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Ben Pike

I thought Memento had been available? In fact I'm certain because I (re)watched it recently via Netflix.


It was taken off and has now been re-added, along with Donnie Darko.


Anybody seen Solomon Kane? That's from that Radius-TWC deal. I was a little skeptical of that deal, looked like a bunch of crap... but recent pickups of Lovelace and All the Boys Love Mandy Lane have me thinking they might have been a solid pickup.

Trance Hater

Trance is terrible - Do Not Rent

Linda Gray

Uh, that is definitely not the full list of releases. For example, new seasons of The Good Wife, Revenge and Parenthood were all released this week.


I watched Downfall on NF 2 weeks ago.


There are no new episodes of revenge. Season 2 DVD is not even out yet


@Brian - The season released today on DVD, streaming will begin next week.


NF picked up The Weinstein Company today. Starts in 2016 I believe. Big pickup. Big Blow Showtime also.


Memento and Downfall have been on NF for years. I watched Downfall 2-3 years ago. They're not new they were dropped recently and then added back.


@Mitch---I see, they meant DVD releases and not just streaming. Do u know when Damages season 5 is out?


@Brian - no clue, I just see it's coming out on DVD but there's no streaming date posted that I can find.


Rundown is a good flick, definitely watching that again.


Thanks Mitch ill just keep checking.

Peter Davenport

Netflix has been really going out of their way in the DVD delivery area. They had one that wasn't available and even though I already had 2 at home they immediately sent me the third with an apology email. Same thing happened with 2 discs from a TV season. I received 4 after they had the 2 that were not available immediately and sent two on as soon as they came in. Very nice of them.


Yeah, I've had some delivery problems with some new stupid USPS carriers and called customer service rather than clicked about it on the website so as not to flag myself as a screwed-up account. They sent replacement discs, although they later received the originals.
Anyway, I've been waiting on "Twixt".


Two extra DVDs for me as well in the last week. And my waits for 'long' and 'very long' tagged discs have been noticeably shorter.

Now, if only NF would find a way to acquire deals for a few of the 110 titles that have been languishing in my Saved list, I'd be over the moon . . .

Peter Davenport

So Blu-ray seems to be the last media format according to industry insiders. Does everyone think that we've reached the end with physical storage or movies or TV on disc?


I would think not, but then I am not an industry insider, just a consumer. It would be awesome if a small, flexible, large-capacity, scratch-impervious, light-tolerant, HD A/V medium could be developed - for those of us who don't want to eventually be forced to use digital-only or cloud-based content.

Well, I can dream . . .


As an alternative to both dvd's and streaming, I am happy with my 2 TB hard drives connected to my DVR. After recording for several years off DISH network (Turner Classic Movies, TV5, Eurochannel,etc.), I now have a selection of titles that actually has more of what I want to see than NF streaming does. It's possible to access the DVR from PC's or handheld devices like the iPad, although that feature doesn't interest me and I haven't tried it. I understand that a similar feature is available with DirecTV (I don't know about ComCast). It is digital, of course, but so are dvd's.

Oddly enough this approach seems to be losing popularity also, in favor of cloud-based streaming.


@Peter Davenport - I sincerely hope not. Call me antiquated, but I appreciate my physical collection a lot more than looking at a list of what I've purchased on my computer. I think we have a long way to go before we can truly be digital, and consumer rights have to be updated to make it truly worthwhile for the consumer to make the switch. I love Netflix streaming a great deal, but it will be a long time before I feel okay with moving toward digital permanently for all of my entertainment.


Has anybody seen the "new queue design"? The first thing it tells us that your streaming queue is seen on the home page as My List. If you click on it it gives you what Netflix "suggests" you watch from your queue. At least for now you can go back to the original listing when you click on the other button.

This irks me because once again they did something without letting us decide whether we wanted it or not.

Shame on them.


My Netflix shortcut in my browser (typing the letter "q") and home page are set to go straight to the Instant Queue/My List, so that's always the first page when I go to Netflix. At the top right is the link to "change order to: Netflix suggests", which I'm sure I'll never click; I don't care. Now if it would automatically go to Netflix Suggests and I would have to click to see My List each time, kind of like Facebook's stupid "Top Stories"/"Recent" order crap, I would be annoyed. Most stuff on websites is done without the users having to approve it.


Well, it seems to remember which was your preference (in a cookie, no doubt). If you choose "Manual" you'll automatically end up at the old list when you select "My List". One thing that puzzles me about the "Netflix Suggests" version is that it seems to have very little correlation with the rating that NF predicts I'll have for a video. Some of my videos have 3.7 predicted ratings, but end up in the middle of the new list. And the top video in the new list is only a predicted 3.0. They've apparently got a new algorithm of some kind.


Apparently, our primary account only has the ability to go back to the original queue listing. All sub-queues only show what "Netflix Suggests." Also, you can't move expiring titles up front. You have to go line by line which takes forever to see what's expiring.

In my opinion this is a major failure on Netflix's part.


A few new problems I noticed last night...

On iOS, if you're viewing the Netflix website and pick something to watch, it now takes you to the Netflix app (as it did before), but no longer starts playing the movie you selected to play. You have to find the movie within the app and hit play from there.

On the website, if you click on a TV series which is available as both streaming and DVD, it takes you to the page to select DVDs to add to your DVD queue, and gives you no way to select which episode you want to stream.

As for the queue/"my list" thing, as long as I can keep it on manual it's just a name change, NBD.


Matt, as far as I've been able to tell, the new Profiles feature was pretty much just a vehicle to disseminate more NF suggestions. Maybe I have a glitch of some sort, but I have not been able to create a single queue - or List, as they are now called - for any Profile other than the main account. Bummer. That really eliminates 95% of its usefulness for me.

As far as the expiring titles, my workaround is to use my browser's (I have FF) find option to search the word 'until' and bump those expiring soon up to the top of my queue (. . . List. . . Whatever).


On “My List” I’m able to move titles to the top or rearrange. However, when I go to “Netflix Suggests” my titles are all mixed up.

If I want to see individual episodes, I go to Netflix Suggests, somehow find the title, hover my cursor to show the description and click on “more info” where you can see individual episodes, descriptions, etc.

Not sure this makes any sense. What a comlicated mess!


Just found out that if you want manual control over your queues you need to access your account info and click on My List order and select Manual.


On my Roku i am only getting 85 shows in my 'instant queue'....WTF.......i have over 200 in 'my list'.....


Netflix should really put series 7 of Doctor Who, I wanna see it so badly!!!!


No problems on my end. My browser (Chrome) shows a 'Change Order to NETFLIX SUGGESTS' button, which I do not intend to press, and my 'smart' Panasonic TV has a popup which says basically the same thing.


@Peter Davenport -- here's an article about the future of dvd's which I found interesting. One major distributor that is experiencing declining dvd sales but rising blu-ray sales.




Did they just add a bunch of Disney stuff or have I just not been around the Children & Family Movies list much?


Love Criterion!

I'm drooling over that Dual Format 27-disc Zatoichi Box Set.

I'm assuming that getting all 25 films, plus the documentary, on two different media types requires doubling-up films-per-disc. . . I still think there's room for development of a consumer-friendly, wear-resistant, mega-disc (capacity, not physical size).

Time will tell.


Looks like Mike is back on hiatus again. Lots of news lately, no updates.


Where can I find info on NF's second screw up this month - the Inspector Morse add to IW and remove two days later! Anyone know when it will be added? I've searched on google using " "Inspector Morse" Netflix " and do not get any results for explanations or apologies from NF.


Until streaming adds chapters instead of just the need to skip forward or backward, and adds commentary tracks and other features on discs, I will still prefer discs. The advantage of streaming is simply the convenience.


Completely agree, Galagatron.

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