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Season 6 of Burn Notice was added.


u guys forgot zack and miri last week and Event Horizon this week


I canceled my account today. I don't feel that Netflix is providing enough bang for my buck anymore. I'm sick of the same things getting removed and readded all the time and shitty original series. Sorry but Amazon is now a better content provider.


Not sure how Prime is better than NF. Outside of Viacom does Prime have a single exclusive deal? NF no doubt has been in a down spell last month or two. They're in a transition period with deals. Dreamworks Animation hasn't kicked in yet and Disney will be awhile too. I posted in another thread NF will be bare in regards to movies till later this year but should be flooded Oct-Dec. For me atleast it's still worth the 8 bucks a month.


It's not just a bare couple months is't been pretty empty since the start of the year. As for these amazing new deals! I don't have kids, I don't wan to have kids right now and I don't watch kids movies. So what do these deals do for me? Not a flipping thing.

rime seems to have most of what Netflix has plus new Frontline, new movies are added all the time and stuff that netflix doesn't have. Such as Myster Science Theater, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and Citzen Cane to name a few. What movies are going to make up for this in October?

I'm also getting sick of Netflix messing up the subtitles and aspects of movies. It's the studio? Please that's such a cop out. It's Netflix's responsibility to ensure that their QC department picks these things up. Netflix has time and time failed to demonstrate that they care about their streaming content while Amazon's seems to get better all the time.


The Disney deal is not just for animated stuff. It is all of Disney's studios. So the Marvel Films, Star Wars films, etc. will be included. For example a movie like The Lone Ranger would be a part of it.

I don't use subtitles, so if there are issues it fortunately for me doesn't affect my household.

I don't have any form of Cable/Sat so I utilize both NF and Prime pretty regularily. The device that sees the most usage is my LG Smart TV. Atleast on this device my NF portal is far superior to my Prime. Also, my Prime movies buffer somewhat regularly while my NF movies do not. This is just my own personal interaction with both services.


On the previous post there was a person wondering about The 4400. Streaming begins on 9/1.


Agreed Cord, that's the reason I cut Prime because of the constant buffering. NF still offers far more for $8/month.


I'm wondering about season 2 of Once Upon a Time. The DVD release date Is today so when would the season be up?


@ slytherin Season 2 of Once Upon A Time will be streaming on 8/30/2013.


I thought I asked this early, perhaps it was my comp or someone didn't like my question but I'd like to know the answer so I'll try asking again, can anyone tell me a site or where to look to find upcoming streaming titles. Not that interested in expiring and I thought that's what NF had their panties in a bunch about. Some info would be appreciated.

Leverage fan

Does anyone know if Leverage is going to stream?

How do you guys find streaming dates? Is there a website?



Netflix has for now taken away the ability for websites to display upcoming titles, except for some app available on Roku, but I've never used that nor do I know if that still works. How I've found the dates is by going to the titles' DVD page and looking at the format part of the description. If it's coming to streaming it will say Format: DVD (streaming 9/1/13) or something to that regard. However, I've checked titles before that haven't had a streaming date and they've popped up as available so it isn't foolproof.


Oh, and I have no clue if Leverage is coming to streaming. Maybe this fall after the DVD release of season 5?

Kyle B

@sonOnun The increased competition that now exists, has prompted Netflix to pull back on how much information they had no problem making available before, gets released, when it was just them offering subscription streaming. To my knowledge, there are no longer any websites that are given access to any upcoming titles data.

@Mitch-- The Roku has an app-or channel, as Roku prefers to call them, called ''Instant Watch Browser for Netflix''. It does feature upcoming and expiring titles info, along with your queue and genres display. The app costs a one time fee of $4.99.
A free ''Lite'' version can also be added to your Roku lineup, it limits the number of titles in the genre categories and upcoming/expiring, to 50 each.

@Leverage fan--The Roku app I just mentioned, has Leverage posted as arriving Dec 30. HOWEVER, these dates aren't always, 100% accurate. Translation: don't set those dates in stone.

BTW, It also has Chuck listed as streaming Dec 20, and Dexter Dec 31.


@Kyle: Thanks for the updates! I hope the dates for all three are correct, but I've learned the hard way to take them at face value until they actually show up. I appreciate the app info as well.

Gary Sutton

If you have a DVD account you can use your queue to figure out if anything is coming to streaming by running your mouse across the titles and it will let you know. Unfortunately the only movies I checked on my 483 title queue are the following: Donnie Darko is is streaming 8/15, The Core on 9/1, a Haunted House on 8/21, the Final on 9/1. Of course, more stuff will be coming.


I don't understand the competitive perspective of Amazon Prime. I got it before the Prime Instant Videos because of the shipping convenience. I know when I'll get something in the mail. That said, Prime Instant Videos has been providing more content I like, but not enough to ditch Netflix. I guess I just watch more stuff, especially older and obscure stuff, than the average user to get bothered by the selection.


For those who are interested: Lilo & Stich, Lilo & Stitch 2: Stich Has a Glitch, Stitch! The Movie, Leroy & Stitch, The Emperor's New Groove, and Kronk's New Groove are all being added to streaming on September 9th!


Anyone here know Damages season 5 will be streaming?

Peter Davenport



Hi all

I bought a roku recently and started to stream Netflix on it. I was amazed that the content available on it is vastly different compared to Netflix streaming thru my browser despite being the same account

For instance I am able to stream Olympus has fallen and Star Trek (2009) on roku but not on my computer . Why is this so?


Which country are you in Kunit?


I am in Thailand. Can anyone explain the content difference ?

Kyle B

Netflix does not operate a service in Thailand, which means you're accessing more than one of it's non US versions using a VPN. Your computer's DNS is set for one region, while your Roku is set to another.

The studio/distributor of Olympus has sold that movie to one of the foreign operations, but it won't be available on the US service. Cable based pay tv services buy up internet streaming rights as well as cable pay tv rights. That means Netflix can't buy streaming rights to certain recent movies if another pay tv service has exclusive rights to them. Outside the US, the studios can sell those to Netflix, if the local pay channels don't pay extra for exclusivity. That's why the content will vary between countries they operate in.

Matt LA

Gary, thanks for the tip about mousing over the titles in your DVD queue to see if they’re going to be coming to streaming. It never occurred to me to try this. I only found one in my queue that’s coming up: “War Witch,” coming to streaming September 10, the same day as the DVD.


im running out of the same DNS though my router so by logic both content should be the same ?

im getting everything on netflix , UFC .. star trek, olympus, GI Joe redemption etc. all on my roku. however on my PC its much much reduced in terms of the content. as far as i know i am connected to the US site as i have the DVD option on my top bar.


NF may not always be acquiring the best content at the rapid pace many would like, but I personally don't see how Amazon Prime comes even close to being comparable. My NF IW queue is usually maxed out, and I know I'll never manage to see every title offered that I am interested in before they eventually expire (though I have a disc subscription as well, so I can usually manage to get something that I've missed on streaming).

By contrast, the 'unlimited free movies and TV shows' offered through my Prime subscription (a free trial) is laughable. I gave Amazon Prime a test run shortly after it began offering 'free' streaming, and it was slim pickin's. Hasn't improved much at all since then. I have browsed through hundreds of titles and am hard pressed to find 20 to add to my Watchlist. Most of what is offered with Prime is bargain-bin B-movie fare, hardly in-demand or quality film and TV. To view the good stuff, you still have to pay-per-view. I will say, though, that I don't experience the buffering issues with Amazon that others have mentioned. I do get that sometimes with NF.

I had hoped Amazon would be able to offer a competitive unlimited streaming service - I think NF needs some real competition - but it doesn't seem to be headed in that direction.


I don't understand all the hate on having to choose prime or netflix. I use both. Netflix has good choices, but Prime has a lot of stuff netflix doesn't have - Covert Affairs, Jeremiah, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Under the Dome (as it airs, which is really nice!), Tosh.0, all the Star Trek (OS, TNG) movies. Netflix has its fair share of B Movies as does Prime. I vote cancel cable and use both. Not Hulu, though. They've never seemed worth my time, except for The Pretender. I may have to take a week where I don't have to work and do the free trial for that one . . . .


Not hating at all, just comparing and critiquing. NF definitely has its share of stinkers - but thank goodness subscribers don't have to PPV for the better titles. Because the Prime catalog is so much smaller that the NF catalog, the better (for my particular tastes) titles are more often than not ones I've already seen or already own.

But you are absolutely right that it makes a lot of sense to have more than one streaming service. I think it was Peter Davenport who shared a long list of online/instant film delivery sites that he uses - and his total was still below the average cable/satellite bill.

For me, Amazon is just too pricey considering the selection (don't need the 2-day shipping).


Prime doesn't release sub numbers but last "report" I read online had their total subs at around 4 million. Prime will never surpass NF because they don't want to. The Prime catalog is there for two reasons... to get you to buy a Amazon Device (Kindle right now, the upcoming set top boxes and phone additionally) and to push their VOD offerings. You search Prime and if it's not there you get prompted to rent/buy the title from Amazon's endless VOD catalog. It's the same thing with the Lenders Library. It's there to get you to purchase books/buy their hardware. NF doesn't push hardware and they don't offer VOD purchases of movies. It's a fundamental difference in their business models. Buffet versus a la carte... Amazon just uses the Prime catalog like a grocery store uses those little tables with food samples throughout the store.


Of course, Amazon continues to push Prime as a way to enjoy 'unlimited streaming', and that is what prompts many to attempt a comparison between the two services.
But, as you've neatly summed up, CC, it's definitely apples and oranges.

I don't mind taking advantage of the occasional free trial, but I will never pay to subscribe to Prime. It just isn't an adequate, or cost-effective, way to supplement my viewing. And I can do without the constant attempts at upselling.


Does anyone know when Revenge season 2 will be on netflix?


Season 2 is streaming 8/30/13.

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