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So I posted this yesterday but here it is again. I was browsing my list and I noticed that all of the Front Line episodes, PBS shows, History Channel documentaries and some other documentaries and movies are expiring on July 1. All in all about 30 things are expiring. And I'm just not seeing new or newly added content making up for this. Netflix is in a sorry state when they can't keep TV documentaries and PBS shows.


I've been using Youtube to watch documentaries. They have a ton, the commercials are all cut and the quality is pretty good mostly. Will hit it full screen on the HTPC.

Peter Davenport

My Roku just added PBS and PBS for kids recently so I don't know if that had any thing to do with it. It's already very popular on the regular PBS side. Kids side so-so.

Netflix is adding 110 movies within 4 weeks, if INSTANT WATCH BROWSER FOR NETFLIX calls them accurately. The only time I've had them screw up is when something just expired and it lingered in their database for a day.

I only see 5 TV shows coming to Netflix within 4 weeks.

New/Returning titles (Movies/TV Shows/Docs.) added to Netflix in the last 4 weeks total 248.

I see several PBS shows looking at the screen that includes Frontline PBS episodes so maybe they are just swapping them out.

BTW, not all of these titles obviously are new. They are just some titles that were recently pulled and brought back mixed in with a few new ones.

If someone is signing up however for the first time they would see titles they may like alot better than those of us who have seen a title brought back several times.


Has anyone else noticed any titles getting pulled BEFORE the date listed in your queue?

On Saturday 6/15, "No Strings Attached" was marked that it expired Sat 6/22. On Sun 6/16 I did my daily queue check and the movie was totally gone from instant watch and only available on disc.

What gives???


Nostalgic people, guess what's on Amazon Prime: The ALF and ALF TALES cartoon series. Very nice move. They were previously only available in two DVDs with a few compiled randomly episodes.


They added some more Friday the 13th movies!
Parts 4, 5, and 6 I believe.



Sometimes movies scheduled to disappear the next day remaining listed in my instant queue but are unavailable when I try to watch them on my iPad. But they are available as expected for streaming to my computer.

Also I'll sometimes find random movies from my instant queue pushed down to the bottom, presumably because they were made unavailable and then made available again.

So maybe the movie was temporarily removed and will be back (at the bottom of the list), or maybe try streaming it to a different device.


park ave money,power eye opener


Why is Burn Notice all of a sudden unavailable!!! I need to see more of this show, please help!


all the stuff expiring july 1st will likely be right back on july 1st... thats when a new contract will kick in...just the way the system's always worked



Sounds like a deal Peter might like.


Can somebody tell me why netflix deposited money into my bank account, not complaining, just curious.


What happened to the Lego Series that released on tuesday?


Marvels Avengers will be streaming as of tomorrow 6/22


Why oh why is Netflix still recommending movies that it thinks I won't like (one star). They are right - I will not like them and do not wish to see them listed. They are cheap junk I don't even want to think about. Even if I rate them as "not interested" they keep popping up. I would rather see an empty page than see a gallery of junk.


Just wanted to report that I have tasted Reed Hastings' asshole and it tastes like a dead opossum after three days' decomposition in a humid summer's heat of about 92°F.

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