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The Intouchables is added as well.


I think it's time to watch Platoon and Apocalypse Now again.
Hey people, about how much of your Netflix viewing is stuff you've already seen? Mine might be almost half.


WTF this has to be the worst week of releases in netflix history.

Kyle B

...There have been worse.


Anybody catch Amazon's announcement? The Viacom stuff is now exclusive to them.


Ha! I clicked on the add on Amazon's main page and it literally says...

Prime Member Exclusives: Not on Netflix

lol - that's good stuff. As for NF it always comes and goes, I remember a month (April maybe?) where we got several newer titles that people were glad to have. With their pay-tv deals I think in Nov/Dec timeframe we'll get Evil Dead, Dead Man Down, Olympus has Fallen, Safe Haven and 21 & Over. That will be a very good stretch for a month or two there. I think we might get more bang for our buck from the Film District deal than the Dreamworks Animation. Evil Dead, Dead Man Down & Olympus all from that deal alone.


Saw the official date for The Avengers is June 22nd for streaming.


Streaming war is on, hot & heavy...

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Amazon.com Inc wrote its largest-ever check for a subscription-streaming deal, securing hundreds of mostly childrens' TV programs from Viacom Inc for its Internet video service and ratcheting up pressure on rival Netflix.

Amazon's deal with Viacom gives the world's largest Internet retailer broader access to hit shows including "Dora the Explorer" and "SpongeBob SquarePants." Netflix had previously conceded that losing access to those shows would be a blow.

Amazon agreed to pay more than $200 million to Viacom for the license, its largest subscription-streaming transaction ever, a person familiar with the deal said. A second person familiar said the deal would run more than two years and included a deeper library of content than the prior Netflix agreement.

The Amazon-Viacom pact comes just days after Netflix stopped streaming popular Nickelodeon programming, following the expiration of its deal with the company.



glad i got amazon prime on the monthly price...i know it's more per year but i still prefer paying each month....


Amazon Prime stuff expires from time to time too. But still, Amazon actually has two streaming sets of "You Can't Do That On Television". I bought both as soon as I saw them.


thanx for telling me about YCDTOTV!! I bought it too! ;o)


Bedazzled was available on instant queue last night around midnight. But now it's gone. What happened?


Right.. I was just about to watch Bedazzled myself, and then it disappeared

Tony Bullard

The Bedazzled link goes to dvd.netflix and not movies.netflix, needs to be fixed.


To answer your question about viewing habits, Galagatron, out of 1000 titles between my 2 queues, less than 5% are things I've previously viewed. It would be even less, but I have added films I saw as a child for the benefit of my young grandchild. There are just so many great films (and a handful of series) that I haven't seen, I typically reserve my NF use for those. To break it down even further, I usually stream documentaries and series, while feature films go into my DVD queue - I prefer the quality of disc over streaming. If I love something enough to watch it over and over, I purchase the DVD, if it's available.


Anyone else having trouble with Netflix?


I can't connect to netflix, site is also down apparently.

Peter Davenport

I'm watching 'Mojave Moon' right now on Netflix. Angelina Jolie is young and sexy as hell in a topless shower scene. Pre-"GIA". Danny Aiello and Anne Archer co-star.

I would be excited over the Amazon deal but DORA and SPONGEBOB are not a 50 yr. old's cup of tea. They also need to quit saying that stupid line for dumbasses: "available to stream for free on Amazon Prime Instant Video." It's not free, it's just part of the package.

Viacom is responsible for screwing up regular TV to begin with. A channel like TV LAND starts out with a simple goal to stream old TV shows and retro commercials. It now resembles TBS with shows like "KING OF QUEENS". If that's not bad enough, a half hour program runs 38 minutes after midnight. Trying to cram even more ad time and you struggle to get through an episode.

I don't know what your morals or restrictions in a household with kids are but their serious drama shows on the tube was where I first heard 'God Damn'. Since then many of the basic channels do the same. Good old cable TV controlling the lowest common denominator.


Whoa. Out of nowhere today, Upstream Color is now streaming! I don't have to stare at Very Long Wait in my queue on that one any more!

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Ah! thought the superman was the movie and when you will be releasing it?

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