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Walt D in LV

This is SO awesome!
I've been waiting for this ever since I started streaming with Netflix (since they've gotten the video quality so good). We've had Netflix Profiles for our DVD/Blu-ray account since 2005, and even were on the bandwagon to keep them when they tried to end them several years back.
Profiles allows each of your family to view separate Queues, rate movies to YOUR taste, and therefore (best of all), get your OWN recommendations!

Thank you Netflix! I am now going to my account and up my Streaming account to four devices.


Huzzah! Thanks, Netflix.


Is there, by chance, a way to copy whatever has been rated on your account to a new profile? Or does every new profile have to start from scratch?

James C

I can see no option on Netflix to add profiles. My screen is lacking the button they are saying is there.

James C

They apparently have not updated the code for the landing page yet. I found a link in the support section that takes you directly there. https://movies.netflix.com/EditProfiles


That would be awesome, Sam. I keep getting recommendations for chick flicks and sitcoms due to my daughter's watching habits - which I have no interest in whatsoever. Would be great if we could go through the IW history and check a box for the profile we'd like to associate each title with . . .

Right now, looks like the entire history up to the point when a new profile is created is permanently attached to the original account profile.


By the way, great to see commenting enabled again. Thanks, Mike!


Also would be nice to have optional password protection, for instance, to keep li'l ones from accessing unrestricted profiles.

But I really like this feature. A good move by NF.


My Blu-Ray player got this but not on Roku. I hope it is added to Roku soon. The kids and other family members use the Roku and thats the one I really want the profiles for.



Roku will get it early next year from what I read.


So I'm on Netflix and I don't see any way of enabling this feature. Great idea, but I just wish it was useable.

Kyle B

Engadet article reports that it may take up to 2 weeks for the rollout to reach all Netflix subscribers.


+1 on password protecting a profile, it would be nice to be able to keep some titles out of view of the young 'uns. Each profile having it's own queue is one thing, but if anyone can pick any profile, they aren't really useful for access-control.

Gary Sutton

Definitely an improvement on the streaming side of things. My wife and I have seperate profiles and our viewing habits are a bit different, so the change will help. However, the big problem that still remains in regards to streaming is the recommendations. Netflix, please stop recommending me things I have already rated or are in my queue.

Walt D in LV

I agree with you, Gary.. Netflix should recommend NEW titles to me not stuff I've already seen (and when I say new, I do not necessarily mean New Releases, but stuff that I haven't seen or haven't rated).

And as far as what Sam said, about tranferring ratings, no, you can't do that. In fact, when Netflix was going to split into Qwikster, they were saying that you couldn't transfer your ratings to the new company. It was one of the many problems with that. People like me who have over 7,400 ratings, including 2,500 actual ratings (and not just Not Interested) do not want to have to redo that.

So, for people like you, Sam, I'd recommend starting the new profile, rate titles there, and if you, for some reason, rated titles unusually or differently, in your main profile, just undo those anomalies.

I'm still quite amazed that there are so many people haven't been using multiple profiles. I guess when Netflix was going to take it away years ago, they were right, in that so few people used this valuable feature. I'm so glad they've made it better.


how the heck do i move all the kids movies off my queue to the new one i created for them. please tell me i dont have to sit there and redo from scratch?? why cant netflix make queue management much easier??


Anyone think that maybe the next move might be to start charging individual profiles?


@nipsey I'm frustrated about that as well. As far as I can tell, there's no way to do it except the tedious process of manually removing the titles from queue A and then adding them all to queue B one by one... I want to move all of my titles to my own IQ and leave the original IQ for her.

This feature is a welcome addition, but did Netflix not take into account what a royal pain it will be for someone to remove and then re-add possibly HUNDREDS of titles to a new queue for a girlfriend, child(ren), etc?!


Two months in as a new subscriber and I had a pretty good feel for the inventory I would be remotely interested in.

Since when is there so much watchable content on Netflix that folks need recommendations and reviews from others to sort through "it all?"

I don't get it.


Now when signing in online to NF, it starts with a blank/greyed background and asks which profile the user wants to use. However, when using the interface on my Sony BD to access NF (don't know about other devices), it remembers the last profile used and has the IW Queue and recently viewed in the background while the user selects a profile. That is frustrating for those who want to keep their viewing history private from their kids, roommates, or other household viewers. Hope NF has plans to add privacy/password options to IW profiles. That would make the feature really, really useful.


Seems that quality settings only apply for the first profile and doesn't even show up as a valid link on "secondary" profiles.

I can go there by selecting a secondary profile and going to /hdtoggle but not radio boxes will be checked and changing the settings does nothing...


Interesting, Mikael. Didn't occur to me to try that. I assume that the quality settings apply to the account itself, and does not vary between profiles.

I always wonder about the beta-testing of new features like this, whether NF (and many other online sites) have a wide variety of real users put the features to the test, under a range of conditions/circumstances prior to release. That's really the only way to get a sense for how the features will be used, and which user-directed tweaks will make them most convenient and helpful.

I really appreciate having the option to create profiles for everyone in the house. But definitely would be great to have more actual control over them.

Carrie from Corona

Why the hell is this guy the spokesperson. Hey Netflix, hire someone to present this stuff. Better yet get some of your DVD Phone Operators to do it. Every time I call I get a laugh and a little personality. Great option though. I can hardly wait to use it.


Totally. Why is this guy in front of a camera? It was hard to watch. I have heard they hire out of work and aspiring actors in Portland to take calls, why not one of them? Speaking of out of work actors Tom Cavanaugh's show "ED" needs to be on Netflix.


Ugh, I just got rolled into this and of course my saved list didn't transfer over! Yay Netflix quality control!


Was just attempting to add titles to my grandson's queue - but his under-12 profile does not have one. And using my Sony BD interface, there is no way to search kid's titles. I thought the whole idea of profiles was to allow all household members to have their own IW list and recommendations. Anyone else notice that kid's profiles are very limited?


Netflix new profile feature wiped out my Queue and my Recently watched videos. So far I am not impressed. I hope Netflix did a little customer survey data collection before launching. The NetF\flix stock has just recovered from the last hasty decision they made trying to split the DVD and streaming business.


Well, I guess I should have been paying closer attention before getting so excited. The new Profiles feature is great for (supposedly) keeping suggestions specific to individual viewer preferences/habits. Though, I really wish that titles I've already viewed or are already in my queue would NOT be included - I obviously already know about those options. And there ought to be a way to optionally block access to any profile with a simple passcode.

But what is really wanted and needed is the ability for each profile to maintain its own IW queue. Having individual profile queues should be a no-brainer. Instead, its a no-go.

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