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donrick riley

Burn notice season 6

Kyle B

Burn Notice S6 was just released on disc June 11th. Normally, studios wait 3-4 months after dvd release before adding a season to the episode package sold to monthly streaming services. Last year, S5 was added the first week of Aug (I don't recall how early the season ended on tv last year to make that date)... So look for it around that time, and if it doesn't show, then sometime around mid-late Sept..


upstream color
the abc's of death



John Hodgman, nice! Thanks, Netflix.


Hi. I've made a new website, each day listing every new title on Netflix + related news stories. Be sure to check it out: www.flixfilm.us . It's also a great alternative to the discontinued RSS feed.

Peter Davenport

As the TV babies exodus begins, Netflix becomes a shell of it's former self.


with all the preferential treatment netflix gets from usps why does it take so long to get my selection so i did a littledigging and found out, netflix slows down it's more active subscribers, like at first my dvd service was most excellent then netflix sent me a damaged disc then they claimed they did not receive it when in fact i dropped in usps big blue then netflix claimed not to receive another movie disc and then i realized what netflix was up to this is not a respectable way to treat a paying subscriber i have called netflix and usps and searshed the web and found i was not the only one there are 10s of thousands of subscribers like me this happened to


netflix is so much better way to watch movies what a hassle try doing ultraviolet moviesI WASTED A HALF HOUR REDEMPING A CODE THEN I GET A MESSAGE THAT FLIXSTER IS HAVING TROUBLE


george, I have never had a disc go missing - though a couple of times a disc was credited as returned on the day I was ready to report it as lost. The issues I have had lately with discs are delayed turnaround (though it has greatly improved from a few weeks ago), and a sudden increase in visibly damaged/unplayable discs.

In one instance, I literally went through five discs trying to find a single good one! I hoarded the bad ones until I got one that worked, then sent them all back at once, with sticky notes on the unplayable ones: Please remove from circulation and Please purchase replacement discs. (Not that it is likely to do much good. NF does not have a reliable way to relay info regarding disc issues/requests.)

Overall, I've had more irreparably scratched and cracked discs in the last 2-3 months than I have during the rest of my years with NF. I suspect that older and/or less requested catalog items are not being replaced as they get damaged. Can't really understand why, as disc replacement costs are a drop in the bucket compared to the costs of acquiring even the cheapest streaming contract.


I haven't had problems with my disc delivery in a while. No broken or damaged discs in many months. I remember one not getting received but can't remember if it showed up later. I do have lots of long waits but it doesn't stop me from getting the next available disc in the queue.


regarding www.flixfilm.us

needs rss feed for the releases.

the current rss feed only shows your articles at the bottom.


The notes don't work too good. I received two discs over the past few months with notes attached to them. In one of them the disc was completely broken. The other note said it was the wrong disc in the wrong envelop. Which it was but it didn't do me a lot of good. Notes are okay I guess but if you don't report it on the web site it's pointless."

Ditto on the damaged discs. Lots of TV series incomplete even though I know they are still available.

Time Tunnel Vol 1 is missing discs the first two discs in the series. Of course, the most important episode, the pilot Rendezvous with Yesterday, which sets up the premise is on one of those.

I had the Burke's Law Volume One Disc One on Very Long Wait forever. I had to put it in back of the other discs because as long as it was the first on the list Netflix wouldn't send the rest.

Family Affair Season 5 is now completely gone.

These are just a few. There are many discs missing from many series

And I see just today Amazon has signed another contract with PBS. http://tinyurl.com/puaha2z

Peter Davenport

Don't even think that NF's interest is in purchasing older, catalog titles because I could be here for a while listing classic TV shows that are incomplete or no plans to buy.

Goes for alot of classic films that I'm interested in which Shout factory is doing a tremendous job of putting out. NF's interest is going with what the younger people want and that is newer tv series to stream as well as the new releases if they can get them.

In the future, titles they can get contracts to will be on a streaming platform level. I'd give it a couple of years before disc shipment just becomes a thing of the past unless there is a surge in Blu-ray, which the BR discs and TV DVDs seem to be taking over.

It's even been mentioned as the last physical home video format. Sorry to say but my DVD-R's will be the last physical format and I'm sure Amazon agrees as does Warner.


Well, I know I'm grateful for the discs. I've spent a fortune on my own library. Everybody says it's all going to be digital. Maybe so. But what I see on the horizon is no better than what we currently have. A boatload of fragmented services with each having their own limited exclusive content.

This is what happened to pay cable the very first time HBO signed it's first exclusive deal many years ago, thus shutting out Showtime from some major releases. Before that, they both had access to all films. Soon, Showtime followed suit and signed a few major studios up to exclusivity. The contracts may change but it has pretty much stayed the same.

But the war was on. And so we end up with the likes of HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, TMC, Stars, and now Epix. If you think streaming can avoid this trap, well it's obvious that you're not paying attention.

So for me, discs are the only thing that gives me the content that I want when I want.


Have to agree with you, ClydesMP.

Streaming offers convenience and instant gratification - if you can find what you are really looking for amid the volatile streaming contract wars. More and more often that just isn't the case for me. Discs are, by far, my media of preference.


I just noticed something, right now I'm watching Quantum Leap on disc and I went to the streaming version to check the number of episodes left and the episodes that were unavailable were nonexistent. I checked other tv shows and it is the same with them. This puts more work on us, first we have to go to another website then find the tv show then look through each season to find the unavailable episodes and finally go back to Netflix and find those episodes on disks.

I'm the type of person who likes to watch TV episodes in order.

It seems that Netflix is trying to make us leave. If Amazon had a better interface and more content I would leave.


I forgot to say:

My point is this if you only watch streaming, you would not know that you were missing episodes.


I find it bizarre that any series-streaming contract would leave out what appear to be random episodes. I can see contracting for certain seasons - but to leave gaps in those seasons is totally ridiculous.

NF used to entice with the idea of watching what you want, when you want. Now, it is more often 'watch what you can, while you can'. Regardless of specific interest.

I have to add, of course, that right now there is still a lot of streaming worth watching, and still a fair amount of variety. But it is less and less about what viewers really crave and more about which contracts the streaming services are interested in paying for. Exclusivity is going to eventually sour the flavor of entertainment on demand.

Kyle B

Re: Missing episodes
Studios may not have the rights to distribute an episode of a series over the internet, if that episode contains licensed material-the usual culprit, songs/music, that are not owned by them. The studio has 2 choices, pay additional money to the rights holder for that material, or edit out that material and replace it with music they own. Each new distribution method that's created requires studios to negotiate new contracts to cover these issues. They can sell those reruns to a TV station or cable network intact, but the contracts for older shows/movies don't cover (first), vhs, then DVD, and now, internet distribution. So the absence of certain episodes is not a Netflix issue, it is a studio level issue that Netflix has no control over...

@GeemEmm-Re:your second point...the same has always been true of the cable based pay TV services. All of them, HBO, Showtime,Cinemax, THE movie Channel, etc, never carried the same lineup of movies all the time. I guess I'm old and younger kids don't remember, but movies would be added, run for a few months, then removed. And brought back later.
It's a little confusing seeing people on other discussion boards feeling that because NF offers a title, it should remain available permanently. Things have never been that way before, so why are so many surprised to see the same happen on Instant.


Regarding the missing episodes..I have noticed several shows (Most if not all are shows owned by Universal). While you would think music would be the reason I doubt this is the case. While I can't speak about Quantum leap which did use licensed music (and replaced in the DVD versions) I did notice episodes of Sliders missing that do not contain licensed music. I suspect this is the studios way of making us buy the dvd's. Netflix used to tell us which episodes are missing but has removed that.


re: Quantum Leap, that's not exactly accurate considering the Streaming version(s) has the original music intact compared to the DVD's.

Ray Charles, Georgia on my Mind from the episode where Sam is a cop and interacts with Al's wife and Al dances with her at the end remains in the streamed version whereas it's replaced on the DVDs.

The song also plays when Sam leaps back to the exact same point in time in the series finale and tells her that Al is still alive and that he's coming home.


Kyle B, I get that the licensing gets more and more complicated, and expensive. But the big push to get consumers to embrace streaming as the delivery method for their video entertainment makes no sense if that entertainment can't be delivered intact - the original content is what makes viewers interested in it in the first place. Some series present an independent story in each episode, but many build on and refer back to previous episodes, as well as showing the evolution of recurring characters. It really spoils the experience to have it delivered piecemeal. If studios and providers can't - or won't - find a way to negotiate for complete series, containing all episodes, what's the point in offering them at all?

Just my opinion. To me, watching an incomplete series is akin to trying to read a book by skipping around or cutting right to the last chapter.

Again, that is one of the many reasons I prefer discs. Even if the original music may undergo a substitution, the video content is all there. I do use streaming, but not if it is something of particular interest. I would rather deal with a long wait than get instant 'gratification' that is a disappointment.

By the way, not particularly bothered by expiring titles. Unlike discs, streaming contracts come and go. OTA and streaming content understandably varies by provider. Though it does chafe slightly that there isn't much heads-up time, I can just add the titles to my disc queue if I don't have a chance to stream.


Looks like amazon prime is streaming the new Stephen King's Under the Dome.


If you really want to watch Quantum Leap, check out Hulu Plus - they have the entire run from beginning to end available. Amazon has the first two seasons available. I wish Netflix did as well, but for some reason their contract only gave them 3/4 of the episodes. I keep hoping they will renegotiate for the missing ones, but they won't. I won't watch a streaming series if it's missing episodes, unless it's a comedy where the continuity isn't as important as it is for a drama.


So annoyed that netflix only has Law & Order SVU seasons 8-12 now!! I was just in the middle of season 6!! Now What?


It doesn't specify if it's just Hulu or also applies to Hulu Plus, but apparently the sale of Hulu comes with the caveat that any "primetime" shows will be shown on a 30 day delay. If it's Plus also that is a freaking mess. They might as well fold up shop. As a cord cutter I never understood why NBC/Fox/ABC would be behind Hulu... maybe they are finally wondering why too.


Have to amend my assertion a bit. Obviously, disc versions are not immune to video edits, though they are (currently) less prone to them. And it isn't just series that get hacked. A good example is A Muppet Family Christmas. All home video releases, VHS and disc, have been butchered due to licensing issues (music featured in the original was only licensed for OTA broadcast, I believe), resulting in cut scenes and loss of continuity. (Luckily, I recorded it during its original airing.)

Peter Davenport

HBO (Home Box Office) owns the sister channel Cinemax. Showtime and The Movie Channel are the same company. I remember the early days when HBO premiered in '72. But I also remember when someone else on here mentioned that one Pay station would get the rights to Paramount films (Probably Showtime because they were Gulf and Western then) and HBO had their exclusives.

But the most memorable night was when KRAMER VS.KRAMER premiered on April 1st, 1981 at 8PM on ALL 4 PAY CHANNELS, including Home Theater Network. A small potatoes movie channel that showed G & PG rated films at 8 and repeated it and signed off.

These were the days when The Movie Channel was the only place to find R RATED films 24 hrs. a day because HBO, Showtime & Cinemax would only run them at night, after 8PM.

Peter Davenport

That's very true GeeEmm. MCA never wanted to pay the royalties for VHS tiles like THE JERK, CHEECH and CHONGS NEXT MOVIE, SLAP SHOT, etc. That's why it's distressing in the days of DVDs to find out that not only does VIACOM/CBS release season 2 of HAPPY DAYS without the original music but then to stop at 4 seasons.

Many titles got done this way. That's why I go down the bootleg route and buy the sets these guys make up. All 90+ episodes of TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE. All HAPPY DAYS, etc. Yeah, the wars heating up and streaming is the future with big Blu the end as a physical media.

BTW, instantwatcher.com has NYPD SVU as being a full list of episodes , seasons on NF and when I clicked on Season 1, it redirected me to a 'non available title page' on NF. Definitely only 8-12 on there.


I'm so PO'd right now! Not even a warning they were taking away Law and Order SVU! I was in the middle of Season 2!
My kids already lost their SpongeBob and Dora... I lost my South Park... and now they're taking my SVU?!

Netflix will have hell to pay, this is ridiculous! Lets see me stay with them when my month is up now!


Netflix has SVU seasons 1-13 on DVD. If you don't want to rent discs, Hulu Plus has all 14 seasons.

Peter Davenport

Hulu Plus would be ok if they didn't run ads and censor their films. After all, it's a pretty flimsy excuse when you're paying $8 a month on the ads explanation.


crackle has a lot of good movies and there free

free is always good


Spongebob and Dora are on amazon prime instant streaming

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