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new season for defenders ?

There was only one season and I watched it some time ago.


New season of SVU?
Zero Dark Thirty?




Season 2 of Continuum is online now, too.


What about American Dad season 7, isn't that newly added?


I don't think Netflix is getting any more episodes of Law & Order, at least for the time being. I'm presuming, based on the fact they let the contract on seasons 1-7 of SVU and 1-6 of Criminal Intent lapse, that they have no intention of getting any of those back or getting new episodes until their current contract with NBC Universal is renegotiated, if it is at all. I think the only site that offers post-season 12 is Hulu with their Plus subscription. As for American Dad, the latest I see on streaming is season 7.


Walking Dead Season 3 went up over the weekend. Any idea when Its Always Sunny 8 and SOA 5 are going up?

Scott F

Does Netflix stream movies or just tv shows? I don't have it, asking for a friend.


Tons of movies, Scott F, though it seems heavily weighted toward a few categories (domestic comedy, drama, and romance, for example), and the emphasis these days definitely is on TV programming, which I am generally not interested in, though there are a few foreign series that I would love to see NF carry.

For me, the disc subscription is still much better suited to my viewing preferences.


The Vampire Diaries???????


Any idea when S8 of How I Met Your Mother is going to be streaming?


@John - S8 of How I Met Your Mother is going to be streaming tomorrow, 10/1/2013.


Any idea when S8 of Supernatural will be streaming?


@T - S8 of Supernatural will be streaming 10/3/2013.

Gary Sutton

Upcoming movie releases: Paranormal Activity 4 (10/11), Fire in the Sky (10/1), Death Wish 2 (10/1), Evil Dead 2 (10/1), Road House (10/1), The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (10/27), Congo (10/1), Summer School (10/1)


Would you happen to know when Gossip Girl S6 is available for streaming?


When will the vampire diaries be streaming? I heard it was the 1st, 3rd, or the 8th so I'm really confused???


When will season 4 be streaming?


Netflix says Vampire Diaries - Season 4 starts 10/3.

Gossip Girl - Season 6 begins streaming 10/8.


The office!


I just went to Amazon and they're streaming current/past episodes of The Daily Show/Colbert Report on Prime. Wow this is awesome. What do you think about this?

It seems that Netflix has dropped the ball yet again.


New Season for Defenders, sad to say, Netflix says no, your information is not reliable, and very disapointing!


What about Sons of Anarchy?!? When are we going to get season 5?


Anybody know how long it will take to get the second half of Breaking Bad Season 5, now that it's over?


I wonder if Netflix cares to add newer Horror movies or foreign movies not dubbed, it is October they barely added any new Horror movies other than: Ghoulies 2. Pumpkinhead, Evil Dead 2 and Raaz 3. Sadly Raaz a Indian horror movie which has 2 more sequels before this which I am pretty sure not everyone has seen it especially me and I am sure Netflix will dub it for lazy people and ruin the movie.

Netflix use to add so much every beginning of a new month but now they are not adding as much and they are adding more Documentaries and some TV Shows seems like no one cares about movies anymore it is sad.


Heiseinberg, I believe Netflix's streaming focus has shifted strongly to television shows. Let's face it, 80% of the questions on this thread is about when a tv show will be on streaming. I'm guessing Netflix knows that the majority of people are watching streaming for the tv shows.

Carolina Rabbit

Seth, sadly, this is Hulu's focus too, while Amazon, Vudu, Blockbuster are adding new titles at a very slow clip. Is cinema going the way of the do-do bird?

Jared Castle

I don't understand why Netflix doesn't secure more holiday-themed content. I'm looking for family-friendly horror movies for my sons (ages 10 and 9); something on par with "Something Wicked This Way Comes" and "The Invisible Man." Definitely not R-rated content.

I've browsed the categories but I'm not finding much. I appreciate recommendations.

Heather P

What about Boston Public and Glee season 4???


Netflix still adds lots of movies, just not what a lot of people are expecting. I can spend a whole day watching Australian films. It always seems odd that Netflix doesn't emphasize holiday-related genres, or perhaps that's refreshing. I'm not one to watch the same Christmas movies every year out of some sense of tradition or whatever but would expect to see one of their scrolling genre slides for that.


I'm curious - what time of day does a show/movie come on netlfix? Like midnight or just a random time ???


anyone else having trouble with netflix on the roku??


Beauty and the Beast???
The Carrie Diaries???


when is the CW beauty and the beast going to be streaming?


Beauty and the Beast: 10/7/13
Carrie Diaries: 10/25/13

@S - I think it's just whenever Netflix activates them. I've seen them go up at midnight and sometimes at 3 in the afternoon. I suppose it's whenever the transfers are ready to be streamed or whenever someone remembers to "flip the switch."


When are the final episodes of Breaking Bad coming to NF streaming ?

fed up with dumb questions

just to make life easier can people stop repeating questions and instead of asking questions how bout we just post stuff they missed. theres a whole bunch of tlc shows that were just added


"Grease" and "Ain't In It For My Health" just got added to streaming.


Has anyone noticed the little blue handprints and splotches on the pages when scrolling down? They are hidden links to videos, but when I clicked I got the Silverlight installation prompt and I don't feel like uninstalling and reinstalling again. I don't know why but that keeps happening.


based on past history the last episodes of breaking bad will probably show up about the same time the dvds come out.

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