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"We're still not interested in sports."
That was the best thing I've ever heard about Netflix.
I guess it's nice to see Netflix isn't spending too much on original shows versus other features. I started watching that interview to see if anything gets said about discs. It starts getting mentioned around the 39 minute mark:
"That's doing great work. We have over 7 million people very excited to have the breadth of selection. We don't market it a lot because of that brand confusion...it's going to shrink a little every year...the best way to monetize it is going to be to keep it as it is."
It's not clear if "shrink" also meant purposely shrinking the disc catalog.
When I finally got a Blu Ray player a few months ago, I added Blu Ray to my 2-discs-out plan. I'd like to know if that is common or if it is a part of the overall decline in disc subscriptions.


The Blu-ray selection is terrible. There are a number of releases I would like to watch on the format but can't because Netflix doesn't get them, or if they do it's months to a year or so later. Unless you're looking for a new movie or popular series (such as Dexter or Mad Men) you won't see them get the Blu-ray version. There's no reason why they aren't allowing subscribers to get the TNG seasons, or Orphan Black, etc. For the amount of money I'm contributing for access to those, I should be able to get more offerings.


It's great to know original content is not a gigantic cost. The original content is my favorite part as well as quality TV shows like SOA. The kids really enjoy streaming kid/preteen content so this works for us. They are really doing a good job with their original content and are smart enough to know that they don't have any restrictions in that world. So they offer the TV for the cordcutters and something new for those of us who don't care to cut the cord and they realize streamed movies can not be their bread and butter since they have such little control of content. Good job Netflix.

Bob Emmerich

Lilyhammer 2. It's been awhile no? I'ld completely forgotten about it, even though I liked it. I think after awhile I just assumed it wasn't getting another season.


Regarding the Blu-ray selection described by Mitch, I've noticed a lot of movies aren't available in Blu Ray just as they weren't available in newer edition DVDs, but I've managed to get a few non-new release Blu Ray discs: Mad Max 2, The Ice Storm (Criterion at that), Silverado, Young Guns. I can't check the queue right now because they're doing site maintenance.


I've gotten a few here and there that pop up, such as them finally getting Back to the Future after over a year of release, but most of the one I'd like to get, such as Funny Girl, Meet Me in St. Louis, and the original Indiana Jones movies are not able to be found on anything other than DVD. I know streaming's their priority, but it'd be cool if they were backing up their catalog with some of the older titles again. Oh, and I forgot to mention that ER's second season is still waiting on my saved list after over a year. They should have jumped on Amazon's 15-season collection for $80 deal (or perhaps I should've instead, LOL).


All this yet they STILL cannot do justice to their disc customers. You know, the thing the entire company was based on! Now they are concerned with streaming... a miss-mash of titles that come and go willy-nilly and leave them at the will of the content provider/copyright holders. :(


Finally they added a new Horror movie which you will not find in Recently Added or New Release but only in the Horror section V/H/S/2 just added.


Both Maniac and V/H/S/2 are recent horror movies. They might not be your cup of tea, but can't complain NF isn't adding recent stuff to IW.


Dexter will be finally back for streaming on October 31, last time I saw it streaming was like 5 years ago about damn time. Netflix really needs to spend their money wisely with all this customers added another thing they need to is higher better techs there is audio out of sync issue while watching in Dolby Surround on Apple TV 3 but when switch to stereo no problem, but this is not an issue with all videos but mostly IFC films and V/H/S/ 2, they seriously need a better techs.

Kyle B

Showtime decided to not sell it's currently airing series to Netflix for streaming. That is why Dexter vanished from Instant Watch several years ago. Starz followed suit and provided a 90 days delay for it's originals during the final year of their licensing deal with Netflix.
The entertainment/cable industry decided to cast Netflix Streaming as an adversary and scapegoat for everything, from falling dvd sales, sluggish box office results, and anything else they could make up.
Now that it's over, their corporate sibling studio is apparently free to sell the show to them again. Odd, given that, like HBO, they are prepping a streaming service of their own, designed for use by their subscribers only. I'd think they'd want to hoard their originals the same way HBO does.


Showtimeanytime has been a joke. It's actually been around for over a year now but the penetration is terrible. Just a handful of providers and virtually zero apps/hardware penetration... just the website.

Anybody else see that Comcast is offering HBO and HBOGO with an Internet and EXTREMELY basic cable subscription? Will be interesting to see if other providers follow.

Mike M

Good to see a new update on this site - I really like this site for the netflix news, etc.

I've had good luck with blu-ray because I only care to watch new releases that way. Older movies, regular DVD looks just fine to me. There's something "wrong" with seeing a movie in a higher definition than when it was originally released in theaters.


I read on FB they took 5 or 10 thousand from call center employee's. I hope that's not true. I'm sure the pay they had before was bad, now that? The stock is blowing up and they start knockin around the people who you rely on. Sounds like we'll have to deal with calling India soon.

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