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Juan Pedro

I notice you say "interesting streaming releases include" - which implies there are ones that do not seem interesting and are not included - is there a place for us to check those out?


Check out instantwatcher.com and then click on New. It lists every single title added to streaming in the last month or so.


Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is an excellent film, the first Guy Ritchie movie I'd seen. One of my all time favorites. It has a great cast, and helped put many of the stars on the fast track to film popularity such as Vinnie Jones and Jason Statham. If you haven't seen it, absolutely check it out on streaming when it arrives.


why are your dates always off? tomorrow is tha 8th yet some of this was out yesterday and before


Stuff is added throughout the week but the site is updated on Mondays.




many thanks Brian :)


Since white collar 4 came out on DVD today. When should it be on Netflix?


"don't trust the b in apt 23" is on streaming. Cute comedy that was cancelled after one season. Stars the goth girl that wss Jesse Pinkman's girlfriend on Breaking Bad.


Season 1 of The Following and season 3 of Raising Hope is also available.


anyone else having issues with the nf app on the roku? Shows not playing, shows taking too long to start, shows going back to se.1 ep1 instead of the ep i was on?!


PS i am not having issues with amazon or hulu, just nf!


@D: I'm on the PS3, and it's been working fine (I know, no help since you're on Roku) BUT I have been having trouble with it keeping track of what episode I'm watching. It isn't registering that I've watched it, even though it's showing up in my recently watched and history. *shrugs*

Kyle B

@D , No problems for me using the Roku. You could try deleting the app, then activating it again and signing in, to see if that might clear up the issue (corrupted stored files conflicting with the app's communication with Netflix).
Similar problems on the PS3 typically require taking those steps.


When is glee season 4 going on netflix!


I've been wanting to watch the "Don't Trust the B..." show. Prime time network TV sure has changed.

pixie dust

When is glee season 4 gonna be on Netflix????


I just read that House of Cards is going to be cancelled because the actors want to do movies. What do you think?


new Ron White special I just noticed.

Elizabeth Robinson

when is vamp diaries season 4 going to be on Netflix?


new episodes of Deadliest catch have been added.


Elizabeth, TVD season 4 went up on the 3rd.


I thought it was funny to see "House of Cards" displayed on a Redbox.

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