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"Planes" is on the way and it just gets released Tuesday. I've been getting new releases really quickly lately.


I wish we could get new releases faster in the streaming section the Horror movie section is terrible now. Netflix time to shutdown the DVD department and think about how to improve the streaming department.




yeah, the Horror selection is just plain terrible.


Contracts come and go, prices continue to rise as other services compete for exclusive deals, etc. Therefore, there will never be enough in the streaming catalog to compare with what is available on DVD. If NF stops disc rental, I will end my subscription.


Why is that Jack? They have tons of classics. Recently added V/H/S/2. Kinda broad statement.

javier durazo

when will 2 guns be on netflix?

Kyle B

''2 Guns'' will not be streamed on Netflix. It is owned by Universal, which sold exclusive pay tv rights for it's recent films HBO.


How does a perceived lack of horror movies in streaming indicate a need to "shut down the DVD department"? Maybe it's time to add a DVD subscription.


Any word on the following tv series- season 1 of Chicago Fire, Hannibal, and Mistresses? Also season 2 of The Lying Game?

Does anyone know why The Simpsons aren't on Netflix at all?

Gary Sutton

The Simpsons are not on Netflix because they just signed a huge deal to be syndicated on FXX.


Galagatron maybe they should bring the old price back Streaming + DVD/Blu-ray for $11.99 instead of separating it so we can get TV Shows and Movies that are not streaming. Netflix should make up their minds if they want streaming to succeed. DVDs are becoming as dead as Cable.


GeeEmm why would you end your Netflix subscription when it is all streaming movies and TV Shows? Either Netflix brings the old price or moves into the future of streaming I do not get why we still dwell in the past. They could save a lot more money if we moved on from DVDs and use the spending for streaming license.


I for one hope Netflix never ends their dvd service. I also have streaming, and I love it. But I choose the movies I want to see based on reviews (not *user* reviews on Netflix, but film critic reviews) and it's inconceivable to me that I'd miss a great movie simply because it wasn't offered on a streaming service. In fact, *most* of the best movies are not in fact streaming, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. So, for the next 5-7 years or however long it takes, I NEED dvds in order to see what I want. And Netflix does a great job getting those dvds to me.

^ and by "never" I mean not until _everything_ is available via streaming

Jason Fartman

Netflix has tons of great streaming... broaden your horizons and you'll have no trouble finding endless awesome entertainment that is just as good as anything that is missing. :p

Justin Coleman

Nf should have the dvds available on streaming because most of the movies I want to see are dvd


Netflix should add all the DVDs they have to there streaming and cancel the DVDs and boom win win


It would be win-win if NF put everything on streaming, but it's just not possible for them to do it. Read this thread! Can't stream the Simpsons because Fox has exclusive rights, can't stream 2 Guns because HBO has them, etc., etc.

Streaming is great for binge'ing on TV series, and there are some great movies on streaming as well, including foreign and classics. I don't see myself ever canceling my streaming subscription.

BUT 90% of the movies I want to see are only available on DVD, and most will never be shown on streaming because HBO or Fox or whoever has snatched up the streaming rights. The day NF ends its DVD service will mark not just the end of the DVD era; it will be the end of an era in which virtually all of the world's great movies and TV shows were offered to us for only a few dollars a month.


Agree completely, MikeT. For me it's maybe... 85%? But I have a ton of stuff in my Instant queue. My DVD queue is full, but every so often I scan it and add titles that have since become available to stream to My List as well. A while ago NF automatically added those titles to the streaming queue for you. Be nice if they still did this.


I used to be stuck on DVDs too. But more & more the new releases were not any better than the stuff on streaming. And/or that would be on streaming in a few months.

So I haven't gotten a DVD in over a year.

Even got an email to an old email address when I did used to have a DVD account offering me a free month to try it again.

My problem is my I would have to make a whole new list and that's a pain.

Plus, streaming is cheap. Unlimited for $7.99 verus what $22 for 3 at a time DVDs ?


Sigh, "A Hijacking" has been removed. I've had in my queue but not it's missing. I wonder if Captain Phillips has to do anything with it.

Schmye Bubbula

"You can never find what you ~want~ on Netflix streaming, but there's always something ~good~ on Netflix streaming."


Nevermind - it's now as low as $8 for one DVD out at a time (blu-ray $2 extra) or even only $5 if you want to be limited to two DVDs a month.

I have two discs at a time, downsized from three I had forever, because streaming made three discs overkill.

And I definitely agree there's always something good on streaming, and probably even as good as the releases that are only on disc. But I always have *specific* films I want to watch, and there's no way I'd just skip seeing something by a favorite director if it never made it to streaming, for example. I mean, if you use Spotify, would you just never listen to an album by a favorite band if it wasn't streaming? No, you'd find a way to hear it. Same with films. Even if a different film is just as good.

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