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Question about Roku.

I have an old XD.

Would the latest & greatest newest ROKU allow me to fast forward or rewind faster ?


Jonathan Nation

You left off two that are higher on my list:

- The Big Bang Theory (season 6)
- Homeland (season 2)


When the hell is season 5 on sons of anarchy coming on???? Tshr new season starts on the tenth and I missed all last season


Arg, where is Supernatural season 8? I assumed it would coincide with the DVD release...


I don't have any Roku, but I HIGHLY doubt that a newer Roku will make a significant difference in FF/rewind speed.

I would be happy to be corrected, however.


rjm, had an old Roku, but upgraded to Roku 3. Seems the FF/rewind speed is the same. But speed loading, browsing queue (excuse me, "list") is much faster.


Apparently also Lilo and Stitch 1 & 2 are also available now. Only knew of this because a friend freaked out on Facebook about it haha.


Thanks Tim. Loading speed is an issue, but Im not sure I want to spend $90+ to solve it !

Homeland is unavailable to stream


Supernatural Season 8 will be available on streaming on October 3 (if you have a DVD subscription, you can look at the DVDs and it will sometimes note when the title will be available for streaming).


Thanks Jaba! I don't know if I can wait that long...the demon blood calls my name.


......I still really want new seasons of Archer, American Horror story, and The Walking Dead.


Walking Dead Season 3 arrives September 29th.


What the heck? When is Sons of ANarchy season 5 gonna start streaming? And Damages Season 5? And Vampire Diaries season 4? This sucks

Kyle B

The release schedules for streaming the previous seasons of tv shows is set by the studios that own the shows, not Netflix. The reason-the network that paid for the show gets to show each episode (including repeats of those episodes) a set number of times during the 1 year period. The typical pattern for adding the last season to the rerun/streaming package is usually 12 months after the previous season began airing.


If I'm remembering correctly, the last few seasons of SOA came online during October. A little late for those if us who are trying to catch up. Could have rented it I guess.


Finished up Scandal & Revolution. I liked them both !

Cant wait for next years.


Just found this Netflix site on Reddit www.flixfilm.us. Gives an overview of the latest releases.


I was wondering if anyone might know if Madonna's The MDNA Tour is coming to Netflix? It aired on Epix a while ago and the DVD just released, so I'm just curious if it's coming to streaming soon. Thanks!

SM in SF

Fringe, Season 5, is finally streaming again.
We'll see if Netflix can leave it up longer than 24 hours, before pulling it.

Kyle B

The Fringe S5 pull back in August, also occurred on Amazon, and I've read, The Science Channel too. So this had to be something with the studio's schedule for allowing it to be released, and hot something Netflix did arbitrarily.


I just watched Charlie Rose last night and found out that Netflix is going to air this month Hank Paulson's new documentary about the financial melt down. He wants us to believe he did his best. I want to puke. I will not be watching this and again what was Hastings thinking when he signed this deal? The American public does not for a minute like this at all since no one has gone to jail for bringing the U.S. to her financial knees. Charlie is pals with Hank and let his personal feelings get in the way with all of this. If we believe Hank's premise that he had no idea of all the misdeeds banks were doing well why did he put the nation at risk for accepting a job of policing banks when he knew so little? Or why did he not negotiate small salaries and no bonuses for bankers? Didn't he know they were greedy already? It is intereting Paulson says that he didn't see this coming but later on in the interview he says that bankers knew for a year before this all hit the fan and Paulson was clueless and uninformed? Either he was too dumb for the job or he let his buddies walk, either way it was a big fail. This movie is insulting to Americans. Folks are still struggling and to listen to these producers and Hank and Charlie sell this idea is just unbelievable. MILLIONS of Americas lost their homes, jobs, hope. I think Mr. Hastings would be wise to let these guys peddle this propaganda elsewhere and not let them profit anymore from this. Much better documentaries that prove Paulson and Obama and the special prosecutor let these bankers walk.

Nieuwe releases op Netflix

De laatste releases op Netflix vind je hier!


Deanne, hopefully anyone watching that film will do so with both eyes wide open, and with the intent to get a glimpse into the psyche of greedy, powerful men. Government and the corporate world (almost one and the same, when you consider the clout and scope of organizations such as ALEC) have no scruples and are quick to pass the buck when disaster strikes, knowing that all they have to do is eat a meager bite of humble pie and then go about their financially secure lives. 'Real' people won't be fooled by the hype.


GeeEmm, there are just certain subjects where you kind of draw the line with. I think this is one of them. They could not sell this to theaters nor to the big networks or to cable but to Netflix. The stink from this was so repugnant. No one wanted to give this a platform. I don't think Netflix should do it either. I don't want to see these guys make a dime off the propaganda from my subscription. That is what I have a big problem with. I want producers like this to think twice about getting involved with this sort of crap. As far as I am concerned Paulson put us all at greater risk by letting these guys walk and it tells Wall Street that they can operate as usual which they are doing. This puts us all at risk now and in the future. I would classify Paulson as a traitor and I know that sounds like a big jump but he turned on the people of this nation for a few elite. I would much rather watch a film that puts it all in perspective not just his side of it. Apparently he and his wife are the ONLY people interviewed for this. It is so one sided. Netflix has so many better documentaries on this subject that gives a more balanced account of things. I don't think we need this at all. It is like his own private home video he now gets to release on Netflix no one wants to watch that. Mr. Hastings do not bend to this group. You are making enough right now from real film making than to stoop to start showing campaign films. It is a campaign film to change public opinion.


Deanne, Charlie Rose is a dying breed of good interviewers. Unlike those lying pundits on those cable news shows, Charlie is very honest. He stated early in the interview that Paulson was a very good friend of his, that's "full disclosure".

Your comment on "no one went to prison" is false. At least two people went to prison that I'm aware of, Michael J. McGrath Jr. (U.S. Mortgage), got 14 years in prison. Lee B. Farkas (Whitaker Mortgage Corp) got 30 years in prison.

Many of the large Wall Street company's went under because of irresponsible decisions and not illegal activity. There are so many factors why more people didn't get prosecuted. I'm not going to explain them all to you. It's up to you to educate yourself. For you to blame Paulson, a prosecutor and the President (only 3 people) for more people not being in jail is ludicrous. The fact that you want to sensor ("by drawing the line") people from seeing this movie is a joke.

One of the best things about Netflix is the number of documentaries that they have. A lot of good documentaires don't make it to the theater because they don't need to be watched on the big screen. You talk about this film as if you have seen it, which you haven't, and that negates your whole argument. Deanne here's a fact: most documentaries are subjective.


Wbad said what I wanted to say better than I could have said it.

PS, I think the pilot for Derek is available now. A netflix original.

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