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Last Thurs, Netflix sent me an email letting me know that Season 5 of Fringe was available on streaming and it was for a couple of days. Then, Saturday, I received the following email:

"Recently, we sent you an email message announcing the arrival of Season 5 of Fringe on Netflix. Season 5 will be available on September 12th. Please accept our sincere apology for the error."

This after The Intouchables suddenly appeared/disappeared and reappeared… then Star Trek that had wrong subtitles for Klingon which took about 24 hours to correct.


Wow some nice oldies popping up.

Kyle B

Either Walter pressed the wrong button, or Walternate's just messin' with us. :)


@ Kyle B... Funny Fringe Fan, LOL


You guys need to learn how to spell movie titles correctly. It's "Zodiac," not "Zodiak" and "Waking Ned Devine," not "Waking Up Ned Devine", etc.


I noticed fringe 5 was there as well


I'd like to know when Damages S5 will be out


HaHa, Yellowknife!

Maybe those are the Asylum versions . . .

Leverage fan

What ever happened to Leverage streaming? I've been waiting since July 15th.


Redbox Instant has Chitty Chitty Bang Bang also. It's pretty much the only movie RI has that I recognize. We watched Infra-Man yesterday and it was an old worn out VHS tape copy including lines and stretch marks. How do they even get a digital version to play like that?


Hell on Wheels season 2 is also streaming now.

Michael G.

Has anyone noticed a discrepancy between whats listed under DVD --> New Releases and what is actually available? For instance I recently put GI Joe Retaliation on my queue...but I had to search for it by name. Under New Releases if you select released in the last 1 or 3 months or New Releases in Action etc...no matter how you filter it does it appear. Makes me wonder what else I am missing and thankful for sites like this.


I found these dates today on Netflix for upcoming seasons:

Revolution - Season 1 8/14
Grey's Anatomy - Season 9 9/1
Scandal - Season 2 8/27
Burn Notice - Season 6 8/10
Wilfred - Season 2 8/17
Once Upon a Time - Season 2 8/30
Revenge - Season 2 8/30

To see the dates, click on the title, then go to the DVD section for the show and click on that season. If it's coming soon it will have a streaming date next to it.


I noticed a couple weeks ago netflix signed a new deal with CBS to bring shows like CSI:NY and The 4400 to their streaming service. CSI:NY is on there now but the 4400 still isn't. I'm still fairly new to netflix so I was wondering does anyone know when it will be released or how to find out? Thanks

LeeAnn M

When will Season 4 of Parenthood will be available on streaming?


Where are the movies that aren't likely in the big box bargain bin?


Parenthood, my best guess would be October, that's when NBC/Universal's content is typically added. Not sure on 4400, I didn't see anything on the DVD page about streaming. I'm hoping we'll hear something about a new contract with NBC Universal soon, I know some of the stuff currently on Netflix is set to expire next year without a renewal. It'd also be nice to get the latest 2 seasons of SVU so I don't have to watch them on Hulu.


Nooseman - A Haunted House and Safe Haven should be showing up soon. I would think like any day now. Dredd should be in a few weeks. NF doesn't have much control over the window for releases, so I don't think they did it purposely but most of the big titles NF has coming will hit in the Halloween-Christmas time frame. Which should really push holiday sales for them. I'm sure they'll bundle subscriptions with hardware like they normally do. Olympus Has fallen, The Host, 21 and Over, Dead Man Down, Turbo.


Anyone know if Season 9 of The Office is in the cards any time this fall? :)

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