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Since Dexter is done and True Blood is ending next year, is there any chance that they be streamed?

Kyle B

On the Roku, there's an app called ''Instant Watch Browser for Netflix''. It has an upcoming section, which lists Dexter as coming in December. Along with Chuck and Leverage. I wouldn't etch the Dexter news in stone just yet, as there's been no corroboration at on any media news outlet. Netflix did sign a deal with Warner Bros for Chuck, so that will be streamed sometime, but again, no official start date has been given anywhere.
HBO will not sell it's shows-current or ended, to Netflix for streaming ever. They have their own streaming service tied directly to a subscription to HBO and will never provide their shows to a competitor.


@Kyle, are there other shows listed in upcoming section we might not be aware of yet?

Kyle B

666 Park Avenue due Sept 30th
The Guild Oct 1
Beauty & the Beast Oct 1
The Following Oct 8
Arrow Oct 9
Emily Owens MD Oct 16
The Carrie Diaries Oct 25
Hey Arnold the Movie Nov 1
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Nov 1
3 additional MST3K Nov 19
Farscape returns Nov 25
3 additional MST3K Dec 19
Chuck Dec 20th
Leverage Dec 30th
4 additional MST3K Dec 30
Dexter Dec 31

That's what is listed (minus a couple of minor never-heard-ofs) in the section.


Excellent list, thank you! I'm excited for Farscape and The Guild.


Add Walking Dead for September 29th.


Season 3 for Walking Dead I should have added.


What about sons of anarchy???


No idea yet, but Damages' 5th season begins 10/14.


Supernatural Season 8?


Supernatural begins October 8th.
Nikita - Season 3 starts streaming October 19th.
Hart of Dixie - Season 2 starts streaming October 2nd.
Gossip Girl - Season 6 starts streaming October 8th.
Parks & Rec, The Office, and Parenthood's latest seasons start streaming October 1st.


Does Supernatural start streaming on the 8th? Or is that when the next season starts?


Season 8 begins streaming on the 8th.




what about season 2 of Homeland?

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What about season 8 of Bones??


Whole slew of foreign films expiring in a few days. To make up for it, would be nice if NF has a comparable list of newly-streaming foreign titles ready to go active on October first.


Why are we watching a foreign movie? You'd think if it was any good they would make an American version. - Hank Hill


Bones - Season 8 begins streaming 10/8.

ABC's Last Man Standing began streaming the other day.

Baby Daddy - Season 2 begins 10/4.

Melissa & Joey - Season 3 begins 10/4 as well.

And no, nothing on Sons of Anarchy - Season 5 yet.


What about white collar season 4?


what about white collar season 4?

Carolina Rabbit

Once again, Netflix is dumping way more titles than it's acquiring in a one-month cycle. It's not a company run by people who love movies, of course. It's a company run by your typical soulless corporate devils. The trend in streaming now is current TV. Netflix couldn't care much less about movies, which it's giving the same treatment it gave its DVD-by-mail service.

Trance Hater

Netflix should be called Netshows. Nobody gets streaming for the movies, only the tv shows...


Off topic...

I am having trouble with the Netflix app on roku. It does not want to respond to my Bose remote. All other apps on roku work fine. I don't know what to do? Any suggestions?


Vampire Diaries??!!


Louie season 3 added!


Hacking NetFlix : Netflix New Releases for September 24th, 2013 I’ve been looking just for this article for so long!!


Supernatural Season 8 was updated for release on October 3rd. Season 9 of the Office is on for October 1st.


Any news on if Suits will be making an appearance in the near future?


Isn't suits exclusive to amazon prime?


New SVU season?


for white collar you can see season 4 on hulu. the free version not plus.

Hailey bird

When will season 2 of ABC's Baby Daddy be on netflix?


yeah,walking dead S3 now streaming


any idea when AHS:Asylum will start?


When is American. dad releasing new


Will they get the neighbors


Family guy started

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