Thrillers' on NF and it seems like every movie ends horrible or was made for $10,000. There's even one called ELEVATOR that my friend was going to rent for the movie club.

I told him that it came out in 2013 and it is already on NF so it will probably suck. We'll see tonight. However the new horror movie genre turkey award would have to go to REDBOX. Everytime we are in a jam it seems we get stuck with a gobbler.

My question again would be as to why all the major streaming players are cutting back in every genre? EPIX swears they don't but it's easy to count. I have a channel called CREEPSTER which plays the old horror, sci-fi, film noir, thrillers, etc. Their count just keeps going up at $4.99 a month.

A ton of lost American, British & Italian oldies but goodies on there. But alas I'm in the minority once again. The people on the Roku forum thought it was a great channel but 'didn't think it was worth the $4.99.' Then they thought it would be better with commercials.

I wrote Creepster an email and begged them not to add commercials if that was their intent. They re-assured me it would stay subsciption. That was 6 months ago so I keep my fingers crossed every time I go to their channel. Doesn't this generation care anything about quality?


Woah...so Amazon Prime is now streaming episodes of "House of Cards" What good does it do Netflix to come up with original content if they are just going to sell it to their biggest competition? Granted you have to pay $1.99 episode, but still...


Jack -- That House of Cards is the English version from the 90s not the Netflix version.


Davenport, I'm not big on horror movies but I've seen several entertaining Australian movies in the past few years. Triangle, Wolf Creek, and some others.


If you want an interesting horror/sci-fi movie check out 'Undead' it's a Australian film. Nothing ground breaking but I enjoyed it.


Please come back i miss your stories and blogs


Directv buying Hulu. Hopefully they dont much it up. As a cord cutter Hulu makes life easier. I basically use it as a DVR. They also do carry some cable programs and movies.

Robert Caldwell

Burn Notice season 6 ??


I am a satisfied Hulu customer because Hulu is the only source for streaming movies from the Criterion Collection.

I am also a satisfied NF customer and a satisfied Dish customer. It makes me very nervous when DirecTV gets added into the mix.


Whats even worse Mike is it doesn't come with any content deals as far as I understand. From different tech sites I've cobbled together that the brass at Hulu wanted 2 billion and that would include a 2 year extension on content licensing with Fox, NBC & ABC. DirecTV instead paid 1 billion with no extention for conent licensing. What if Hulu loses content from one (or more) of the big 3 networks? It loses a lot of appeal (atleast to me).


this site is pretty useless now


Ugh. Yet another NF original series.

I can't help but suspect that all this new series development cuts into content acquisition.


Is Law & Order really expiring on June 28th?


Law & Order SVU I mean.


I was browsing my list and I noticed that all of the Front Line episodes, PBS shows, History Channel documentaries and some other documentaries and movies are expiring on July 1. All in all about 30 things are expiring. I'm really getting freaking sick of this.


Well, streaming deals can't be expected to last forever (another reason I prefer discs), but it can be frustrating if there isn't comparable content being added as contracts expire. Seems like my IW queue is always taking a hit.

And, of course, spending millions on 'original series' production may ultimately result in less $$ for contract negotiation.


"Do the people who don't like the selections advertised as new to streaming just wait for the weekly announcement of a handful of movies/TV shows from which to choose, or do they actually search out and choose stuff to watch on a regular basis?"

Galagatron - I think you're spot on with this. I get the impression a fair amount of people treat Netflix like flipping channels on tv - i.e. not taking control of what they watch, instead relying on it to be fed to them. If you do that, and just wait for "what's new," of course you won't be happy. I have so much stuff in my queue that I'll never get to all of it. There's an immense amount of worthwhile content, for my tastes.

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