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Gary Sutton

Some notable upcoming streaming releases (taken from my disc queue): The Legend is Born: Ip Man (10/28), The Great Outdoors (11/1), Skyfall (11/9), National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (11/1), The Addams Family Movie (11/1), Dead Man Down (11/6), Olympus Has Fallen (11/2).


Dexter 10/31


Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 11/1


It appears to me that for Dexter... only seasons 1-4 will be streaming on 10/31.

Harry Ballsachss

Dexter 1-4 are the only seasons worth seeing


boy streaming is just bad.


Just read that Dexter Seasons 5-8 will be added to streaming on January 1st.


Please help! My girlfriend has been asking me to find out when (if) these tv series will be added to streaming Chicago Fire and Mistresses both season 1, season 2 of The Lying Game (idk what that is or if season 1 is even on there) and season 1 of Hannibal. Last one is more for me. Thanks for the help in advance.


...still want more Archer and Am. Horror Story.

David Mnm

Also coming is Leverage, Chuck, Killing Season 3 on 01/11 and Only god Forgives 14/11, The American 16/11 and My week with Marilyn 23/11


White Collar Season 4?


When will Netflix add more Horror movies instead of removing them? When will add more concerts in the Music section instead of removing them? I wonder what Netflix is really spending on but they should just bring back the old fucking price DVD/Blu Ray + Streaming: $9..99 just with DVD or Blu Ray added $11.99, they were never in any loss by doing this or just start streaming every shit on DVD, time to spend your money Reed Hasting for licensing not on meth and prostitutes you are not John McAfee.


Does anyone know when White Collar Season 4 will be released?? Been waiting.. and waiting... getting ready to buy if its not out soon.


Denzel Washingtons FLIGHT just on streaming

Chris P

Anyone else notice that Deceptive Practice suddenly disappeared from this week's releases? It was top of my queue, now it's "Release Date Unknown."

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