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I've heard How I Met Your Mother season 8 will be there oct 1. Is that true?


White Collar s4 releases 10-8-13.

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How about pretty little lairs and switched at birth when can i expect their new seasons


If you're talking about Pretty Little Liars season 3, it's been up since June. Pretty Little Liars season 4 isn't completed yet (it comes back in January) and they most likely won't put it up until right before season 5 starts in June. Switched at Birth season 2 is already up. It went up a week or two ago.


What about Orphan Black? Does anyone know if there are any plans for that to be added to streaming?

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I saw somewhere that sons of anarchy will be on Netflix Oct 27th


Jeannie - Vampire Diaries started streaming season 4 yesterday.


American horror story season 2?


Also warehouse 13 and Lost girl?

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