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Vince Colucci

While the original seasons of Arrested Development were pointed and funny the new season had no direction and left a few to many bootprints on that poor dead horse.
I think its time to let the show rest in peace.


no please no. This new season they did was AWFUL.

Brian W.

The new season had its moments, but overall it seemed rather pointless and not something I will rewatch (unlike the first three seasons). It's time to not go back to this ex-girlfriend. :-P


If they can do it right this time, with the ensemble cast of the original series, sure. But if it's going to be like the last season, skip it.


If they do another season they need to use Jason Bateman character to keep the family together like he did the first three season they had a good storyline. For the 4 season but not character based show. It nerds to be arrested development not each character arrested development. But a show they need to resurrect is rob from CBS only 8 episodes CBS is nit a comedy channel anymore it's only drama.


I want another season too, but I was disappointed by the recent one. I like seeing different perspectives on a scene, but maybe two or three times, not 15 times. They retread over the same moments too often and didn't move anything forward.


Definitely a new season. It was excellent.


And I agree with John
CBS needs to resurrect Rob.
They cancelled it as it was hitting its stride.

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