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What new seasons are available on streaming?


Is Damages season 5 going to be on instant streaming tomorrow?


Arlene: No idea, as we can't see what dates titles post to streaming anymore. I was looking for Leverage today, because prior to them removing the ability to see upcoming titles it had the series listed to start on the 15th. Alas, nothing yet. Hopefully tomorrow! I'd like season 5 of Damages of well so I can finish off the series.


Did anyone notice while searching for a title (for example, The Blue Angel) there are blue ink spots on the right side of the page? They are clickable. The one that looks like a handprint sends you to the middle of the first episode of the second season of Arrested Development. This is very weird. Any thoughts?


@Matt I had a slightly different experience. After watching the final episode of a TV series, Hemlock Grove was counting down from 15 seconds to automatically begin playing.

I hate the auto-play feature anyway, but to auto-play something I'm not even planning to watch... ever... is overkill.


Why isn't Leverage up yet?! It said that it would be available today on Feedfliks??? Ive been waiting for 2 weeks to watch that show now its not even available!! That sucks!!


Damages season 5 was just released on DVD today so hopefully soon it will be on here.


Matt and Beverly, those are the remaining 'easter eggs' that NF hid on its website to promote Arrested Development.

See here: http://arresteddevelopment.wikia.com/wiki/Netflix


Full metal alchemist season 4 is now on instant. full metal alchemist movie 2 is now also on instant for the anime fans out there.

Peter Davenport


caleb smith

When is the second season of wilfred getting on netflix its usually on there by now.


Would be nice if NF could get their digital transfer protocols in order.... or if it's related to the distribution companies NF gets their footage from, some quality control is in order.

Tried to watch The Bay, and got MAJOR ghosting/strobing on movement, to the point where it makes me nauseous to watch. I know it's supposed to have a documentary feel, but I doubt that's the way it's supposed to look.

Similar problem on Psych, I think it was the second-to-last season (for the whole season), and then it was fine/normal for the other seasons.

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