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This is last week's list.


Yeah, the DVD list is last weeks.


Yea, Netflix hasn't updated their releasing this week page.


Hopefully this is just an oversight on Netflix's side and not another attempt to kill the releasing this week page for good...


this site is often off by a few days...every time I look at this list I see tha date...and realize that I have seen almost every thing on tha list several days earlier

for example Derek....it says tha 17th...that tomorrow...however I have been seeing it listed since like 4 maybe 5 days ago

is it meant to be off like that?


The Netflix new release page has finally been updated, so this can now be fixed.


Sorry - will fix the list ASAP (never post something online when you are exhausted).


When does season five of soa come on Netflix

Gary Sutton

So excited!!!! Arrow will be streaming on 10/9


Wondering on the SOA question as well brittney


When can we expect SOA season 5?


I got "The Bling Ring" today when it was released. The disc has extra features on it; none of that "rental copy only" stuff.

Peter Davenport

You know a website that highlights Netflix's newest additions of movies and TV Shows is crap when "a Haunted House" is listed but overlooks new episodes of "Mako Mermaids: An H20 Adventure". A show that Netflix is involved with.

Gary Sutton

Interesting titles coming to streaming soon: Paranormal Activity 4 (10/11), Evil Dead 2 (10/1), Road House (10/1), Congo (10/1), Summer School (10/1)

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